Are Nike Blazers Good For Running? (Honest Review)

Because Nike Blazers were originally made for basketball in the 1970s, it’s easy to consider them as running shoes. But are Nike Blazers actually good for running?

Nike Blazers are terrible for running because the soles and uppers are much stiffer than most running shoes. They also offer little to no cushioning compared to average running shoes, which means Nike Blazers are best worn casually, not for running.

They are, however, extremely stylish because of their retro and vintage design. In this post, let’s explore whether Nike Blazers are good for running or not.

Are Nike Blazers good for running?

The Nike Blazers is one of the oldest sneakers in Nike history. Originally made as basketball shoes in 1973, the Nike Blazers shoes have transcended multiple markets, including skateboarding, and most recently, the luxury sector.

But while the Nike Blazers are popular casual and lifestyle sneakers, they are not the best for running. Here are three reasons why:

Nike Blazers are stiffer than most running shoes

Runners often rely on flexible running shoes to fuel their runs. To achieve this, they need shoes that are made with the right type of upper materials.

Unfortunately, the uppers of Nike Blazers are not designed for running. In fact, a big reason why Nike Blazers are not good for running is that their uppers are so stiff.  

The uppers of Nike Blazers are made of leather, suede, and synthetic material, all of which do not provide good flexibility for your feet while running.

In fact, Nike Blazers are so tough that you need some time to break into the shoes.

Since both of your feet will flex and bend naturally as you take strides while running, you need shoes that are conforming enough to follow the movement of your feet. 

A more flexible pair of shoes will be the most comfortable and natural for most runners and will help to strengthen your feet and stride. If you wear stiff shoes, like the Nike Blazers, you may stop allowing your body, particularly your feet, to do what it wants to do.

So instead of wearing the Nike Blazers for running, choose a pair of shoes that are more flexible. Ideally, your shoes should be able to slightly twist when you bend them around.

Nike Blazers offer little to no cushioning for running

A well-cushioned pair of shoes can help protect your joints from the impact of running. Unfortunately, Nike Blazers are not good for running because they offer no cushioning.

Unlike most running shoes which often have soft and cushioned EVA foam midsoles, Nike Blazers have vulcanized rubber soles which are very tough.

Even compared to sneakers that are already considered tough, like the Chuck Taylors, Nike Blazers are still harder on your feet because they offer no padding on the insoles.

The role of cushioning is to relieve the strain on your body by reducing the force generated by its impact on the ground. In other words, running shoes with the right amount of cushioning can help you prevent injuries in the long run.

Moreover, the cushioning in your running shoes will reduce the degree of adaptation needed to achieve maximum comfort while using the least amount of energy possible.

While the tough soles of Nike Blazers provide great stability, they offer little to no arch support and softness, something that can make running much more comfortable.

So instead of wearing Nike Blazers that are tough as nails, you should find better comfort running in shoes that are made of well-cushioned EVA foam midsoles.

Nike Blazers have little to no ventilation for running

We have already mentioned that the uppers of Nike Blazers are made of a combination of leather, suede, and synthetic materials. Not only are they stiff, but they do not provide great breathability as well. In other words, Nike Blazers do not provide cool airflow.

When running, your body loses a lot of heat through your feet via sweat. And since your feet have more sweat glands than any other parts of your body, it’s wise to wear more breathable footwear that can keep you cooler overall.

Nike Blazers are great for casual use but are not breathable enough for running.

In fact, the last thing you want to have is to sweat more than you should. If your Nike shoes have moisture between the soles and insoles, they can start to squeak.

Most purpose-built running shoes are made of knit polyester and nylon mesh, which provide excellent breathability and promote cool airflow during long runs. Synthetic leather and suede, on the other hand, are not breathable because they do not have pores.

Another reason why Nike Blazers are not ideal for running is because of their very small openings for both your left and right feet. In fact, the Nike Blazers are some of the hardest pairs of sneakers to get into (which may not be the best if you are always in a rush).

Getting into the shoes can take more time than you should because you may have to unlace the shoes just to get your feet inside. Sure, they can provide more ankle support, but that just goes to show how stiff and not flexible the shoes are.

Final verdict

Now you know whether Nike Blazers are good for running or not. Hopefully, we have convinced you to run in shoes other than the Nike Blazers.

Sure, Nike Blazers may be good enough for walking, but they are not the best for running and jogging. Sure, they have great stability for sports that do not require much lateral movement, like weightlifting, but you should wear more flexible shoes for running.

If you can, we recommend you invest in running shoes, made specifically for running. Not only would you prevent injuries, but you can run better and faster too.