How to Make L.L. Bean Boots Not Smell (7 Ways)

In short: To make your L.L. Bean boots smell better, replace your socks twice a day. To fight against foot odor, sprinkle some sweat-absorbing foot powder or apply probiotic foot spray.

L.L. Bean boots are some of the most beloved footwear on the market. Although their boots are not the cheapest, they are beloved for their build quality and amazing comfort.

However, as with most leather boots, L.L. Bean boots can smell unpleasant. In this article, you will learn why L.L. Bean boots stink and how to make them smell better.

Why do L.L. Bean boots stink?

The core reason for L.L. Bean boots smelling comes from your feet perspiring. As sweat and moisture seep into the boot’s material, bacteria and fungi thrive in warm, humid conditions.

You have got to remember that L.L. Bean boots are not ventilated. Both of your feet are encased in the boot’s material, which means your feet are bound to accumulate sweat.

Sweat and dead skin cells are then broken down by naturally occurring bacteria. While sweat has no odor on its own, the bacteria that feed on it produce a bad odor.

How to make L.L. Bean boots not smell

L.L. Bean boots are not the best to be worn for long periods of time. They’re perfect for the occasional snow and rain, but they’re not something you want on your feet for 5 hours.

Socks can help wick moisture, but your L.L. Bean boots are bound to get stinky (like cat pee) anyway. Here are several things you can do to make your L.L. Bean boots not smell unpleasant:

1. Wash your feet with antibacterial soap

Did you know that each foot has approximately 125,000 sweat glands? Indeed, the soles contain more glands per square centimeter than any other part of the body.

It’s good practice to take your boots off immediately when you get home to avoid making the problem worse. Then, you should wash your feet before you lounge around indoors.

Wash the tops, bottoms, and sides of your feet with mild soap and water daily at the bare minimum. Then, pat your feet dry instead of rubbing to retain some moisture.

Washing your feet with antibacterial soap will kill bacteria and the smell that comes with it. Do not neglect the importance of washing your feet. In fact, wash your feet every day.

2. Replace socks in the middle of the day

My friend who was dealing with excessively sweaty feet and used to suffer from terrible athlete’s feet (especially in hot Texas summers) recommends changing socks in the middle of the day.

Most people wear merino wool socks with their L.L. Bean boots because they keep the feet warm during the cold, yet offer some level of breathability.

That’s great, however, if your boots are not breathable, the sweat and moisture will stay inside the boots. Unfortunately, L.L. Bean boots are known for not providing adequate airflow.

A wet sock is a wet sock. And because L.L. Bean boots are not ventilated, you need to be proactive and change into a fresh pair of socks in the middle of the day to keep your feet dry.

3. Alternate your boots

Did you know that having a couple of pairs of boots and wearing them every other day helps them last longer? Yep. It gives them a chance to dry out properly after each use.

Another advantage of practicing this (if your budget allows it) is as the moisture has a chance to evaporate, bacteria will not build up as quickly and your boots will stay fresh for longer.

To ensure your L.L. Bean boots do not stink, give them time to air out after each wear. Don’t wear them for too many consecutive days. Two days in a row at most.

Generally, you should wear them and then let them sit for at least twice as long as you had them on. This means you usually can’t wear your boots two days in a row. 

4. Store your boots in a ventilated area

To prevent your L.L. Bean boots from smelling, store them in a place where they can be ventilated and dry properly after each use. Bacteria thrive in dark, damp locations.

To accelerate the drying of your boots, fill them with newspaper or stockings filled with baking soda. The chemicals in baking soda are perfect at neutralizing the acids that cause bad smells.

5. Insert deodorizer balls when storing boots

When you are not storing your L.L. Bean boots, insert deodorizer balls. They are filled with odor-eliminating tea polyphenols and essential oil clean burst fresh scent.

Deodorizer balls are easy to use. Just twist the ball to activate the fresh scent and close it when not in use, each lasts up to 30 days. And the best part is, they’re super cheap.

6. Sprinkle sweat-absorbing foot powder

If you want to take the fight to the bacteria, you can be proactive and apply sweat-absorbing foot powder before you wear your L.L. Bean boots. This product gave me the best results.

Every time I wear my L.L. Bean boots, my feet get hot and sweaty, especially during warmer months. The powder eliminates the odor, but it doesn’t give that minty hot sensation.

For optimal results, you should add the powder before you wear your boots. While it has the potential to go through the socks, it is much better than having smelly feet.

7. Apply probiotic foot spray

Washing your feet might not be enough for those of you who suffer from foot odor often. To eliminate the worst odors, what you need is a probiotic foot spray. It works like a charm.

This probiotic foot spray is designed to naturally restore the skin’s healthy microbiome with probiotics. As a result, the spray helps prevent unpleasant funk from your feet.

Because L.L. Bean boots are not well-ventilated, applying a probiotic foot spray helps to keep the bacteria population in check. Remember, it’s these bacteria that cause the stink.

Bottom line

Now you know why L.L. Bean boots stink. Luckily, you also know how to make your L.L. Bean boots smell better and not smell. Apply these tips and you should feel comfortable in your boots.

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