7 Puma Shoes That Look Like Jordans (Cheaper)

The Puma brand has been making a comeback into the basketball scene, and what better way to follow the footsteps of arguably the most iconic hoops brand of all time, Air Jordan?

Here are some of the best Puma shoes that look like Jordans. Not only are these options cheaper, they also offer good performance for the hardwood and the streets.

1. Puma Rebound Joy

Air Jordan 1 “Chicago” (top) Puma Rebound Joy (bottom).
Air Jordan 1 “Chicago” (top) Puma Rebound Joy (bottom).

Both Virgil Abloh’s reimagined “Chicago” and Travis Scott’s “Cactus Jack” Air Jordan 1s have been some of the most desired sneaker silhouettes in the past few years.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that competing brands like Puma are looking to capitalize on the hype surrounding the popular designs, as seen on the “Rebound Joy” sneaker.

Indeed, the Rebound Joy is a pair of Puma shoes that look like Jordans. 

I first saw these Jordan look-alikes when I was strolling around Ross Dress for Less, and I thought to myself, “Boy, Travis has some competition now.”

The design of this copycat model seems to have taken inspiration from Abloh’s collaborative Jordan 1 with a similar leather upper in both the “Chicago” and “Mocha Brown” color blocking.

Instead of Nike’s Swoosh branding on the sides, it’s been replaced with Puma’s Formstrip. Even the tongue appears to be inspired by the Jordan 1 (the woven tag relocated onto the side).

2. Puma Rebound LayUp

Air Jordan 1 (top) Puma Rebound LayUp (bottom).

Yet another sneaker from Puma that looks similar to the Jordan 1 is the Rebound LayUp. It’s similar to the Rebound Joy sneaker in terms of looks and design.

The design of this copycat model seems to have taken inspiration from the Jordan 1 Retro High 85, featuring a familiar black and white color blocking commonly seen in other Jordans.

It was the first time since 2014 that the black and white Jordan 1 has returned, so it’s made sense for Puma to capitalize on the much-awaited pair of retro 1985 sneakers.

Puma didn’t stop there though, as the Rebound LayUp is also available in other colors like red, black, white, and Parisian night, all of which are synonymous with the Jordan 1 sneakers.

3. Puma Suede Mid XXI

Air Jordan 1 (top) Puma Suede Mid XXI (bottom).

The Puma Suede Mid XXI is a pair of sneakers with a mid-top silhouette. It might not look exactly like Jordans, but it does share a few traits that make them similar.

If you’re a Puma sneaker fan, you probably know that the Puma suede is its most popular design. The mid-top version is a classic style reimagined from the 1960s.

Similar to the Jordan 1 suede high-top sneakers, the Puma Suede Mid XXI is fitted with a pair of mid-top padded collars and a signature suede material in the upper.

4. Puma RS-X Mid Leather

Air Jordan 6 (top) Puma RS-X Mid Leather (bottom).
Air Jordan 7 (top) Puma RS-X Mid Leather (bottom).

Moving on from the Jordan 1, here’s a sneaker from Puma that looks like the Jordan Retro 6 and Jordan Retro 7. Introducing the Puma RS-X Mid Leather.

Both the Jordan Retro 6 and 7 have a significant history.

Michael Jordan wore the Air Jordan VI when he won his first NBA championship, while the Air Jordan VII was the shoe that he wore during USA’s gold medal run in 1992’s Summer Olympics.

Similar to the Jordan 6, which was inspired by MJ’s German sports car, the Puma RS-X Mid Leather features a modern and classy mesh upper with suede overlays.

The padded collar around the ankles is also high and slanted, paired with a visible heel loop, two things that immediately remind me a lot of the Air Jordan 7.

5. Puma Rebound Future Evo

Air Jordan 11 (top) Puma Rebound Future Evo (bottom).

The Puma Rebound Future Evo is a pair of affordable basketball shoes fitted with Puma’s comfortable sock liner for long-lasting comfort, also known as SoftFoam+.

In terms of design, I can’t help but notice the Puma Rebound Future Evo looks a lot like two Jordan sneakers, namely the Jordan 11 and the Jordan Future.

Similar to both the Jordan 11 and Jordan Future, the entire sole unit of the Puma Rebound Future Evo is made out of clear rubber, and on certain colorways is tinted icy blue.

What’s even more interesting is the fact that Puma chose to add the word “Future” to the sneaker’s name, considering that Jordan has a shoe dubbed the “Jordan Future”.

Comparison aside, I think the Puma Rebound Future Evo is a great pair of budget basketball sneakers. It’s very lightweight, can handle a lot of pressure, and feel snug yet comfortable.

6. Puma Slipstream Hi Heritage

Air Jordan 4 (top) Puma Slipstream Hi Heritage (bottom).

A true basketball fan would never forget “the shot” Michael Jordan made in game 5 against Cleveland during the 1988/89 NBA season. He wore the Air Jordan IV at that time.

The Jordan 4 is a timeless shoe that has stood the test of time, and it’s a good move by Puma to capitalize on Jordan’s popularity by releasing the Slipstream Hi Heritage.

Similar to the Jordan 4, the Puma Slipstream Hi Heritage is a basketball sneaker with a high-top design, fitted with a combination of leather and suede upper, as well as rubber outsoles.

It’s clear the shoe took inspiration from the Jordan 4. The only difference is that Puma features its iconic Formstrip on the medial and lateral sides, as well as Puma’s Cat Logo on the heel.

7. Puma CA Pro Mid

Air Jordan Fusion 5 (top) Puma CA Pro Mid (bottom).

The Puma CA Pro Mid is a pair of Puma shoes that looks like the Jordan Fusion 5. Both sneakers are fitted with bulky rubber midsoles, similar to the Nike Air Force 1.

Puma’s version of the high-top Jordans is a nice, cheaper alternative to wear because it’s versatile and goes well with just about any outfit, from jeans to shorts.

It has a raised collar, sitting just above the ankle to add a sporting edge.

The only difference between the two sneakers is that the Jordan Fusion 5 has a pair of ankle straps that secure the ankles, while the Puma CA Pro Mid doesn’t have it.

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