Difference Between New Balance 574 and 574 Core

The New Balance 574 is a popular throwback sneaker and is one of the most sought-after pairs by many, thanks to its classic and timeless design. But since there are two versions, 574 the 574 Core, many people wonder if there are any differences between the two.

So what’s the difference between the New Balance 574 and 574 Core? We reached out to New Balance for answers and here’s what we found out.

New Balance 574 vs. 574 Core: There is no difference between the New Balance 574 and 574 Core. The New Balance 574 Core is simply the original release version that features five unique colorways from when the shoe was first released.

Now that you know there are no differences between the two, let’s explore the New Balance 574 Core in greater detail. After all, the 574 is one of the most iconic shoes from the New Balance collection. Let’s get into it.

New Balance 574 vs. 574 Core

We went high and low to search for answers, but we didn’t find them.

Even the official New Balance website has no answer to it. To find the definitive answer, we reached out to the official New Balance support. Here’s their reply to Style and Run:

You see, there’s no point in comparing the New Balance 574 vs. 574 Core because there are no significant differences between the two. The only difference is the colorways.

The New Balance Core features five different colorways:  Burgundy, Grey, Black, Navy, and Blackout. While the other four colorways have a touch of white color, the Blackout colorway features an all-black look. The 574 Core Grey is arguably the most popular colorway.

The New Balance 574 Core features five colorways from the original release version.

One detail that we did find interesting is the word printed on the 574 Core tongue tag.

If you take a closer look at the 574 Core tongue tag, you will see the word “Classic” on it. While all the 574 Cores have this feature, only some of the 574 models have this too.

Is New Balance 574 Comfortable?

The New Balance 574 was originally designed as an experiment in 1988. Today, the New Balance 574 has become a pair of versatile runners and amazing walking shoes.

We understand that comfort is a subjective topic because everyone has different ideas of what it is. So keep in mind that this review is our opinion.

So, is the New Balance 574 comfortable?

The New Balance 574 is very comfortable. While they may not be the best for jogging or hiking, they are ideal for walking long hours because they have adequate cushioning, thanks to the ENCAP midsole cushioning that delivers all-day support.

The ENCAP midsole cushioning is a feature found in every New Balance 574 model.

It combines lightweight EVA foam in the midsole and a tough polyurethane rim that delivers more support and durability. Because of this, it’s easy to see why the 574 is very comfortable.

You can wear the New Balance 574 casually every day and expect your feet to find exceptional comfort, support, and stability. It is perfect for walking for long hours.

Is New Balance 574 Suitable for Running?

But what about running or jogging? Is the New Balance 574 suitable for it?

In our opinion, the New Balance 574 is not suitable for running because they are not as breathable as other running shoes. The upper of New Balance 574 is made with suede, a material that is not breathable and not suitable for running.

There are other New Balance shoes that are more suitable for running, like the New Balance 880 and 860, which are equipped with the Fresh Foam midsole. Both have exceptional shock absorption and deliver incredible comfort when running or jogging.

The New Balance 574 is also not waterproof so it’s not suitable for running outdoors.

The upper of New Balance 574 has suede, which is not breathable nor waterproof.

While the suede looks good, you can’t wear them in the rain, when wet outside, or in the morning (because of morning dew). Getting suede wet is a surefire way to ruin them. Suede does not absorb water well, so you need to spray it if you want to make it waterproof.

Another consideration is weight.

The New Balance 574 weighs almost 12 ounces, pretty heavy for a pair of running shoes. Some of the best running shoes weigh just over 10 ounces. This is because the midsoles are made of more lightweight materials than the ENCAP cushioning found in the 574.

Does New Balance 574 Have Good Arch Support?

Arch supports, as its name suggests, help provide the arch of your foot with more support. It can help reduce the pain caused by common foot problems, especially flat feet.

But what about the New Balance 574’s arch support? Is it good?

After wearing the New Balance 574, we feel like it has moderate arch support. If there is any arch support, it is mediocre at best because the pair feels stiff and rigid right out of the box. The New Balance 574 may not be the best for anyone with flat feet.

Some New Balance models, like the 993, are made with premium materials just like the 574 but are equipped with a more responsive cushioning.

This creates a good stabilizing pair of shoes for running but is also comfortable for all-day wear.

That being said, once you have broken into the shoes, the New Balance 574 is an amazing pair of casual shoes for walking long hours. Right out of the box, they do feel stiff, so expect some time before you break into the New Balance 574.

Does the New Balance 574 Run Big or Small?

Is the New Balance 574 true to size?

The New Balance 574 fits true to size and true to width straight out of the box. It does not run big nor small. The laces of the New Balance 574 provide a snug and customizable fit.

While the New Balance 574 fits true to size, they do need time to break into.

This is especially true if you have wide feet because the New Balance 574 can make your feet feel cramped inside, particularly in the toe box. After several wears, they become more comfortable.

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Taking everything into consideration, however, the New Balance 574 is an extremely comfortable pair of sneakers designed for everyday, casual wear. It’s a timeless and classic pair from New Balance that is guaranteed to go along well with anything.

Final Verdict

And there you have it, the difference between the New Balance 574 and 574 Core.

Now that we’ve talked about New Balance 574 vs. 574 Core in greater detail, you know that there are no significant differences between the two. The only difference is the colorways.

Although the New Balance 574 is not the most ideal for running or hiking, it is a supremely comfortable pair of shoes that is perfect for everyday, casual wear.

So if you are considering the 574, do yourself a favor and buy them, your feet will thank you.