What to Wear With New Balance 574 (Fashion Tips)

In short: The New Balance 574 pairs particularly well with anything casual. Try pairing the sneaker with a tee shirt or sweatshirt up top, with jeans or sweatpants at the bottom.

The 574 is arguably the most iconic New Balance sneaker. It goes well with many outfits and adds a bit of height too. Here is a guide of what to wear with the New Balance 574 sneaker.

1. Plain tee shirt with denim

The quintessential outfit to wear with a pair of New Balance 574 sneakers is a plain tee shirt and denim jeans. This combination has endless potential and is rather versatile.

You can’t go wrong because you can pair any colored tee shirt with any colored denim. For example, you can pair the gray 574 with a basic white tee and a light-washed denim combo.

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Another option is navy blue denim. It’s versatile because you can dress it up or down based on the occasion. Take your style a step further by turning the jeans into a dark wash pair.

When pairing the 574 with jeans, I would recommend choosing a tapered pair to help you look lean and neat. Because 574 is quite narrow, it looks best when paired with something slim.

2. Varsity jacket with denim

You can add more ruggedness to your look with a good-quality varsity jacket. Some features that make them very stylish are the ticket pockets, arm patches, and pleats.

Use the plain tee shirt and denim as a base, then add a varsity jacket. Choose a color that is vibrant, yet manly like dark green. It will definitely have you dripping with “swagoo”.

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When paired with the New Balance 574, the features of a varsity jacket accentuate masculinity, and we can trace it back to its origin as a gentleman’s sporting attire.

To match up a jacket with your shirt – the first thing you should pay attention to is the collar. There should be some similarity between the jacket’s collar shape and the shirt’s neckline.

3. Flannel shirt with sweat shorts

For the ultimate summer look, try pairing the New Balance 574 with a flannel shirt and sweat shorts combo. A flannel shirt can be worn and loved in all types of weather.

A casual flannel shirt pairs seamlessly well with shorts of a similar color hue. It is an excellent layering choice from spring to summer, especially with the New Balance 574.

While flannel shirts can arguably be paired with a variety of colorways – the trick to styling a flannel shirt through the warmer seasons is to match tones appropriately.

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For example, if your summer wardrobe rotation tends to lean more towards light colors, then pair them with something weather appropriate, such as gray or tan shorts.

However, if you prefer dark-colored flannel shirts, then pair them with something weather appropriate, such as a dark denim pair of shorts or navy chinos.

Either way, both light-colored and dark-colored outfit combinations will go extremely well with a neutral-colored New Balance 574, especially the gray colorway.

4. Sherpa trucker jacket

During the fall season, the perfect outfit to go with New Balance 574 is the Sherpa trucker jacket. Not only is it super comfortable to wear, but it also acts as a statement piece.

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Pair a neutral-colored Sherpa trucker jacket with dark denim, which would sit nicely on top of your New Balance 574 sneakers. You’ll look great and feel great at the same time.

5. Sweater/hoodie with joggers

Outfit 5 is for the cozy boys out there. I’ve talked about gray sweatpants on this website many times before and there’s something about the gray color that exudes comfort.

If you want to keep things affordable, buy the pullover fleece and sweatpants combo from Hanes. The brand offers the best bang for your buck thanks to its high quality yet low price.

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For days when you don’t feel like dressing up, just wear a baseball cap along with your hoodie and sweatpants. And don’t forget, wear your New Balance 574 when going outside.

6. A shirt, blazer, and tapered pants

Contrary to popular belief, the New Balance 574 works well in a smart casual, or sometimes, business casual setting. It works well with neat chinos paired with a shirt and a blazer.

According to Mr. Porter’s Style Advice page, the smart casual outfit means “pretty much anything smarter than a tracksuit, but less formal than a suit”.

One of the biggest pitfalls to avoid is defining smart casual as a “shirt, tie, blazer, and jeans” look. Instead, think of it as a contemporary extension of your classic smart wardrobe.

For example, pair the New Balance 574 with tapered navy pants. Then, layer a neat shirt with a nude-colored sweater. Make sure your hair looks neat and you’ve donned the smart casual look.

Another option is to simply wear a tee shirt covered with a blazer. Wear a neat pair of chinos along with a gray or white pair of NB 574 sneakers. You’ll look smart yet fun at the same time.