4 Reebok Shoes That Look Like Balenciaga (Cheaper)

Reebok is a sports brand known for its fitness, running, and CrossFit sportswear, so it’s hard to imagine the brand offering designer-inspired sneakers associated with luxury.

However, Reebok has a few shoes that look like Balenciaga. So, if you’re not willing to spend a thousand bucks for Balenciagas, here are some cheaper alternatives from Reebok.

1. Reebok Sock Run.r (Balenciaga Speed Trainer)

Reebok Sock Run.r looks like Balenciaga Speed Trainer.

Back in 2017, a Swiss luxury fashion house named VETEMENTS teamed up with Reebok to create Vetements x Reebok Sock Runner, a bizarre yet cool sock sneaker.

It made a splash in the fashion world, or rather “sneaker Instagram”. 

The problem was that the shoe costs nearly a thousand bucks (yes, you read that right) and was made in limited quantities since it’s considered a luxury item.

A year later, Reebok released its own branded version of the sneaker style called the “Reebok Sock Run.r” which shares many similarities in terms of design to the Balenciaga Speed Trainer.

The shoe features a black technical sock-like knit upper with text that reads “Not For Resale RBK Sample.” It rides atop an articulated and sawtoothed outsole.

It’s a slightly more minimalist take on the Vetements’ futuristic silhouette, however, you don’t have to pay ridiculous Vetements-level prices to actually own a pair.

Considering the Vetements x Reebok Sock Runner retails for almost $1,000, the fact that you can buy a similar silhouette for merely $250 is a good bargain if you ask me.

Last time I checked, you could pick up a pair on StockX.

If you do get the shoe, the futuristic vibe of the sock-shoe is best paired with something out of the ordinary, like cropped trousers. You can never go wrong with the black-and-white colorway.

2. Reebok Sock Supreme ULTK (Balenciaga Speed Trainer)

Reebok Sock Supreme ULTK looks like Balenciaga Speed Trainer.

Another Reebok shoe that looks like the Balenciaga Speed Trainer is the Sock Supreme ULTK. It’s the more extravagant version of Reebok’s sock runner sneakers.

While the sock-like construction and foam midsole is similar to the Reebok Sock Run.r, the Sock Supreme ULTK is taking the design to new heights, literally.

The high-top sock-like sneaker is definitely something else, since the ultra-knit upper goes all the way up close to the knees, resembling ultra-high socks you often see in football (soccer). 

As far as the foam midsole goes, it does provide a good amount of cushioning, while the leather heel-pull tab adds some premium feel to it, just like a pair of Balenciagas.

It’s hard to come by this sneaker these days. I got it here.

3. Reebok InstaPump Fury (Balenciaga Triple S)

We couldn’t talk about Balenciaga without mentioning the Triple S sneaker, and the Reebok shoe that looks the most similar to it is the InstaPump Fury.

A lot of Balenciaga sneakers, in particular the Triple S, have a very “overdone” chunky and bulky look to them. It’s definitely an acquired taste and not something a lot of people like.

It’s really more of a “flex”. To show that you’re actually a baller, so to speak. And in order to get that “flex”, you usually have to spend somewhere close to a thousand bucks.

Recently, I was browsing the internet and I happened to stumble upon the Reebok InstaPump Fury, which immediately reminded me of the Balenciaga Triple S.

Except, it might be more comfortable and more functional. 

Both sneakers challenge the idea of “less is more” adopting the stacked sole look, multi-textured upper, and noticeable lacing system that nods to high fashion and street style in equal measure.

However, it’s worth noting that the Reebok InstaPump Fury isn’t insanely heavy. On the other hand, the Balenciaga Triple S weighs around 2 pounds, which is not ideal for me.

4. Reebok DMX Trail Shadow (Balenciaga Track Sneaker)

What shoe actually looks like the Balenciaga Track sneakers but sells for only a quarter of the price? It’s got to be the Reebok DMX Trail Shadow, of course.

According to Reebok’s website, the shoe was inspired by archival running and trail sneakers from the early 2000s, which explains the “crazy” and heavily-paneled upper.

To be honest, it’s not a sneaker I usually go for, but the reason I grabbed this shoe is that it has that attention-grabbing quality that a lot of the Balenciagas have.

It’s also got that “ugly duckling” retro look that’s popular right now.

The padding around the heel is awesome, the mid-foot is fine, and the toe, while not breathable, is still flexible enough so both of my feet never felt too constrained.

And the best part is, the retail price of the Reebok DMX Trail Shadow is $200, which is $700 cheaper than the retail price of the Balenciaga Track sneakers.

You can actually find this shoe on sale at a lot of different places in a lot of different colorways. In fact, I was able to get a pair of the black/gray/scarlet colorway from Amazon for $160.

While the DMX Trail Shadow might not give you the “flex” that a Balenciaga gives you, it does give you a similar aesthetic, and in fact, I think this Reebok shoe actually looks better.

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