How Long Do Crocs Last (And When to Replace Them)

Crocs are some of the most unique footwear available. Because of this, many people wonder how long they last under normal outdoor wear. So, how long do Crocs actually last?

  • Crocs can last between 2 to 3 years if you wear them a few times per week.
  • Crocs can last between 1 or 2 years if you wear them 25 hours per week.
  • The tread on the bottom of Crocs usually wears out after 8 to 10 months.  

Not dragging your feet can make them last longer, but there are plenty of simple tips to add a few years into them. Let’s explore how long Crocs last and how to make them last longer.

How Long Do Crocs Last?

Generally, Crocs can last between 1 to 3 years under normal outdoor wear. However, this largely depends on how much you are wearing them.

If you’re talking about wearing them every day outside for 4+ hours, they would last a year. 

Some people have had several pairs of Crocs’ classic clogs that lasted over 10 years, but they were worn in rotation so they have lasted much longer than the average pair.

To be honest, Crocs are some of the most durable footwear available. In fact, the Guardian has gone as far as saying that Crocs will inherit the earth when an apocalypse happens.

While that is more of an extreme overstatement, it just goes to show that Crocs are not the typical rubber slippers and can last more than a few years.

Do Crocs get worn out?

Crocs will eventually get worn out, especially the tread on the bottom. In most cases, the tread on the bottom of Crocs will wear out first before the “squishiness” goes away.

The little bumps inside Crocs will also wear out and smoothen out after several months. If you don’t find them comfortable, give them time and they will conform to your feet.

Some unique versions of Crocs, like the tie-dye version, will have their paint peel off after about a few wears. However, the shoe itself will stay solid and in shape.

How often should you replace Crocs?

You should replace your Crocs once every 1 or 2 years. While some Crocs can last 4 years until they become totally unwearable, the tread usually wears out after about 10 months.

When should you replace Crocs?

Crocs will lose their comfort level after being worn out. How long does that take?

It depends on how often you wear them, how much you walk in them, how hard you are on them. If you feel like you are walking on the pavement it is time for a new pair!

To make it simple, here are three signs that you need new Crocs:

1. When the tread is gone

The first and most obvious sign that your Crocs need to be replaced is when the tread is gone. Once the tread is gone, Crocs become very slick on wet surfaces. 

Once your tread starts getting slick, get rid of them. We’ve seen people slip and experienced nasty falls as a result of wearing Crocs with worn-out tread.

Crocs tread after about 8 or 10 months.
Crocs tread after about 3 years.

If you have not had the time to replace your Crocs once the tread is gone, watch out for water on pavement, wet grass, or any slippery surfaces.

You do not want to suffer a nasty fall now, would you?

2. The support and “squishiness” have disappeared

Crocs are very durable and won’t lose their shape. However, over time, they may lose their squishiness because they are compressed constantly as you wear them.

When your feet hurt or do not feel comfortable anymore, it’s time to replace your Crocs.

In the beginning, a new pair of Crocs need a few wears to break in. However, after the Crocs have softened, there comes a point where the “squishiness” completely disappears. 

In most cases, however, the tread on the bottom of Crocs will wear out first before the “squishiness” goes away, so look as soon as your Crocs become slick, replace them.

How to Make Crocs Last Longer

Not dragging your feet while walking and not wearing them every day can make your Crocs last longer. Also, try not to leave Crocs out in the sun for too long to preserve them.

Here are the things you can do to make Crocs longer, explained further:

1. Don’t drag your feet

The most useful tip to make Crocs last longer is to not drag your feet while wearing Crocs. By lifting your Crocs while walking, the tread on the bottom will not wear out quickly.

Not only does walking properly preserve your beloved Crocs, but they bring a myriad of health benefits as well. A key thing to remember is “heel to toe”.

Step onto your heel, roll onto the ball of your foot and lift your heel off the ground with your big toe. This will prevent injury, keep stability, all the while keeping your Crocs in good shape.

2. Don’t leave them out in the sun for too long

It’s normal for most people to leave their footwear outside the house. However, if you are looking to maintain your Crocs for a long time, don’t expose them to sunlight for too long.

The Crocs’ unique material is susceptible to extreme heat and sunlight.

We’ve had an experience where one of our writers left their Crocs outside one weekend in the middle of summer. Since then, his Crocs were never the same.

Not only did the squishiness disappear, but the material has changed in an odd and indescribable way. It seems like the material “baked” in the sun.

If you want to maintain your Crocs’ squishiness, store them indoors away from the sun.

3. Rotate your Crocs

Last but not least, you can always rotate your Crocs with other shoes you have.

While Crocs can last between 1 to 3 years, plenty of Crocs owners have had their Crocs last for over 10 years. However, the key is to not wear them every day.

If you are a big fan of Crocs and you want to wear them every day, why not buy 2 pairs to alternate between every other day? Both Crocs will enjoy a few more years of life.

Just like any other footwear, the less you wear them, the longer Crocs will last.

Which Style of Crocs Last the Longest?

If you’re looking for sole durability, try the Crocs Duet Max or the Duet Sport. Both models are marketed by Crocs as equal parts comfort and durability.

Crocs Duet Max (browse colors on Amazon)

Crocs Duet Sport (browse colors on Amazon)

They have a denser sole material for the sole that lasts significantly longer, with the footbed and upper being the usual Croslite™ material for lightweight comfort.

Crocs are probably not the ideal footwear for exploring mines or skateboarding though. As long as you wear them for casual purposes, they should last as long as they should.

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