Do Alexander McQueen’s Make You Taller?

Sporting the oversized sneakers from Alexander McQueen is an easy way to look stylish and taller at the same time. But do Alexander McQueen’s make you taller? If so, by how much?

We did our research and here’s what we found out:

On average, Alexander McQueen’s oversized sneakers make you taller by about 1.8 inches. Their sole height is 1.2 inches tall while their heel height is 2 inches tall.

That’s a substantial amount of height added already.

But, if you want to take your Alexander McQueen’s to a whole new level (literally), we will share with you a quick tip on how to look taller with Alexander McQueen oversized sneakers.

Do Alexander McQueen Shoes Make You Taller?

The most striking feature of the Alexander McQueen oversized sneakers is their chunky outsoles. They sit on top of its calf-leather upper with large flat laces.

Like all sneakers, Alexander McQueen’s will undoubtedly make you taller. In fact, the Alexander McQueen oversized sneakers are known for their thick rubber soles.

Here are the measurements for the Alexander McQueen rubber soles:

  • Sole height: 1.2 inches
  • Heel height: 2 inches
  • Average height added: 1.8 inches

Since the heel is taller than the sole, Alexander McQueen’s are not zero-drop shoes. The shoes do not mimic your natural barefoot position because your heels will be elevated.

1. How much height do Alexander McQueen’s add?

While Alexander McQueen oversized sneakers have 1.2 inches of sole height and 2 inches of heel height, in reality, they add about 1.8 inches to your height.

This is because the plush rubber soles have a little bit of pliability to them. When you place your entire body weight on the shoes, they will be pressed down, losing a little bit of height.

2. How to look taller in Alexander McQueen sneakers

If you still feel that the extra boost in height is not enough, here is a genius hack to look taller in your Alexander McQueen oversized sneakers:

The best way to look taller in Alexander McQueen sneakers is to add shoe lifts (height insoles) inside the shoes. They can add up to 1.5 inches of additional height.

Made with an ergonomic design that maximizes comfort, these height insoles are supremely comfortable. In fact, after a week of wear, you will forget that they’re there.

Mendez Premium Height Increasing Insoles (buy on Amazon):

At the top, these height insoles are made with a micro-felt upper that wicks away moisture and deters odor. Underneath are EVA cushions for shock absorption and comfort.

The footbed itself is ergonomically shaped as an orthotic with a natural arch, which provides both of your feet long-lasting support and comfort, even after long hours of walking.

By combining the 1.5 inches added from these height insoles and the 1.8 inches added from your Alexander McQueen sneakers, you can add about 3.3 inches of height.

If you feel like 3.3 inches is too much, you can remove the Alexander McQueen sneaker insoles, which you can then replace with the height insoles.

Now that is a substantial amount of height added.

You can also save some money by investing in Alexander McQueen’s cheaper alternatives. Then, you can add height-increasing insoles to them.

Final Words

And there you have it, the answer to the question: do Alexander McQueen oversized sneakers make you taller? The truth is, they add about 1.8 inches of height.

You can further boost their height by inserting height insoles.

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