8 Nike Shoes/Boots That Look Like Timberlands

Sure, Nike is known for their athletic sneakers, but they have plenty of boots for colder days. Here are some of the best Nike shoes that look like Timberlands.

1. Nike Manoa Leather

Timberland’s 6″ Work Boots, also known as style #10061, is the original waterproof boot. Since its release in 1973, it’s been the most popular style and the “Timbs” everyone wears.

If I had to choose one Nike shoe that looks the most like Timberlands, it has to be the Nike Manoa Leather, which is an outdoor pair of boots made of full-grain leather.

The Nike Manoa Leather.

Similar to Timberland boots, the Manoa has a waterproof finish that reduces any chance of liquid ruining your day, while the lace closure with metal eyelets gives you total security.

Both boots also have a padded collar for a comfortable fit around the ankle, as well as a rubber lug outsole for traction. Those two aspects make both boots nearly identical. 

2. Nike Air Max Goaterra 2.0

Another Nike shoe that looks like the classic Timberland boots is the Nike Air Max Goaterra 2.0. It has a pair of ultra-padded collars and Air cushioning in the heels that make it comfortable.

Just like a pair of Timberlands, the Nike Air Max Goaterra 2.0 is made of water-resistant material, so if you’re a “puddle-splashing” explorer, the boots are ready to keep your feet dry.

A friend of mine who owns a pair said these are his most comfortable work boots. Mind you, he works on concrete floors for 10 to 12 hours a day for over 20 years.

The Nike Air Max Goaterra 2.0.

However, despite having a versatile design and cold-ready features, one issue he found was that they don’t provide adequate traction on all surfaces, especially when the conditions are wet.

Although the Goaterra shares a similar profile to a pair of Timberland boots, I think the latter offers a better grip on wet surfaces, even in deep snow, slush, and icy water.

The most noticeable difference, however, is that the Timberland uses nubuck leather that is soft to the touch, whereas the Goaterra uses perfectly shined premium leather.

I think the Goaterra works better as a fashion boot than an outdoor boot. It has a street-ready design that can be dressed up or dressed down depending on the mood.

3. Nike Lunar Force 1

A popular choice in Timberland’s collection is the Mt. Maddsen Waterproof Hiking Boots, which are known to be very stable thanks to the very tall ankle support.

The profile quickly reminds me of the Nike Lunar Force 1, which is the upgraded weatherproof version of one of the most popular Nike shoes ever, the Air Force 1.

However, I can only give it 4 stars because the grip is nowhere near good enough for an outdoor boot. The outsole is great on slush and mud, but terrible on smooth, flat surfaces.

The Nike Lunar Force 1.

Even on sidewalks with a reasonable amount of texture the Lunar Force 1 feels very slippery and completely useless on, say, the smooth tile in a subway station.

Heck, even my old Chuck Taylors have better traction on most surfaces, wet or dry. I thought it would improve after a couple of wears, but even after a hundred miles, they’re still slippery.

Overall, it’s a good pair of boots, but the tread could be better. It feels like the boots were designed more for the aesthetic of a solid grip rain boot than actually gripping anything.

4. Nike Manodome

Yet another Nike shoe that looks like the classic Timberland boots is the Nike Manodome, which is fitted with a combination of suede and leather on the upper.

If traction were a problem with the Nike Lunar Force 1, it’s certainly not the case with the Nike Manodome. Far from it. The boot grips surfaces very well, indoors and outdoors.

In fact, I think the tread is well-made. If you’re coming inside from the rain, simply wiping your feet on a doormat is enough to get them dry (and they don’t squeak indoors like other Nikes).

The Nike Manodome.

The two color options are nice. You’ve got a choice between khaki and black. I was tempted to get both, but I’ve decided to go with the khakis because it looks so elegant in my opinion.

Overall, I think the Nike Manodome is a great cheaper alternative ($79) to the more expensive Timberland boots, which will set you back somewhere over $200.

5. Nike Air Max Goadome

In terms of design, I think the Nike Air Max Goadome has the most similar silhouette to Timberland’s GreenStride™ TBL® Edge Sneaker Boots.

A few years ago I stumbled upon these boots on a clearance rack. Boy, what a treat. Compared to my other hiking boots the Goadome is amazing – soft, tough, and absolutely no break in time.

They are a little stiffer starting out than my old favorites, but on my first day with them, I went hiking with my family. I walked several miles with no blistering or hot spots.

The Nike Air Max Goadome.

In fact, the boot is often praised for its comfort and support.

A friend of mine who has bad knees is able to walk over 21,000 steps/day wearing these boots. They allow him to stand, step, and walk all day on my feet without pain.

It’s a great pair of Nike boots that look like Timberlands.

6. Nike Woodside II

Part of Nike’s “All-Conditions Gear” collection, the Nike ACG Woodside is a versatile boot made for hiking, winter walking, and any other outdoor activity. It looks like Timberland boots.

The synthetic leather and rubber upper are water-resistant, equipped with warm lining to protect you from the elements, while the sticky rubber sole with lug tread keeps you from slipping.

The Nike Woodside II.

I still prefer the Goadome in terms of comfort, but the Woodside does feel nice after it’s broken in. You definitely need to go 1 full size up if you have wide feet.

Not only are they durable, but they feel fantastic on my feet. After my Woodside boots had been broken in, I could play basketball in them with my kids and then hit the mountain trails.

Eventually, I wore the tread right off. I still wish I could get them resolved.

7. Nike Hoodland

I think the Nike Hoodland boots looks a lot like Timberlands.

Timberlands are known for being durable but they can be a little tough and stiff at first. The Nike Hoodland, on the other hand, feels more comfortable out of the box than a pair of Timbs.

Despite its bulky look, I actually find the Nike Hoodland pretty lightweight. I think this is mainly due to the lightweight cushioning and padded ankle collars on each boot.

The Nike Hoodland.

I’ve had these for well over two years now. I wear them nearly every day for work and have used them many times on family and scout backpacking trips.

It’s likely not going to outlast a pair of Timbs, but the Hoodland provides above-average surface traction, making it an attractive yet affordable alternative ($95) to the Timberlands ($210).

8. Nike Path Winter

Last but not least, the Nike Path Winter boots look a lot like Timberlands.

I like the Nike Path Winter because it’s water-resistant and solved a real problem for me. It’s sturdy and stylish and doesn’t look like rain shoes while keeping my feet nice and dry.

It looks like a sneaker but is much more weatherproof. Not really warm, but fairly water resistant, although not ideal for a long hike in the snow, but perfect for slushy days in the city.

Think of it as a great hybrid between an outdoor winter shoe and a sneaker. I think it looks a lot like Timberland boots, but the Brown Wheat colorway is much more magnificent.

The Nike Path Winter.

The positive thing about the Nike Path Winter, however, is that the boots are light and nimble, considering how decked out it is with comfort features.

After two years, they’re still watertight and as comfortable as ever.

I’ve even come home from a desert trip, wiped them down, and hit them with some black polish and they have served me to go to Sunday meetings.

Right now, short of a few scuffs they look as good as the day I got them.

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