11 Nike Shoes That Look Like Balenciaga (Cheaper)

Some of the Spanish fashion house’s most popular styles are the fashion-forward Balenciaga Triple S, Balenciaga Speed Trainer, and the Balenciaga Track sneakers.

Of course, there are other models apart from those three models. But they are three of the most popular among sneaker aficionados, often seen during Fashion Weeks worldwide.

Unfortunately, those sneakers are super expensive. If you want something similar but cheaper, here are 11 Nike shoes that look like Balenciaga. All of them don’t compromise on quality.

1. NikeLab Veil Gyakusou (Balenciaga Speed Trainer)

Balenciaga Speed Trainer (top) Nike Veil Gyakusou (bottom).

Thanks to designer brands like Balenciaga, sock-like sneakers have been one of footwear’s biggest trends in recent years but few shoes have managed to achieve a full sock construction.

That is until Nike pushed the sock sneaker to new heights with the NikeLab Veil runner.

The NikeLab Veil Gyakusou is a sock runner actually meant for running. It shares a lot of similarities with the Balenciaga Speed Trainer High, particularly the tall sock-like design.

The shoe isn’t actually from Nike, instead, it’s considered part of the NikeLab. It’s an innovative collection of street-style apparel, footwear, and accessories created from Nike classics.

First spotted in Japan in 2017, the Veil Gyakusou consists of a Free-inspired outsole fitted with an entirely Flyknit upper. The outsole is well-grooved for superb flexibility.

The sneakers, which are also water-resistant, are the first commercially available running shoe from Nike built using actual sock construction, similar to the Balenciaga Speed Trainer High.

It’s arguably the pioneer for other Nike sock-like sneakers.

When it was released in late 2017, the two Gyakusou colorways in “Black/Sail” and “Port Wine/Sail/River Rock” retail for $200 while the standard all-black variation retails for $180.

Nowadays, it’s hard to get a pair of these limited-edition sneakers.

2. Nike Flight Bonafide (Balenciaga Speed Trainer)

Balenciaga Speed Trainer (top) Nike Flight Bonafide (bottom).

I think it’s fair to say that the Speed Trainer had taken the world by storm, leading to some of the most bizarre fakes you’ll ever find of a sneaker (maybe second only to the YEEZY 350).

Another sneaker from Nike that resembles the infamous Sock Runner from Balenciaga is the Nike Flight Bonafide. It shares a similar sock-like construction.

Right off the bat, you’ll notice the huge circles decorating the sides of the shoes. It looks futuristic, but those who like the minimalistic design of Balenciaga might not like it.

The Flyknit is true Flyknit, so it’s thin, breathable, and incredibly flexible. However, there’s very little support to be found in this model, especially in securing my ankles.

I knew this model wasn’t for balling anyway, so if you want to play basketball while wearing these, look elsewhere. You’re not going to get a lot of ankle stability with these.

However, there are plenty of cushions underfoot. The midsoles are ridiculously thick and feel like memory foam, which provides a fantastic feeling with each stride.

3. Nike Free RN Motion Flyknit (Balenciaga Speed Trainer Laces)

Balenciaga Speed Trainer Laces (top) Nike Free RN Motion Flyknit (bottom).

Still keeping with the Balenciaga Speed Trainer theme, here’s another Nike shoe that looks similar: the Nike Free RN Motion Flyknit (both the 2017 and 2018 versions).

Although the sneaker adopts a similar sock-like construction to the Balenciaga Speed Trainer, the Nike Free RN Motion Flyknit has a strap that secures the upper of the shoe.

It features 360° Flyknit construction that wraps your entire foot in seam-free comfort, along with a strobeless construction that places your foot directly on the foam.

The strap design is customizable, allowing you to add tightness to the sock-like fit without adding uncomfortable pressure along the top of each foot.

I also think that the strap design is Nike’s answer to Balenciaga’s Speed Trainer Laces, which is the laced version of the Speed Trainer sneakers.

The fashion house dropped a version with laces on December 9, 2017, dubbed the Balenciaga Speed Trainer Laces shortly after debuting the Balenciaga Speed Trainer.

