How to Keep Tie-Dye Crocs From Peeling (4 Tips)

The classic tie-dye graphic clogs from Crocs are colorful, vibrant, and unique. Sadly, the tie-dye design on these clogs can start to peel off after a week or two.

So how to keep tie-dye Crocs from peeling?

The most effective way to keep tie-dye Crocs from peeling is to apply a few layers of acrylic sealer. This sealer creates a protective finish over the Crocs’ paint. The sealer will prevent the tie-dye Crocs from peeling and give them a clear, bright shine.

Additionally, it’s important not to leave them out in the sun for too long.

In this post, we will show you 4 methods on how to keep tie-dye Crocs from peeling.

Do tie-dye Crocs peel?

Crocs are generally quite durable.

Although they are comfortable, the paint on tie-dye Crocs peels off after a few wears. In some cases, the paint completely rubbed off after a day in the rain.

Close-up view of tie-dye Crocs with visible paint peeling off in patches, revealing the underlying material.
Tie-dye Crocs peeling after 3 days (Digital Aqua Tie-Dye). Posted on Reddit u/Cliffy598.
Close-up view of tie-dye Crocs with visible paint peeling off in patches, revealing the underlying material.
Close-up view of tie-dye Crocs with visible paint peeling off in patches, revealing the underlying material.
Discover top tips to prevent tie-dye Crocs from peeling. Extend the life and vibrancy of your colorful footwear with our expert guide.
The paint peeling all over the tie-dye Crocs.

On the first day, we noticed the tie-dye decal starting to come off. Each time we wear them, more of the paint wears off. We hoped the paint would last longer than just one day.

The good news is, we’ve discovered some tricks to keep the Crocs paint from peeling.

4 ways to keep tie-dye Crocs from peeling

You can easily keep tie-dye Crocs from peeling by applying several layers of acrylic sealer and keeping them away from direct sunlight and extreme heat.

Contacting Crocs’ customer service is also worth a shot. If you find peeling Crocs frustrating, consider buying basic-colored Classic Clogs in the future.

Here are all the methods of keeping tie-dye Crocs from peeling, explained further:

1. Apply acrylic sealer to seal the paint

The best thing you can do to keep tie-dye Crocs from peeling is to apply several layers of acrylic sealer, which will keep the paint from chipping and fading over time.

We’ve had the most success with Aleen’s acrylic sealer (gloss finish):

Aleen’s acrylic sealer gives painted objects a clear finish. This finish is durable and weatherproof. It keeps objects looking new for years.

The sealer works on many materials like metal, glass, wood, plaster, and ceramics. It also works on painted surfaces and Crocs’ Croslite™ material.

We tried using this sealer on tie-dye Crocs and sprayed it evenly. The acrylic sealer dried fast and made the colors brighter.

To use the sealer on Crocs, go outside and shake the can for 30 seconds.

Shake until you hear a ball rattle inside.

Hold the nozzle 8–12 inches (20–30 cm) away from the Crocs and spray both clogs evenly.

Wait 2-3 hours for them to dry.

For top results, apply 3 layers of sealer in 2 days. This lets it dry fully. Once dried, it gives a clear, bright shine. If you don’t want a glossy look, try the matte-finish acrylic sealer. Your Crocs will have a matte finish.

2. Don’t leave them out in the sun for too long

Even with protective layers, don’t leave your Crocs in the sun. The unique material can shrink or warp in extreme heat. If Crocs shrink, the changed shape can make the paint peel off.

You don’t want Crocs that are shrunken and have bad paint.

After cleaning your Crocs, let them air dry. Store your Crocs the same way. Keep them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

A simple 4-tier shoe rack like this one does a great job of keeping your shoes organized. It’s great for small spaces and keeps distance between shoes.

3. Contact customer service for a replacement

If your tie-dye Crocs start to peel soon, try contacting Crocs customer service.

Crocs’ customer service is great. Many people got replacements for their peeled tie-dye Crocs.

If your Crocs were bought in the last 90 days, email They can check warranty options for you. Talk to them about your issue.

You might get new Crocs to replace the peeled ones.

4. Buy Classic Clogs in the future

You can’t control everything, like the paint on tie-dye Crocs. No matter how careful you are, the paint might peel after a few wears.

If tie-dye Crocs peel annoys you, consider buying regular classic clogs. They offer the same comfort without the peeling paint.

Crocs offer many options. Besides regular clogs, they have lined ones with warm liners for winter. If you want more height, some Crocs styles give you extra inches.

Make sure to break in these Crocs before wearing them.

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