8 Shoes Like New Balance 550 (Alternatives)

In short: Shoes that look like New Balance 550 include the Nike Dunk, Adidas Forum Low, Reebok Club C Mid II, Onitsuka Tiger Delegation EX, and the Diadora Davis Leather.

The New Balance 550 is a hot commodity. Because the sneakers are so popular, they are hard to find because they sell out quickly. Here are some New Balance 550 alternatives to consider.

New Balance 550 alternatives

Nowadays, it’s near impossible to find the New Balance 550 sneakers. They are also very expensive. To save you time and money, here are 8 cheaper shoes like New Balance 550:

1. Nike Dunk

Like the New Balance 550, the Nike Dunk is a supremely popular retro basketball-inspired pair of sneakers. It’s known for its superior comfort and reliable durability.

Originally debuted in 1985, the modern iteration of Nike Dunk shoes are covered with meticulously selected materials, from the upper down to its outsole, to endure daily usage.

The shoes can be sported in many ways, ranging from shorts for men to skirts and dresses for women, thanks to their wide array of styles and hues, retro profile, and overall aesthetics.

While the shoes feel stiff right out of the box, they are amazingly comfortable compared to the New Balance 550 after a few walks, especially due to the EVA midsoles and flexible cup soles.

If you can get your hands on a pair of Nike Dunks, you’re a lucky person. Lately, the resale price of these sneakers are through the roof. In other words, Nike Dunks are very expensive.

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2. New Balance CT1500

The NB CT1500 is an underrated alternative to the NB 550. Although these shoes have been in the market for several years, they are so unpopular that many people have never heard of them.

Every time I visit a New Balance store, I always find the CT1500.

I particularly like the white colorway because the pair already come with “pre-yellowed” midsoles. They look effortlessly vintage, especially when combined with the gray outsoles.

The thin black lining on the uppers alongside the embroidered New Balance logo decorating the soft, supple leather is very reminiscent of the New Balance 550 shoes, all of which I find pretty.

Unfortunately, one of the reasons why these shoes aren’t as popular is that they are not basketball-inspired sneakers. The New Balance CT1500 are originally tennis sneakers.

Fun fact: the New Balance CT1500 is not a new model. It’s a re-release from the archives that came out around the same time as the New Balance 550, hence the similar late 1980s look.

3. New Balance Numeric 1010

If you love the narrow and slim profile of the New Balance 550 shoes, you will definitely adore the extremely snug fit that the New Balance Numeric 1010 sneakers provide.

For those who don’t know, the Numeric is New Balance’s line of skateboard shoes.

Because they are skateboard shoes, they provide superb grip on various surfaces thanks to the Ndurance outsoles, while the Ortholite insoles deliver ample cushioning as well.

Many customers agree that the NB Numeric 1010 shoes are like ”pillows that hug the feet”. These sneakers, however, are not suitable for daily use for their lack of ventilation.

4. Adidas Consortium Torsion Edberg Comp

Another sneaker model that resembles the New Balance 550, but you’ve probably never heard of, is the Adidas Consortium Torsion Edberg Comp. The model debuted in 2019.

Just like the New Balance CT1500, these Adidas shoes are actually vintage tennis sneakers prevalent in the 1980s but have been re-released several years ago.

Because the Adidas Consortium Torsion Edberg Comp are vintage sneakers, you’ll notice plenty of paneling and stance that are similar to the New Balance 550 shoes.

I particularly like the combination of colors. The shoes feature hits of deep purple, pink, peach, and royal blue popping alongside white leather uppers and yellowed midsoles.

Overall, the quality of the Adidas Consortium Torsion Edberg Comp is very nice. The shoes offer a vintage aesthetic similar to the NB 550, but they are hard to find. You can find them on eBay.

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5. Adidas Forum Low

Similar to the New Balance 550, the Adidas Forum Low shoes are retro basketball-inspired sneakers that resurrect the original hardwood silhouette from the 1980s.

The difference between the two, however, is that the Adidas Forum Low has a velcro strap. The strap keeps the foot comfortably tucked in, which is a trademark of the Adidas Forum kicks.

If you are not a big fan of the velcro strap, consider the Forum Exhibit Low. Alternatively, if you want a similar style, try the Adidas Continental 80 from the brand’s tennis sneaker lineup.

In terms of looks, I think the Adidas Forum Low sneakers pair well with a variety of sporty and laid-back clothes. The unique retro design matches jeans, skinny pants, and mini denim dresses.

I adore the Adidas Forum Low shoes because the pair has very strong retro vibes flowing through each aspect of the sneakers. Everything’s made using high-quality materials.

6. Reebok Club C Mid II Vintage Shoes

If you’re looking for a New Balance 550 alternative from the Reebok brand, the Club C Mid II is the one. This version is the vintage edition that has the pre-yellowed midsoles and outsoles.

Design-wise, the shoes are very simple. The uppers are dominated by white, which is made of leather. Inside each pair, you’ll find a premium satin-like sock liner that feels like a million bucks.

Because of the mid-cut, changes the silhouette of the shoes. I personally think the shoes look great on the feet, whether they are paired with jeans, slacks, chinos, or even shorts.

7. Onitsuka Tiger Delegation EX

Similar to the New Balance 550, the Onitsuka Tiger Delegation EX sneakers use a traditional lacing system that can be easily adjusted according to the preference of the wearers.

Unlike the other sneakers on this list, the Delegation EX is not a vintage re-release but is a modern take on the shoes worn by the Japanese team at the 1964 Tokyo Games.

Like the original, the tongue features our TOKYO Onitsuka logo.

In terms of comfort, I think the shoes are very bouncy thanks to the Flytefoam Propel technology, which is an energetic foam formulation (a unique elastomer compound).

The sneakers are very breathable too. These sneakers were inserted with moisture-wicking Ortholite sock liners that keep the feet dry even during unbearable hot days.

8. Diadora Davis Leather

The Diadora Davis Leather is a pair of unisex sports shoes. The height of the collar and upper are both designed to ensure better stability and protection for the feet during activities.

While the shoes look similar to the New Balance 550, the Diadora Davis Leather shoes are unique because each pair comes in a leather material with a special waxed treatment. 

According to Diadora, the Davis Leather shoes represent the history of tennis, to 1985 to be precise, the year when the shoes began to dominate clay courts on the feet of great champions.

The shoes look good and are very comfortable, in my opinion, thanks to the leather which is high quality. However, the shoes do fit a little big due to the high-toe boxes. 

In terms of price, the Diadora Davis Leather is one of the most affordable sneakers out there. I bought a pair for $60 (during promotion), although Diadora does not provide free shipping.

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