Although slightly reduced in height, the upper seems almost identical to the laceless version, which begs the question, why add laces if the original was secure enough?

I guess we’ll probably never know the answer but at the very least we’re left with an alternative option from Nike, although it’s hard to get a pair these days unless you shop on StockX.

4. Nike Air Monarch IV (Balenciaga Triple S)

Balenciaga Triple S (top) Nike Air Monarch (bottom).

Balenciaga’s perhaps most famous and popular sneaker design is the four-sole behemoth known as the Triple S. The shoe from Nike that looks the most similar is the Air Monarch IV.

Both sneakers from Nike and Balenciaga share one thing in common: a stacked sole unit, which gives both sneakers a very bulky shape that most people associate with dad shoes.

I actually own this pair of Nikes, and I have to praise its durability.

After 4 months of wearing the Nike Air Monarch IV, there were no visible scratches on the upper, and both of the rubber outsoles haven’t separated from the midsoles either.

Mind you, I had them for running (although it was at a very slow pace to be fair), casual walks, a bit of calisthenics outside, and also in the gym indoors for three and a half months.

They are roomy, they feel wide, and they are simply the best for people with wide feet.

Also, Nike added foam midsoles with an Air-Sole unit along the whole length of the shoes. Do they provide the best cushioning in a pair of sneakers? No, but they’re fairly responsive.

Contrast that with the Balenciaga Triple S. Although the heaviness of the shoes is counterbalanced by the cushioned soles, the Nike Air Monarch is far more comfortable.

You could wear the Triple S sneakers for all-day wear, but you wouldn’t even think of wearing them for sports, which is why I’d recommend the Nike Air Monarch as a cheaper alternative.

5. Nike Ispa Mindbody (Balenciaga Triple S)

Balenciaga Triple S (top) Nike Ispa Mindbody (bottom).

Similar to the Balenciaga Triple S, the Nike Ispa Mindbody is best described as abstract, thanks to its Flyknit upper, interlaced with laces that resemble scrappily welded wiring.

Or as Highsnobiety likes to put it, “If anything, the shoe almost looks unfinished or destroyed, depending on where your mind chooses to go.”

I think the polarizing design of the Mindbody sneakers is what makes them similar to Balenciaga’s Triple S, considering how complex the design actually is.

Because of the “destroyed” and “unfinished” look, the upper part of the shoes resembles the Triple S sneakers, which have an open-air structure at the top, exposing the mesh base.

Construction aside, the Mindbody is lightweight and breathable but the rounded shape of the sole unit is quite unstable, and you can easily roll your ankles on uneven surfaces.

6. Nike Air Huarache (Balenciaga Triple S)

Balenciaga Triple S (top) Nike Air Huarache (bottom).

I think the Nike Air Huarache is a pair of sneakers made with smooth leather paired with shiny neoprene-like fabric that resembles the Balenciaga Triple S sneakers.

One thing that makes the Nike Air Huarache look similar to the Balenciaga Triple S sneakers is the iconic heel clip. It makes the sneaker look futuristic and modern.

The pair of straps that wrap around the heel area resembles the huarache sandals from Mexico, hence the name: Nike Air Huarache, a futuristic pair of sandals for the gods, if you will.

The shoe has a pair of chunky, cushioned soles (similar to that of the Balenciaga Triple S sneakers) that are so shock-absorbing that it lets you forget about foot fatigue.

I think this is the reason why the Huarache has gathered plenty of loyalists. The strategic use of the Phylon foam is well-cushioned but is not too heavy to the point of discomfort.

7. Nike Sock Dart (Balenciaga Track)

Balenciaga Track Sneaker (top) Nike Sock Dart (bottom).

Another sneaker from Nike that looks similar to Balenciaga’s Track sneakers is the Nike Sock Dart, although it looks much simpler than the Spanish fashion house’s design.

Does the Nike Sock Dart look exactly like Balenciaga Track sneakers? No, but I do think it combines the shape of the Track sneakers with the sock-like fit of the Triple S.

Balenciaga’s Track sneakers are quite complex. The upper part of the shoes has layers that create an open-air structure at the top, exposing the mesh base.

