How to Keep Jibbitz From Falling Off Crocs

In short: The best way to keep Jibbitz from falling off Crocs is to use zip ties. Tie a small zip tie between the inside surface of the Crocs and the round black button of the Jibbitz. Once you tie the zip tie securely, cut the excess nylon so the zip tie does not poke at your foot.

My son and I have lost 14 Jibbitz over the past 6 months. It’s frustrating every time the Jibbitz falls off my Crocs because these little decorations are so expensive.

If you keep having the same problem as I do, here are some suggestions you can implement to secure Jibbitz on Crocs and prevent them from falling off ever again.

Why do Jibbitz keep falling off Crocs?

Jibbitz have the potential to fall off Crocs because they are easily removable, to begin with. After all, these shoe charms are designed to be switchable, so they are easy to take on and off. 

1. Crocs bend whenever you take a step

Jibbitz charms are most likely to come out when the shoe bends or flexes, especially if you place a Jibbitz above the crease somewhere near the top. The shoe will bend and pop the Jibbitz out.

The good thing about Jibbitz is that it’s easy to insert. Simply push it in at a 45-degree angle in the desired hole of the shoe. The material of Crocs will gently open as it is very flexible.

Sadly, this also means that Jibbitz can easily pop itself out whenever you take a step. The best way to prevent this is to not use the heel strap so the Crocs do not bend when you walk.

2. Larger-sized Crocs have bigger holes

Do you have large feet? If so, it’s probably why your Jibbitz keeps falling off consistently. Larger-sized Crocs tend to have bigger holes than smaller-sized Crocs, after all.

3. Wearing Crocs in bodies of water

My Jibbitz never falls off when I’m wearing them in shallow water, but I’ve lost a few Jibbitz to the river. I wouldn’t recommend wearing Jibbitz when you’re going to strong bodies of water.

How to keep Jibbitz from falling off Crocs

Many people suggest using super glue to secure Jibbitz inside Crocs. It’s a simple and straightforward way to keep Jibbitz from falling off Crocs without much hassle.

However, I don’t recommend using super glue because it has the potential to damage the Crocs, especially when you want to take the Jibbitz off and switch them with a new one.

I think the best methods to secure Jibbitz should also allow you to replace them when needed. After all, Jibbitz should not be like tattoos. You should be able to change them anytime.

1. Secure Jibbitz with zip ties

The best way to secure Jibbitz is to use small zip ties. After inserting a Jibbitz, you need to tie a small zip tie between the inside surface of the Crocs and the round black button of the Jibbitz.

Once you tie the zip tie securely, you can cut the excess nylon so the zip tie does not poke at your foot. I recommend using the smallest zip tie (4-inch length) for this project.

This particular style of nylon cable ties is 4 inches long, and 0.1 inches wide, with a tensile strength of 18 pounds. It is the perfect choice for small projects and securing Jibbitz on your Crocs.

2. Secure Jibbitz with nylon washers

You can also secure Jibbitz with a nylon washer. It is a product used as fasteners for different machines. Go to a hardware store, take a Jibbitz or two with you, and look for nylon washers. 

Pick the one with an inner diameter small enough that you really have to work hard to get the Jibbitz through it, and an outer diameter of about an inch or so (maybe it’s even bigger). 

Or better yet, you can buy the entire assortment set (600 pieces) and try them on at home. Don’t worry, the entire box is very cheap and will only set you back $12.

Then, you can then put your Jibbitz in the Crocs’ hole and put the nylon washer on from inside the shoe. I’ve had Jibbitz like this for about a year and never had trouble losing one.

3. Use Blu Tack (reusable adhesive)

Another great option to secure Jibbitz on Crocs is to use Blu Tack, which is a reusable putty-like adhesive commonly used to attach lightweight objects to walls, doors, or other dry surfaces.

Blu Tack is ideal for non-porous surfaces such as glass or metal, painted surfaces, and vinyl-coated wallpaper. Since Crocs is non-porous, you can use it to prevent Jibbitz from falling off.

Blu Tack is similar to bubble gum. After you insert a Jibbitz into the Crocs, all you have to do is to put some Blu Tack on the back of the Jibbitz (at the top and bottom part) so it sticks. 

Not only does Blu Tack prevent Jibbitz from falling off, but it also prevents Jibbitz from spinning. Some people hate it when their Jibbitz spins around, so I think this is a win-win.

The only downside of using Blu Tack is that the Crocs must remain dry. If you plan to wear your Crocs to the beach or the pool, basically somewhere wet, Blu Tack won’t stick properly.

4. Tie two or more Jibbitz together with a fishing line

If you are planning to insert two or more Jibbitz, you can tie them from the inside of the Crocs using a fishing line. By tying them together, the Jibbitz won’t be able to fall off your Crocs.

After inserting the Jibbitz, take a fishing line and tie the backside of each Jibbitz. Depending on where you place the Jibbitz, you will need to be strategic in forming the ties.

Once you’ve made a knot between two Jibbitz, you can cut off the remaining fishing line so it will not irritate your foot. A clear fishing line, like this one, is super strong and durable.

However, this method only works if you are inserting more than one Jibbitz. If you only plan to insert one Jibbitz, you won’t be able to tie it with a fishing line to another Jibbitz.

Additional tips to secure Jibbitz on Crocs

Using the above tips to prevent Jibbitz from falling off Crocs is a great start, but here are some additional tips to secure your Jibbitz even further! After all, Jibbitz charms are expensive.

1. Never insert Jibbitz into Disney Crocs

Do you have Disney Crocs (with Mickey Mouse-shaped holes)? If so, I don’t recommend inserting Jibbitz into these types of Crocs. The holes are too big for the Jibbitz.

My family and I were walking around Disney World (my kids wearing Disney Crocs). After 2 hours of walking, I noticed 4 of my kid’s Jibbitz all went missing. What a bummer!

I have never had good luck with the Jibbitz on Mickey Crocs. The holes are simply too big and my kids always end up losing those expensive little suckers all the time!

2. Not wearing the heel straps

A simple trick you can do to prevent Jibbitz from falling out is to not secure the heel straps. In other words, place the heel strap on the front. This is known as the Crocs’ “relaxed mode”.

Because the Crocs are not fastened, they will become less creased every time you take a step. They’ll become more like slippers, not sneakers. This way, the Jibbitz will stay in place.

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