8 Shoes Like New Balance 990 (Alternatives)

In short: The closest model to the New Balance 990 is the 1540. It has more stability and support than the 990, thanks to the ROLLBAR in the heel, but is slightly stiffer and harder. If you’re looking for a more lightweight option, however, consider the New Balance 940.

The New Balance 990 shoes are great for anyone with bad feet (flat feet, no arch, and pronation), or someone who is on their feet all day. They are incredibly supportive.

However, if you think they’re too expensive, or you are just looking for some variety, here are some shoes like New Balance 990 (alternatives) you should venture out and try.

New Balance 990 alternatives

The New Balance 990 is popular among overpronators thanks to its stability. Because the model is made in the USA, they are quite expensive, which is why many people look for alternatives. 

Keep in mind that these New Balance 990 alternatives won’t look similar, but offer the same level of stability and support. Here are 7 shoes that look like New Balance 990:

1. New Balance 1540

I have a friend who works in a New Balance store. He focuses on support, comfort, and medical situations. I asked him the question: what shoe is the most similar to New Balance 990?

The most similar shoe to the New Balance 990 is the New Balance 1540. Both are shoes made with a similar profile and are designed for incredible comfort and support.

The difference, however, is that 1540 has a wider waist and a ROLLBAR in the heel. This will increase stability/support but the rollbar stiffens up the shoe and can make it harder.

In addition to the ROLLBAR, the New Balance 1540 is fitted with ENCAP midsole, which offers amazing rear foot movement control for feet on runs from 5K and beyond.

The two layers of performance foam offer superior support and a soft rebound. I personally find the New Balance 1540 shoes help deliver mile-after-mile stability and combat overpronation.

And the best part is, these shoes are $40 cheaper than the New Balance 990.

2. New Balance 940

Another great alternative to the New Balance 990 is the New Balance 940. My friend who works in New Balance considers the latter as the lightweight option to the former.

Similar to the 990, the New Balance 940 shoes are meant for urban runners who don’t like to suffer from the abnormalities of an irregular gait. These running shoes are for you if:

  • You have mild to moderate overpronation.
  • You are a heel striker who wants cushioned running shoes.
  • You need road running shoes that can support low arches or flat feet.

Based on my experience, I think the NB 940 are versatile running shoes that can be used for walking or other daily activities, especially for those who have mild to moderate overpronation.

If you are a heel striker with low arches or flat feet, you’ll find the NB 940 comfortable because of the full-length foam that is meant to carry the foot throughout the running session.

Just like the New Balance 990, the New Balance 940 has the ability to absorb the impact forces generated by each step, thus ensuring comfortable and smooth transitions.

However, I adore the 940 more than the 990 because of the engineered mesh uppers. The material resembles the structure of cloth, following the natural motion of the foot.

The New Balance 940 shoes also have visible breathing holes for ventilation, making them far more breathable and lightweight than the New Balance 990 shoes.

3. Nike Vomero

The two options I’ve mentioned so far (NB 1540 and 940) are both considered stiff shoes for flat feet that also pronate quite a bit. If your foot doesn’t turn in, consider the Nike Vomero.

Similar to the New Balance 990, the bottom construction of the Nike Vomero shoes has plenty of room and provides comfortable support without being over-controlling.

In fact, I would argue that the Nike Vomero is more comfortable than the New Balance 990, especially for standing all day because of the secure lace lockup and snug cushioned heel.

That being said, the Nike Vomero shoes are not for you if you are looking for an affordable pair of shoes and are looking for shoes made for stability and support. The LunarGlide 9 is better.

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4. Nike LunarGlide 9

Similar to the New Balance 990, the Nike LunarGlide 9 is a solid pair of shoes. They are shoes designed for runners who have a low arch structure to exhibit stability for overpronation.

True to its name, the Nike LunarGlide 9 still makes use of the Lunarlon cushioning, which is encased in Phylon. These two types of foam provide softness and support.

The Dynamic Support construction involves a denser medial mid-foot section to provide stability to the foot of the runner. This is especially helpful for those with overpronated foot motion.

I adore the padded heel collar and tongue on each pair because they provide plush support to the top areas of the feet. The external TPU heel counter also keeps the foot steady.

Overall, I would argue that the Nike LunarGlide 9 is an excellent pair of stability shoes for overpronation, just like the New Balance 990, but are more plush and cushioned.

5. Brooks Dyad 11

The Brooks Dyad running shoes have been considered a favorite for a long time among those who enjoy a reliable pair of shoes for both comfort and stability, especially for overpronation.  

While the shoes do come with limitations (stiff midsoles, bulky look, and outdated design), the 11th version of the Dyad provides a wide and stable outsole platform, just like the NB 990.

The spacious heel-to-toe space, excellent foot control, and long-lasting comfort of the Brooks Dyad 11 shoes offer a safe and secure landing foundation for the wearer during each step.

Sure, the Dyad 11 shoes lack good energy return, but the lateral outsole pods guide the foot to a linear motion preventing any lateral pronation or supination from happening.

In short, the Brooks Dyad 11 is a cheaper alternative to the New Balance 990. The shoes are for everyday walkers, novice runners, people rehabilitating an injury, or those using orthotics.

6. Spira Scorpius

You may have never heard of the Spira Scorpius, but they are a great alternative to New Balance 990. These shoes are great for overpronators that need extra stability.

However, these shoes are hard to come by. If you manage to find them, try them out. They feel like walking on clouds because the Spira Scorpius shoes offer extra support and breathability.

7. Adidas Supernova Sequence Boost

Like the New Balance 990, the Adidas Supernova Sequence Boost is a pair of sturdy stability shoes made for runners with slight pronation who require some control.

The soles boast a full-length EVA Stable Frame. The frame, the blue structure wrapping from the toe all the way around the heel, is the primary piece that makes these stability shoes.

While they are not super expensive, the Sequence Boost shoes are surprisingly durable. They are perfect for heavier runners who enjoy extra weight and stable midsoles.

They’re not made for the long haul, but these are perfect for avid runners on a budget who are looking to add cheap daily trainers other than the New Balance 990 into the mix.

8. Adidas Response CL

The Response CL shoe is Adidas’ version of the chunky dad sneaker known as the New Balance 990, featuring a rugged look with a soft, lightweight midsole.

According to Adidas, this particular model has a “built-up structure” that was inspired by trail runners. It has a textile upper with suede overlays and lace closure.

In terms of feel, the Adidas Response CL has a roomy midfoot. I also think the upper is breathable, making it the perfect summer shoe when the weather gets warmer.

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