All of this sits on top of the dual-density lightweight EVA soles that give the shoes that distinct “high performance” look that you’d often associate with experimental, avant-garde fashion.

On the other hand, the Nike Sock Dart keeps things simple. The upper is like a sock, hence the name “Sock Dart”. It’s made of knitted textiles and provides great breathability.

The only problem with the material is that the knitted textile is so thin, it’s not particularly durable. Although the upper is the highlight of this shoe, don’t expect it to last a long time.

The best part of the Nike Sock Dart, however, is the Phylon midsole. This foam cushioning is very comfortable and lightweight. Not only does it add comfort, it is also quite responsive.

8. Nike ACG Mountain Fly Gore-Tex (Balenciaga Defender)

Balenciaga Defender (top) Nike ACG Mountain Fly Gore-Tex (bottom).

Although not the most popular, the Balenciaga Defender is a super chunky pair of sneakers with extreme tire treads, known by sneakerheads for their luxe sophistication.

I actually stumbled upon this sneaker by accident (I’m glad I did), but it’s undeniable that the Nike ACG Mountain Fly Gore-Tex is the equivalent of the Balenciaga Defender.

One thing both sneakers have in common is the over-exaggerated tire tread on the outsoles. After all, the Balenciaga Defender is inspired by heavy-duty truck tires.

However, the Nike ACG Mountain is designed for outdoor hiking, protecting everything below the ankles from external elements, while the Balenciaga Defender is merely a fashion sneaker.

Thanks to the Gore-Tex lining, the Nike ACG Mountain repels dust, cold, water, snow, and mud from entering the shoes. In other words, it keeps your entire feet protected from the elements.

The central lugs are also designed to provide traction and stable footing on muddy and snowy surfaces, although the aggressive sole doesn’t grip on icy surfaces.

9. Nike N110 D/MS/X (Balenciaga Triple S)

Balenciaga Triple S (top) Nike N110 D/MS/X (bottom).

The Nike N110 D/MS/X is a revolutionary and fresh sneaker concept that I consider to be the streamlined version of Balenciaga’s Triple S sneakers in my opinion. 

Compared to the Triple S, I think the D/MS/X is a great option because it’s wildly futuristic, especially if you care for an incredible walking sneaker that could also be used for running.

Walking in Nike N110 D/MS/X feels fantastic due to the soft midsoles and cushioning. Contrast that to the bulky silhouette of the Triple S with non-existent cushioning technology.

10. Nike M2K Tekno (Balenciaga Triple S)

Balenciaga Triple S (top) Nike M2K Tekno (bottom).

You can’t talk about Nike shoes that look like Balenciaga without mentioning the Nike M2k Tekno. It’s a pair of Nike sneakers that reminds me a lot of the Balenciaga Triple S.

The M2K Tekno from Nike is heavily influenced by the Air Monarch IV design-wise, so it’s easy to spot the similarities with the Balenciaga Triple S sneakers.

The first and most obvious resemblance is the combination of thick soles and massive silhouette, although the Phylon foam midsoles remain lightweight.

I don’t actually own a pair, but a friend of mine said she likes them because they extend the foot forward, thereby giving plenty of space to expand your feet outward as much as possible.

In fact, the sneaker is so stylish and comfortable that celebrities, including Rita Ora, Emily Ratajkowski, A$AP Rocky, and Patrick Schwarzenegger, have all been seen wearing it.

11. Nike Air VaporMax Plus (Balenciaga Track)

Going back to the Balenciaga Track sneakers, I think another Nike sneaker that looks similar is the Air VaporMax Plus, especially because of the aggressive-looking TPU exoskeleton.

The exoskeleton on the VaporMax reminds me a lot of Balenciaga Track sneakers because of the multi-layered shell that exposes the mesh structure.

The Nike VaporMax Plus takes the best of two sneakers and combines them, resulting in an even better shoe. It combines the Nike Air Max Plus upper with Nike’s VaporMax cushioning.

In fact, I think the innovative full-length VaporMax sole is so plush. Not only does it provide amazing cushioning, but it also adds a lot of height, which is why it’s one of Nike’s tallest shoes.

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