6 Nike Shoes That Look Like Converse (Better Options)

Did you know that in July 2003, Nike paid US$309 million to acquire Converse? Yes, you read that right. Nike actually owns the Converse brand, including their apparel and accessories.

Because of this, surely there are Nike shoes that look like Converse? After all, the Chuck Taylor sneakers are some of the most iconic in the world. Here are some of the best options.

1. Nike Blazer Mid 77 Vintage

You can’t talk about Nike shoes that look like Converse without talking about the Nike Blazer. Many people and sneakerheads like to compare them both due to their similarities.

At first glance, both sneakers look similar in the sense that they have a “retro vintage” style that puts them in the same league. However, they actually have a lot of differences.

The first noticeable difference is the material of the upper. While the Nike Blazer uses leather, the Converse Chuck Taylor uses canvas, which is quite flimsy compared to leather.

Second, while the Converse’s toe cap is rubber, the Nike Blazer toe has a suede bumper around the front. The look is somewhat similar, even if the materials are completely different.

Last but not least, the Converse soles are slightly more cushioned, whereas the Nike Blazer soles are tough as nails. They’re great for lifting weights but do little to provide cushioning.

Overall, the Nike Blazer is one of the most popular Nike shoes that look like Converse. Whether you go for the Swoosh or the Chucks, both are fantastic sneakers either way.

2. Nike Court Legacy

I really like the design of this pair of sneakers because it combines sports and fashion. It’s made of leather and characterized by traditional stitching and the unmissable retro “swoosh” design.

Like Converse sneakers, the Nike Court Legacy has that “attention-boosting” and “trendy throwback” look. It’s versatile and easy to pair up with countless outfits.

Would I go for these instead of Converse? Definitely. Don’t get me wrong, I love Converse sneakers but they’re tough and take a lot of time to break into.

These Nikes, however, have been inserted with soft foam cushioning that delivers lightweight comfort. In fact, I can wear these sneakers all day without hurting my feet.

Moreover, I think the traction is superb. I get a good grip whenever I walk around town mainly because of the herringbone-patterned rubber outsoles. 

Overall, I think the Court Legacy is my favorite Nike shoe that looks like Converse. It’s sporty, sleek, and fashionable, and it’s far more comfortable than a pair of Chuck Taylors.

3. Nike Court Vision Low

My take on the Nike Court Vision Low is that the shoe combines the classic look of the 1980s basketball scene with the fast-paced culture of today’s modern game.

Do these Nikes look exactly like Converse? No. Converse is made with canvas material on the upper whereas the Nike Court Vision Low is made of PU leather material.

That said, I do like the crisp upper and stitched overlays that resemble the Nike Air Force 1. The plush, low-cut collar looks sleek yet comfortable and cushioned at the same time.

In terms of fit, I think these Nikes look great with just about anything, especially if you go for the black and/or white colorway. Wear a pair of jeans and a shirt and you’re good to go.

Compared to the popular Nike Blazers, which take a lot of time to break into, I’d actually prefer this pair because it’s softer and more cushioned. I don’t need much time to break these in. 

Nike claims that this pair of sneakers are made with at least 20% recycled materials by weight, which is a good thing because I can look good while doing something positive for the world.

4. Nike SB Charge

For the first time on talking about Nike shoes that look like Converse, I’m mentioning a Nike sneaker from their skateboarding collection. Introducing the Nike SB Charge.

My initial impression was how light and comfortable these are. I can see how they would be good for skateboarding, although my skateboarding days are long gone.

In fact, I’ve included this shoe on my Nike shoes that look like Vans list.

The Nike SB Charge is similar to the Converse All-Star, the Jack Purcell, and other Converse classics that are made using the vulcanized shoemaking process.

Like Converse, these shoes have a canvas upper, round toe, and vulcanized rubber soles. 

The difference, however, is that the Nike SB Charge is fitted with a pair of comfortable Solarsoft insoles which are not too thick, but not too thin where you feel the ground in every step.

I really like the black-on-black colorway because I can dress it down with something casual, like shorts and joggers, or I can wear them with something more formal in a business casual outfit. 

5. Nike SB Portmore II Solar Canvas

Another Nike shoe that looks like Converse is the SB Portmore II Solar Canvas. It’s a pair of canvas shoes fitted with super soft insoles and lining on the inside.

I think these are amazing sneakers to wear casually. Not only do they feel comfortable, but I don’t get blisters like I do with Converse. I just need a few days to break these in.

The Solarsoft insoles contribute massively to the comfort level in my opinion, and I do expect these shoes to last long because they seem durable and thick.

If you want to emulate the Converse look, go for the black and white but if you want something different and unique, I suggest you buy the vast gray with university red.

The bright pop of red is great to wear with many outfits in my opinion.

6. Nike Court Royale

The Nike Court Royale is a pair of shoes that looks like Converse but has a retro basketball style. It’s made with PU leather at the top with cushioned rubber midsoles at the bottom.

I wouldn’t go as far as to say these look exactly like Converse Chuck Taylors, but they do share some similarities because both are simple, casual sneakers you can wear anytime. 

The all-white pair is definitely a safe bet because it’s neutral-colored and goes well with anything, but if you want something unique, check out the different color options on Amazon.

I bought a white pair with neon yellow swoosh for my girlfriend and she loved it. 

At first, I was worried that they would be fake, but they came way earlier than expected from Amazon. I think they’re really cute and I’m happy my girlfriend likes to wear them.

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