Mafia Boss Aesthetic Outfits For Men – Visual Guide

Achieving the “mafia boss aesthetic” involves incorporating elements of vintage luxury and classic gangster style into one’s fashion and lifestyle.

Some tips for achieving this aesthetic include wearing tailored suits, fedoras, and other vintage accessories, smoking cigars, driving vintage cars, and surrounding oneself with luxury items.

This includes things such as leather-bound books and antique furniture.

Here’s how to achieve the mafia boss aesthetic outfits for men. It’s important to note, however, that this aesthetic is not meant to promote or glorify criminal activity.

What is the mafia boss aesthetic for men?

The “mafia boss aesthetic” is a visual style that draws inspiration from the fashion, style, and overall vibe of organized crime bosses from the past, particularly in the 19th century.

It often includes elements such as tailored suits, fedoras, cigars, and vintage cars. The word “mafia” in Italian loosely translates to “swagger” or “boldness”.

The mafia boss aesthetic has gained popularity on social media platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, and Pinterest, where users share photos and videos featuring this style.

A big reason why the Italian Mafia fashion style has become famous is due to its high-class fashion and lifestyle, often indulging in expensive homes and imported goods.

Think of movies like The Godfather, Scarface, Al Capone, Goodfellas, and The Irishman if you’re looking for Hollywood inspiration for the mafia boss men’s aesthetic.

How to dress like a mafia boss (men’s aesthetic)

Current-day adoption of the Italian Mafia aesthetic focuses on the expensive look and risk of danger. Here’s how you can dress like a mafia boss and achieve the crime lord aesthetic.

Tailored suits, tuxedos, and long coats

A staple of the mafia boss aesthetic is a combination of tailored suits and tuxedos underneath a long coat, commonly a black or another dark-colored peacoat.

For inspiration, look no further than the popular drama series, Peaky Blinders. Look at the outfits of Tommy Shelby and Luca Changretta, two men who embody the mafia man aesthetic.

Fedora hats and tweed flat caps

You could sport a simple slick-back hairstyle, one that is similar to the old money aesthetic, but if you want to go all in on the mob boss fashion, wear either a fedora hat or a tweed flat cap.

Again, the inspiration behind this look is the two men from Peaky Blinders. Tommy Shelby is known for his tweed flat cap while Luca Changretta is popular for his fedora hat.

That said, you shouldn’t go for any type of fedora hat. This particular fedora hat is available in black and white, complete with a pinstripe pattern that is synonymous with mob bosses.  

Vintage cars and luxury items

Of course, you want to actually look like the boss rather than the henchman, right? To complete the mafia boss aesthetic, surround yourself with vintage cars and luxury items.

Make sure you clean yourself up nicely and wear a tailored tuxedo to match. You don’t have to always wear an overcoat, so feel free to leave it at home and let your tuxedo shine.

Think of being the embodiment of James Bond with bad intentions. Think vintage luxury cars. You don’t want modern sports cars, otherwise, you’d look more like a starboy.

Cuban cigars

If there’s a thing besides criminal intent that the mafia is known for it’s certainly Cuban cigars. From Al Capone to Carmine Galante, mobsters cared more than you think about their sticks.

For gangsters, wealth and power go hand-in-hand, and cigars help those who smoke them to exude a sense of power. Of course, there’s much more that a cigar can say about you.

The sense of power, wealth, and prestige that a cigar offers will help exude confidence within you and complete the overall mafia boss aesthetic for men.

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