5 Reebok Shoes That Look Like Yeezys (Cheaper)

When you think of luxury designer sneakers, Reebok won’t be the first brand you’d imagine. However, there are some Reebok shoes that actually look like Yeezys.

Here are the most similar designs.

1. Reebok Zig Kinetica 2.5 (Yeezy Boost 350 V2)

It’s a bit of a stretch here, but the only shoe from Reebok that shares some resemblance to the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 is the Zig Kinetica 2.5, especially the chalk colorway.

Does it look exactly like a Yeezy? Not really. But I do think that both shoes are similar in terms of cushioning (Yeezy with its Boost midsole and Reebok with its Floatride Fuel midsole).

The upper is also a bit different. Yeezy Boost 350 V2 uses a sock-like breathable upper made of Adidas’ Primeknit material, while the Zig Kinetica 2.5 is padded like a typical sneaker.

I actually wore this Reebok Kinetica shoe on my recent trip to Japan, where I had to walk 8 to 10 hours a day, and not once where I felt uncomfortable wearing it.

Not only is the shoe incredibly comfortable, but I also got a lot of compliments from my friends because of the “chunky dad shoe” look, giving me more spring in my step so to speak.

It’s also one of the tallest Reebok shoes.

2. Reebok Zig Kinetica 2 (Yeezy Boost 350 V2)

Since I mentioned the Zig Kinetica 2.5 earlier, I had to include another version of the same shoe, the Zig Kinetica 2, on my “Reebok shoes that look like Yeezys” list.

Like the 2.5, the Reebok Zig Kinetica 2 gives off a Yeezy 350 V2 vibe in my opinion, not because of the upper but more so of the midsole and cushioning.

I think the difference between a Yeezy and this particular Reebok shoe is its design intent.

Yeezy shoes have a tendency to prioritize style over function. This Reebok shoe, on the other hand, is comfortable to walk in daily, but even better for running, hiking, or trail running.

The soles soak up the impact, then feel like they’re pushing you forward with each step. I actually had them on during a hike and I felt like I was walking on clouds.

The Vibram outsole is awesome, and the treads are crazy sharp, providing incredible grip and traction, but they’re probably really rough on your carpet, so probably not best worn indoors.

My only complaint is that these Reeboks lack ventilation, which is nice for cooler, wetter months, but definitely not a pair of shoes you want to wear during summer. 

3. Reebok Zig 3D Storm Hydro (Yeezy 500)

Reebok Zig 3D Storm Hydro looks like Yeezy 500.

The Yeezy 500 is an ultra-chunky pair of 1990s skate shoes featuring muted colorways and blocky design, which reminds me a lot of the Reebok Zig 3D Storm Hydro.

The shoe may look like the Yeezy 500, but it’s actually waterproof. It was inspired by water and soccer shoes, resulting in an avant-garde design many people associate with designer brands.

Unlike the Yeezy 500, the Reebok Zig 3D Storm Hydro keeps water at bay with a fastening system known as ShelterShield, a rubber shroud that wraps across the entire upper.

The cushioning is also great compared to a Yeezy.

Reebok’s answer to the Adidas Boost technology is the Zig cushioning system, which is made of three parts, beginning with Floatride Fuel foam for a “springy” step and mad comfort.

Next, a series of Zig Energy Bands contract and retract with each step, helping the sole maintain its shape. It may look rigid, but it’s actually quite flexible.

And lastly, the Zig Energy Shell midsole returns kinetic energy from each stride (similar to the Black Panther suit that absorbs and redirects kinetic energy).

You can get a pair on StockX.

4. Reebok DMX 1200 Low (Yeezy Boost 700)

Reebok DMX 1200 Low looks like Yeezy Boost 700.

Although the 350 V2 is more popular, there are many people who think that the Adidas Yeezy Boost 700 is the best Kanye West shoe in terms of sneaker design.

The DMX Low is Reebok’s answer to the Yeezy Boost 700. It’s an unapologetic, chunky pair of shoes with an over-the-top mid-90s design that transcends the “dad shoe” aesthetic.

Like the Boost 700, the Reebok DMX 1200 Low features a chunky silhouette and a multi-layered design, fitted with leather and synthetic upper with tons of overlays.

The cushioning isn’t bad either.

Equipped with the tooling from the Reebok Daytona DMX, the new DMX 1200 Low features the super bouncy full-length DMX cushioning Reebok fans love and adore.

It’s surely a great Reebok alternative to the Yeezys

5. Reebok Workout Plus (Yeezy Calabasas Powerphase)

The Yeezy Calabasas Powerphase isn’t the first thing you’d imagine when hearing the word “Yeezy” but I like the design of the sneaker and would actually wear it.

The Adidas Yeezy Calabasas Powerphase wasn’t a sneaker designed by Kanye West. Not only that, but it was the first to be released without the ubiquitous Boost technology or design.

In fact, if we’re ranking shoes based solely on the design, this shoe hardly has any. Some say less is more when it comes to design, and I think that’s true.

Instead, the Yeezy Calabasas Powerphase comes with a retro, relaxed design and a standard sole inspired by the 1980s, dedicated to anyone who prefers a laidback, minimal look.

It’s not ridiculously expensive like the other Yeezys, costing you somewhere between $120 to $300. However, if you want a cheaper Reebok alternative, check out the Workout Plus.

Out of the box, the Reebok Workout Plus looks like a very solid retro shoe that is made to last. It’s a great all-around workout shoe, although the fit seems to work best for narrow feet.

It’s definitely a unique Reebok shoe that look like Yeezys.

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