6 Puma Shoes That Look Like Balenciaga (Cheaper)

Not everyone is willing to spend thousands of dollars on shoes that they wear out daily. That’s why many budget-conscious sneakerheads look for Puma shoes that look like Balenciaga.

Here are some of the best sneaker options from Puma that resemble Balenciagas, from the ultra-popular Triple S and Speed Trainers to the unconventional Track Sneakers.

1. Puma Thunder Electric (Balenciaga Triple S)

Perhaps Balenciaga’s most well-known sneaker design is the stacked and chunky pair named the Triple S. The shoe from Puma that looks the most similar is the Thunder Electric.

It’s a charming pair of women’s sneakers from Puma’s Thunder collection.

Both sneakers from Puma and Balenciaga share one thing in common: a bulky silhouette, which gives both sneakers a very “stacked” vibe that most people associate with dad shoes.

It’s actually not a bad thing, since sneaker culture is having an “ugly-pretty” moment as chunky silhouettes and dad shoes are all the rage these days.

At first glance, their cluttered appearance and bulky shape may seem irksome, but they’re actually quite adorable and, before you know it, you’re already buying yourself a pair.

But that won’t be a problem because, unlike the Triple S sneakers, the Puma Thunder Electric is actually quite affordable, costing you somewhere between $88 to $100. 

2. Puma RSX Bubble (Balenciaga Triple S)

You can’t talk about Puma shoes that look like Balenciaga without mentioning the RSX Bubble. It’s a pair of Puma sneakers that reminds me a lot of the Balenciaga Triple S.

The RSX Bubble from Puma is heavily influenced by the Nike Huarache design-wise, so it’s easy to spot the similarities with the Balenciaga Triple S sneakers.

The first and most obvious similarity is the combination of thick soles and massive silhouette, although Puma’s soft PU midsoles remain lightweight.

I don’t actually own a pair, but a friend of mine said he likes them because the insoles are very good and have nice thick cushioning, while the midsoles provide a subtle softness.

He has bad cartilage in one of his ankles so he’s sensitive about these things. Overall, these Pumas are great Balenciaga alternatives. People need sunglasses to look at their feet in these.

3. Puma Thunder Rive Droite (Balenciaga Triple S)

Puma Thunder Rive Droite looks like Balenciaga Triple S.

Yet another sneaker from Puma that resembles the Balenciaga Triple S is the Thunder Rive Droite, sharing a similar pair of chunky midsoles and a bulky aesthetic.

Fitted with a combination of leather, nubuck, and suede on the upper, these Puma sneakers look great on a variety of outfits thanks to the “stitch and turn” formstripe and overlays.

Moreover, these Puma sneakers are quite comfortable because of the inner heel support, TPU pieces on the midsole, and a secure internal lace woven system.

Compared to the Triple S, I think the Puma Thunder Rive Droite is a great option because it shares a similar design without the expensive price of a pair of Balenciagas.

4. Puma Evo Cat Sock Sneaker (Balenciaga Speed Trainer)

Puma Evo Cat Sock looks like Balenciaga Speed Trainers.

Moving on from the Balenciaga Triple S, I had to mention other sneakers from Puma that look like the Speed Trainers, which is a pair of sock-like sneakers from Balenciaga.

The Puma shoe that looks the most like the Balenciaga Speed Trainer is the Evo Cat Sock Sneaker. As the name suggests, it’s a pair of sock-like shoes designed for total comfort.

Don’t be fooled by the slipper/socks looks, though.

Puma has fitted its sneakers with some performance-inspired running specs courtesy of the IGNITE foam which is soft and cushioned, offering energy return for quick turns and pivots.

If you’re a big fan of athletic sneakers with crazy comfort, the Evo Cat Sock is a cheaper alternative to the Balenciaga Speed Trainers fitted with comfortable and durable outsoles.

5. Puma Ignite evoKNIT (Balenciaga Speed Trainer Laces)

Still keeping with the Balenciaga Speed Trainer theme, here’s another Puma shoe that looks similar to the Speed Trainer Laces: the Puma Ignite evoKNIT.

Love it or hate it, the design should at least get some reaction from you.

Although the sneaker adopts a similar sock-like construction to the Balenciaga Speed Trainer Laces, the Puma Ignite evoKNIT has a strap that secures the upper of the shoe.

The material is flexible and comfortable, which I think is the shining point of the shoes. It’s “stretchy” in all the right places, especially tighter across the toes,

Even the higher ankle collar is smooth and I experienced no chafing anywhere.

The bad thing is that all of that “stretchy” knit material is disastrous when it comes to providing any sort of support and containment, especially if you wear the shoes for running.

That said, as long as you wear these Puma sneakers for casual, fashion purposes, they’re super comfy, holding their own against the likes of the Balenciaga Triple S sneakers.

6. Puma Cell Fraction (Balenciaga Track Sneakers)

Balenciaga’s Track sneakers are all about complexity, boasting a modern luxurious look. These shoes feature oversized platform soles inspired by the extreme tire tread of off-road vehicles.

On the other hand, the Puma Cell Fraction keeps things simple. The upper features a bold, clamshell construction to help you slip in and out of the shoes with ease.

Are both sneakers identical? Absolutely not.

But I think the Puma Cell Fraction shares some similarities with Balenciaga’s Track Sneakers, including the shape and mix of materials on the upper including breathable mesh and knit fabric.

And the best part is, unlike Balenciaga’s Track Sneakers, the Puma Cell Fraction looks similar but doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, costing you somewhere between $56 to $100. 

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