Do Alexander McQueen’s Make You Taller?

Wearing oversized sneakers from Alexander McQueen is an easy way to look stylish and increase your height.

But do Alexander McQueen sneakers make you taller? And if they do, by how much?

On average, Alexander McQueen oversized sneakers increase your height by 1.8 inches. The sole measures 1.2 inches in height, and the heel is 2 inches high.

But if you want to maximize height with your Alexander McQueen sneakers, we have a quick tip to help you look even taller.

Side view of a white Alexander McQueen sneaker showing the midsole thickness with text overlay indicating the front part at 1.2 inches and the back part at 2 inches.

Do Alexander McQueen shoes make you taller?

The most striking feature of the Alexander McQueen oversized sneakers is their chunky outsoles. The chunky outsoles of these sneakers rest on the calf-leather upper, which is fastened with large flat laces.

Like all sneakers, Alexander McQueen’s will undoubtedly make you taller. In fact, the Alexander McQueen oversized sneakers are known for their thick rubber soles.

Here are the measurements for the Alexander McQueen rubber soles:

  • Sole height: 1.2 inches
  • Heel height: 2 inches
  • Average height added: 1.8 inches

Since the heel is taller than the sole, these Alexander McQueen sneakers are not zero-drop shoes. These shoes elevate the heels, which does not mimic the natural position of bare feet.

1. How much height do Alexander McQueen sneakers add?

Alexander McQueen oversized sneakers have a sole height of 1.2 inches and a heel height of 2 inches, but they only add 1.8 inches to your height due to the compression of the material.

The rubber soles are slightly flexible, which accounts for the difference in added height. When you wear the shoes, your body weight presses them down slightly, reducing the height they add.

2. How to look taller in Alexander McQueen sneakers

If you want to appear taller, try this simple trick with your Alexander McQueen oversized sneakers:

The best way to look taller in Alexander McQueen sneakers is to add shoe lifts (height insoles) inside the shoes. They can add up to 1.5 inches of additional height.

These height insoles have a comfortable design and you’ll soon forget you’re wearing them. In just a week, you’ll hardly notice the insoles inside your shoes.

Mendez Premium Height Increasing Insoles (buy on Amazon):

The upper part of these height insoles is made of micro-felt, which keeps feet dry and reduces odor. Underneath are EVA cushions for shock absorption and comfort.

The footbed is shaped like an orthotic with a natural arch, offering lasting support and comfort for both feet, even during extended periods of walking.

You can gain about 3.3 inches in height by using these 1.5-inch height insoles with your 1.8-inch Alexander McQueen sneakers.

If 3.3 inches is too tall for you, simply swap the original Alexander McQueen insoles with these height insoles.

This method significantly increases your height.

To save money, consider buying less expensive alternatives to Alexander McQueen sneakers and add height-increasing insoles to them.

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