6 Nike Shoes That Look Like Crocs (Unique)

Ever since the pandemic, mules, sandals, clogs, and slippers have grown in popularity. So much so that Nike is making their own version of Crocs-like slippers.

Wait a second, is Nike actually making rubber-like clogs? You bet. These are the best Nike shoes that look like Crocs that are perfect to lounge around and get cozy.

1. Air Force 1 VTF

Nike Air Force 1 VTF.

The Nike shoe that looks like Crocs the most is the Air Force 1 VTF, a pair of sneakers featuring an open back with a Swoosh-decorated strap around the heel, very similar to Crocs.

It’s a pair of sneakers with a touch of Crocs design that is closer to a mule (a style of shoe that has no back or constraint around the foot’s heel) rather than a sandal.

What’s unique about the shoe is that the iconic “Swoosh” extends around the heel to create a strap that is reminiscent of a Crocs clog or a sandal.

However, the rest of the shoe is exactly what you’d expect of an Air Force 1, including the smooth leather along the upper and the well-cushioned rubber soles made of Air unit.

The Crocs-like sneaker made its debut in 2019, featuring a sleek black colorway with gold and metallic details around the logo, branding, and sole.

Unfortunately, the “Nike Crocs” is only available in kids’ sizes, which means you can’t wear them if your feet are bigger than a US 7. I’m curious, would you cop one of these?

2. Jordan System 23

Jordan System 23.

Another pair of Nikes that looks a lot like Crocs is the Jordan System 23. It’s the closest thing you’ll ever see from Nike that resembles the rubber-like clogs from Crocs.

Now I know what you’re thinking: it’s Jordan, not Nike.

Air Jordan is basically Nike because it’s merely a line of basketball shoes produced by Nike. Other related apparel and accessories are marketed under the Jordan Brand.

At first glance, the Jordan System 23 looks exactly like Crocs, but take a closer look and you’ll notice the sock-like material that looks like Flyknit inside the clog-like exterior.

Nike designed the “stretch-woven bootie” to hug your foot, providing warmth and extra padding so you’d get the same feeling from wearing indoor slippers.

I think the concept is interesting and strange at the same time. However, I think the fit is awkward because the sock feels tight while the clog is too loose.

It’s trying to be two things at once and it’s just not working. Not for me, at least.

I’d much rather wear a pair of clogs if I want to go to the beach during summer and slip on a pair of Nike sock-like sneakers to keep both of my feet tight and warm during winter.

3. Nike Zoom MMW 5

The Nike Zoom MMW 5 in different colors.

The Nike Zoom MMW 5 is the latest entry in the ongoing partnership between Matthew M. Williams and Nike, following the Nike Zoom MMW 4 which debuted in late 2020.

I think this pair of Nike clogs look similar to Crocs because of the perforations throughout the upper. Not only are they eye-catching, but they also provide airflow.

You can wear them outside of the home either, thanks to the dual-foam outsoles that deliver comfort, while the stability plate wedged in between them offers rigidity and stability.

Matthew M. Williams is known for his ability to push fashion into new spaces, and with the Nike x MMW 005, you’ll get a pair of clogs designed to take you to the yoga mat and beyond.

4. Nike Burrow

Nike Burrow.

Some say it’s a pair of slippers, others say a pair of mules, but the Nike Burrow is a pair of Crocs-like footwear designed for indoor and outdoor use.

As Nike said it best, “There’s nothing like an adventure. But also, there’s nothing like the comfort of home. The Nike Burrow lets you bridge those two worlds.”

The vibe I get from the slippers is a “windbreaker jacket for my feet”, as it’s clear that the Nike Burrow was designed with outdoor gear in mind, given the colorway and material choice.

Keeping with the outdoorsy theme is the front zipper pocket that you can use to hold small items during your adventure. Maybe that’s why Nike named the slipper “Burrow”.

In terms of comfort, these might be the most comfortable slippers I’ve owned. 

The soft foam midsoles feel like I’ve put my feet in a bag of cotton balls, while the grippy outsoles provide good traction. I actually look forward to coming home and slipping these on.

The zipper pouch is a nice touch but I’m not sure I’d ever actually use it.

5. Nike Offline

Nike Offline 3.0.

At first glance, there’s no resemblance between the Nike Offline and Crocs. But take a closer look inside the insoles of both footwear and you’ll start to see the similarity.

Crocs are known for having tiny bumps that are meant to massage your foot. The Nike Offline is no different, having ribbed insoles that are designed to also massage your foot.

Other than that, the Nike Offline has a padded, bootie-like upper with quilted fabric that feels soft and airy, while Crocs is made of Croslite™ Is a resin material that is not plastic or rubber.

To date, there are three versions of the Nike Offline. The first one made its debut in 2021, while both the second and third versions were released a year after. 

6. Nike Vista

Nike Vista.

The Nike Vista is Nike’s version of Crocs LiteRide Stretch. Both sandals are equipped with an adjustable strap system that feels broken in from day one.

Apart from the strap system, both sandals from Nike and Crocs have foam insoles with responsive cushioning that feel incredibly lightweight and airy.

However, the only difference is that the Crocs LiteRide Stretch is only available for women, while the Nike Vista sandals are available for both men and women.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the Nike shoes that look like Crocs?

The Nike shoes that look like Crocs are called the Air Force 1 VTF, a pair of sneakers featuring an open back with a Swoosh-decorated strap around the heel, very similar to Crocs.

2. How much is the “Nike Crocs”?

The Nike Air Force 1 VTF which is considered the “Nike Crocs” are selling for $90, around the same price as the traditional Air Force 1 but more expensive than the average Crocs ($36).

3. Did Nike and Crocs collaborate?

No, Nike and Crocs did not collaborate to make a shoe. The Crocs X Nike Air Force 1 Shoe you see on the internet is merely a digital render conceptualized by designer Kegan McDaniel.

4. Is Nike making Crocs?

No, Nike is not making Crocs. However, they did release their own version of “Crocs” dubbed the Air Force 1 VTF, a sandal-style sneakers for kids with no back, reminding us a lot of Crocs.

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