How to Remove Sticker Residue From Hydro Flask

In addition to the portability of Hydro Flasks, many people like to make a statement by placing stickers on their bottles. But what if you want to swap out a sticker? Here’s how to remove it:

Start from a corner and peel off slowly towards the center. If there is residue, wet a cloth with rubbing alcohol and lay the soaked cloth on the area. Let it sit for 10 minutes to soften the adhesive. From there, gently scrub the sticker residue from your Hydro Flask. 

That said, there are products, like Goo Gone, that can remove sticker residue like magic. In this article, you will learn how to remove stickers from Hydro Flask, including their residue.

How to Remove Sticker From Hydro Flask

To remove a sticker from Hydro Flask, start at a corner, not in the middle of the sticker. Work slowly. If you try to remove the sticker too fast, it may leave residue behind. Scrub any small bits of residue you see while removing the sticker. Hopefully, the sticker will come off in one piece.

If you manage to remove the stickers from your Hydro Flask cleanly, you won’t have to deal with the residue. Here are some hacks you can do to make the sticker removal process smoother:

1. Apply heat from a hairdryer

The heat from the hairdryer can loosen the adhesive, making a sticker peel off easier.

Apply direct heat (highest setting) from the hairdryer over the sticker for about 45 seconds. Then, test a corner of the sticker and see if it peels away easily.

If it doesn’t, continue the hairdryer treatment for another 45 seconds. After getting direct heat from the hairdryer, any stubborn sticker should peel off effortlessly from your Hydro Flask.

For larger stickers, you may need to break it up into smaller sections, heating and pulling the sticker as you go. Make sure you thoroughly heat up every section of the sticker.

2. Soak the bottle in water and soap

Another technique to loosen the adhesive of the sticker is to soak the Hydro Flask in a solution of soap and water before peeling. Mix 1 tablespoon of dish soap with 2 cups of water. Submerge your Hydro Flask inside the liquid for 10 minutes. The stickers should peel off easily.

How to Remove Sticker Residue From Hydro Flask

Removing the sticker from a Hydro Flask is the easy part, but cleaning the unsightly residue is the hard part. There are 2 effective methods to make your Hydro Flask look like new!

1. Most effective: use Goo Gone

Out of all the different methods I can find on the internet, using Goo Gone is by far the most effective. It removes sticker residue without harming the coating.

If you don’t know the product, Goo Gone is a cleaning liquid designed specifically to remove sticky messes (especially stickers and adhesives) from carpets, fabrics, and hard surfaces.

Using Goo Gone to remove the sticker residue is super easy:

Apply Goo Gone then wipe. Once the sticker residue is gone, wash the Hydro Flask with warm water and soap. For extra gooey sticker residue, let the Goo Gone sit for 10 minutes, then wash the Hydro Flask with water and soap.

Hydro Flasks are made of stainless steel, covered with powder coating that is dishwasher safe. According to Goo Gone, their product is safe to use on stainless steel, as long as it is not fake.

2. Apply rubbing alcohol to the residue

Another genius hack to remove sticker residue from a Hydro Flask is to use alcohol. Wet a clean cloth with rubbing alcohol, then rub the residue to remove it. It’s really that simple.

Got a stubborn sticker? Lay an alcohol-soaked cloth on the area, then let it sit for several minutes to soften the adhesive. From there, gently peel away the remaining debris.

You can save time by using these convenient isopropyl alcohol wipes, which are made with 70% pharmaceutical-grade ethyl alcohol. The best part is, you’ve got everything you need. Instead of using a separate towel or cloth, all you need is one alcohol wipe and you’re good to go!

Use Removable Stickers in the Future

So, you’ve managed to remove all the stickers from your Hydro Flask but you still want to use stickers? Your best bet is to use removable stickers. These stickers, in particular, can be removed easily without leaving residue behind. In fact, they don’t tear like low-end stickers.

You should avoid placing cheap stickers on your Hydro Flask in the future.

In my opinion, a Hydro Flask looks good just the way it is, but if you’re someone who likes to jazz things up, use high-quality removable stickers instead of cheap ones.

Key Takeaways

And there you have it, how to remove stickers and their residue from Hydro Flasks. You should always start peeling from the corner. To make the sticker removal process easier, you can apply heat from a hairdryer to loosen the adhesive or submerge the bottle in soap and water first.

If the sticker does not peel off cleanly, you can remove the residue with the help of Goo Gone. It is powerful, so it will likely take less than a minute to remove a sticker and its adhesive gunk. Alternatively, you can also scrub the sticker residue with rubbing alcohol wipes (70%).