Do Vans Make You Taller? (Here’s How Much)

Whether they are worn in the skate park or for everyday wear, Vans shoes have a retro style that is hard to beat. Because of this, many choose to wear Vans shoes almost daily, leading some people to wonder: do Vans make you taller?

We did some research and here’s what we found out. How much height does Vans add?

Both the classic and platform Vans add about 0.7 inches (1.8 cm) of height when they are brand new out of the box. Vans shoes will lose a couple of millimeters of height after several wears because the rubber insoles have a bit of give to them.

Contrary to popular belief, platform Vans do not add more height than the classics, although they look taller from the outside. In this post, let’s talk about how much taller Vans make you and how you can look taller in your Vans. Let’s get into it.

How Much Height Do Vans Add?

When it comes to Vans, there are two popular models to consider: the Classic Slip-Ons and the Old Skool Platform. The platform Vans appears to give them more height, but is it true?

Here’s a quick video made by Rob Paul of CelebHeights regarding Vans insole height: 

How Much Taller Do Classic Vans Make You?

The Vans Classic-Slip Ons was first introduced in 1977 with the help of skateboarders and BMX riders. It is one of the most popular pairs of Vans due to its retro design and excellent durability. But how taller do classic Vans make you?

Vans Classic Slip-Ons add about 0.7 inches (1.8 cm) of height, whereas the average running shoes or sneakers add between 1 to 1.8 inches of height.

Classic Vans Slip-Ons

If you look at the shoes, you will notice a full rubber section of the outsole which measures close to 1.2 inches. However, the rubber section is merely an illusion, making the shoes look taller than they actually are. The insole is lower than the outsole of the sneaker.

How Much Height Do Platform Vans Add?

Platform Vans add about 0.7 inches (1.8 cm) of height, exactly the same as the classic pair. While platform Vans look noticeably taller from the outside, they have the same insole height as the Classic Slip-On Vans.

Platform Vans

Based on the appearance, platform Vans looks noticeably taller than the classics.

This is because they have thicker outsoles that appear to give them more height than regular Vans sneakers. But when we compared them, both had the same insole height. 

How Much Height Do Vans SK8-Hi Add?

Although Vans SK8-Hi has higher uppers, they have the same insole height as the classic Vans and will give you the same height addition of 0.7 inches.

Vans Sk8-Hi

First released in 1978, Vans Sk8-Hi features a canvas and suede upper with the brand’s classic rubber waffle outsoles. It comes in many different versions, but the black and white colorway is arguably the most popular among skateboarders and sneakerheads. 

So if you’re considering a pair of Vans, just go with the model you like the most because each model will add the same amount of height. 

Heads up! If you’re curious about how much height shoes add in general, we have an in-depth article that discusses increasing height with your shoes, right here.

How to Look Taller With Vans Sneakers

Not everyone is blessed with height. After all, who doesn’t want to look taller? While Vans sneakers are stylish, they only give you a mere 0.7 inches of additional height.

So if you want to rock a pair of Vans, here are some tips on how to look taller in them:

1. Wear Low-Tops Vans Instead of High-Tops

The first tip is to wear low-top Vans instead of high-tops.

Due to the increasing popularity of the Vans SK8-Hi, some people are choosing them over the Classic Slip-Ons. While tall people can wear them without any consequences, short people can actually look shorter because high-top shoes reduce the length of your legs. 

Keep this in mind: shoes with high necks hide more space in your legs, making you look shorter. However, if you wear low-tops, you can add the length of your legs and create the illusion of being taller than you are. It’s subtle but it gets the job done.

2. Insert Shoe Lifts Inside Your Vans 

Now if you do want to wear high-top Vans, you can look taller by wearing shoe lifts. A shoe lift is a removable insole that you insert inside your shoes to help you appear taller.

Shoe lifts, like the ones below, have four layers which can significantly add a few inches to your height. They also feature an air cushion function, making them very comfortable to wear.

ERGOfoot shoe lifts (buy on Amazon):

When wearing shoe lifts, it is recommended to wear shoes with high necks. They give you plenty of room for the shoe lifts inside and provide better comfort. The higher the better.

So if you plan to use shoe lifts, don’t wear the Classic Slip-Ons Vans because when you try to walk on them, your feet will easily slip right out of the shoes. Wear SK8-Hi Vans instead.

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3. Wear the Right-Colored Vans

Wearing the right-colored Vans can work wonders in helping you look taller. As a general rule of thumb, you want to create the lowest contrast with your outfits as much as possible.

What does this mean?

It means if you are wearing light-colored pants, wear light-colored or white Vans sneakers. If you are wearing dark pants, wear dark or black Vans to go along with it.

Reducing the contrast of your outfit helps you look taller.

According to Peter Manning NYC, low contrast in outfit color will help create longer legs visually, thus making you appear taller. You can also go the extra mile by wearing dark tops along with dark bottoms, or light tops along with light bottoms.

Remember, the key is to avoid contrast between your top and bottom halves (for example a white shirt with black pants or vice versa).

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Bottom Line

Now you know how much height Vans shoes add.

As you can see, there is no difference in height added between the classic and platform Vans. Even the SK8-Hi Vans have the same insole height.

Whether you want to rock a pair for skating or look effortlessly cool, you can never go wrong with Vans sneakers. But since Vans doesn’t add that much height, you need to apply the tips we have shared with you to help you look taller in your Vans sneakers.