Are L.L. Bean Boots Good for Snow and Winter?

In short: The L.L. Bean shearling-lined boots are good enough to keep your feet warm in the snow during Colorado mountain winters. However, the soles do not have the best traction.

Although the original bean boots have a waterproof full-grain leather upper, they are simply not equipped to handle winter. L.L. Bean boots are a better choice for spring or fall.

The shearling-lined boots, however, are perfect for snow and winter conditions because they are lined with the coziest premium shearling (American shearling lamb fur) for extra warmth.

4 reasons why L.L. Bean boots are good for snow

Remember, if you want to wear L.L.Bean boots during winter, be sure to go for the shearling-lined boots. Here are a few reasons why they are perfect to wear in the snow:

1. Premium shearling for extra warmth

The first thing I noticed about the shearling-lined bean boots was just how warm they are, mostly because they are equipped with American shearling lamb fur that provides extra warmth.

Despite having only 200 grams of insulation, the addition of the sheepskin puts the boots’ heating power on a whole other level. You don’t even need wool socks to keep your feet toasty.

The fur inside just makes them super cozy. The only downside is that when I’m not moving for long periods of time my feet get a little cold. But once I started moving, my feet stayed warm.

Overall, the shearling lining makes the boots warm. Not only is the fleece soft and lovely, but you can tell straight away from the moment you step into the boots that it was high-quality

2. Boot’s bottom is lined with insulation

For additional warmth, the L.L. Bean shearling-lined boots are equipped with 200-gram of insulation. Some are equipped with PrimaLoft, while some use Thinsulate.

The overall construction is first class. In fact, the boots allow easy movement of your ankles because the leather uppers are soft and supple. There are plenty of rooms even with socks.

To keep your feet warm in the snow during winter, you can wear thick socks. Combined with the boot’s insulation, your feet will stay toasty and comfortable inside the shearling-lined boots. 

3. Waterproof full-grain leather upper

According to L.L. Bean’s website, their shearling-lined boots are best worn for rain, slush, snow, and colder conditions. This was all made possible by the waterproof full-grain leather upper.

The boots are gently tumbled for a remarkably soft, broken-in feel. In fact, the boots are made of supple leather that the brand claims will get softer the more you wear them.

Although the shearling-lined boots are not designed to stay submerged in water, they held up much better than their classic counterparts during the submersion testing (where we sloshed around in ice water), so you can believe that the leather is, in fact, waterproof.

This means you can walk around freely in the snow during winter without worrying about cold feet. Not only will the boots keep your feet warm, but they will also keep your feet cozy and dry.

4. The soles offer good (not great) traction on wet or snowy surfaces

L.L. Bean claims that their legendary chain-tread outsole gives reliable traction. I have to slightly disagree because I think there is not enough traction on the soles for wet, slippery surfaces.

While the soles provide good traction and solid footing on snow, you can easily skid over ice and slush. Compared to other winter boots, there isn’t adequate traction on the soles.

However, I wouldn’t go as far as saying the traction is bad. There are plenty of customers who are happy with the soles of the boots. I just don’t think they’re the best. They’re good, not great.

If you’re looking to wear duck boots during winter, the L.L. Bean shearling-lined boots would do just fine. Just be careful when walking over ice and slush because the traction is not the best.

Key takeaways

Now you know whether L.L. Bean boots are good for snow or not. The original bean boots are great for everyday wear but they won’t withstand the elements during winter.

The L.L. Bean shearling-lined boots are good enough to keep your feet warm in the snow during winter, thanks to the premium shearling and boot bottom insulation that provide extra warmth.

If you’re an L.L.Bean fan and have your heart set on duck boots for winter, the shearling-lined boots are the best you can get. They keep your feet warm and stylish at the same time.

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