How to Remove Liner From Crocs (Simple Guide)

In short: You can easily remove the liner from Crocs Mammoth by pulling it out from the rivet (with the crocodile logo). However, other types of fuzzy Crocs do not have removable liners.

When the warmer months roll around, you may want to ditch the fuzzy liners and make your Crocs breathable. However, can you actually remove the liner from Crocs? Find out here.

Can you remove the liner from Crocs?

According to Crocs, the linings are not removable for lined Crocs clogs and other styles with fuzz. However, Crocs Mammoth have removable wooly liners that you can easily remove.

Before you attempt to remove the liner from your Crocs, find out what type of Crocs you have. If you have Crocs Mammoth, congratulations, you can easily remove the lining.

However, if your fuzzy Crocs have lining stitched onto the shoes, they won’t come out unless you cut the stitching. You can turn them into regular Crocs, but they won’t look pretty.

How to remove the lining from Crocs Mammoth

Unlike the other types of Crocs with liners, Crocs Mammoth has a warm, removable wooly liner inside. They are designed to be worn during the colder months of the year.

The wooly liners are removable so that customers can remove them and clean both the clogs and the liners from dirt, sweat, and bacteria without destroying the insoles.

Here’s how to remove the lining from Crocs Mammoth:

1. Hold onto the rivet

Start with one pair of Crocs at a time. Locate the outer rivet that has a picture of the Crocs alligator logo. Hold onto the rivet firmly before you attempt to remove the liner.

2. Adjust the position of the Crocs

Place the Crocs in front of you with the heels facing you. Tuck your finger under the liner of one of them at the point closest to you and flip it upwards so it turns inside out at the heel side only. 

3. Unbutton the liner from the rivet and pull it out

Put one of your thumbs on the rivet (as if you are trying to make a fingerprint). Press the rivet into the side of the Crocs as hard as you can while pulling on the liner.

Use the other hand to pull the liner off of the rivet (as if you are trying to unbutton a shirt). Once you have the liner off of the rivet, pull it out of the Crocs by grasping the top of the liner.

Repeat the steps for the other pair of Crocs.

How to remove the lining from fuzzy Crocs

Removing the liner from Crocs will make them look ugly.

Other than the Crocs Mammoth, other Crocs styles with fuzzy liners do not have removable liners. The lining on every pair is stitched and glued on the Crocs.

It is not recommended to remove the lining from fuzzy Crocs. You will inevitably damage them and make them look ugly. Plus, they will become less comfortable on your feet.

However, if you must remove the liners, start by removing the stitching, then cut out as much of the liner as possible. Scrub the residue away with soap and water. 

To remove the residue from the inside of the Crocs, use an adhesive remover, like Goo Gone. The product is designed to get rid of things like leftover sticker goo from a variety of surfaces.

Just remember that the liners aren’t supposed to be removed. If you have the means, please buy a new pair of Crocs without liners instead of removing the liners from fuzzy Crocs.

Avoid removing the liners from Crocs

Now you know how to remove the liner from Crocs. Unless you have the Crocs Mammoth, you are not supposed to remove the lining from your fuzzy Crocs.

The soft, fuzzy liner is designed to add cushion and comfort, indoors or out. Combined with Croslite™ foam construction, the fuzzy liner keeps Crocs light, warm, and easy to wear.

Instead of removing the liner from Crocs, buy another pair without any lining to wear during the summer. When the colder season comes around, switch on your pair of fuzzy Crocs.

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