What Is the Hole in Boxers For? (Explained)

In short: The hole in boxers (also known as a fly) is designed to help men urinate without having to remove their entire underwear. Think of it as a convenient “pee hole”.

Have you ever wondered what the hole in your boxers is for? You’re not alone.

Many people have asked this question, and for good reason. The hole in boxers, also known as a fly, has been a feature of men’s underwear for centuries.

Purpose of the hole in boxers

The hole in boxers, also known as a fly, serves a specific purpose. It provides easy access for men to use the restroom without having to remove their entire underwear.

The hole is strategically placed in the front of the underwear, allowing men to urinate without having to fully undress or pull their underwear down.

This makes using the restroom more convenient and efficient.

Benefits of the hole in boxers

The hole in boxers offers several benefits. Basically, boxers are designed with a hole in them because it makes life easier for men in the restroom, but there’s more.

1. Saves time when using the restroom

First, it saves time and effort when using the restroom. Men can simply open the fly of the boxers and use the hole to urinate, without having to remove their pants or underwear.

Second, it provides a level of privacy and modesty. Men can use the restroom without exposing themselves to others in public restrooms or shared spaces.

Finally, the hole in boxers can prevent accidents and mishaps. Men can easily and quickly use the restroom, reducing the risk of accidents or spills.

2. Extra fabric to absorb leakage

No matter how well you shake it off, leakage happens after using the restroom. Fortunately, boxers with a fly have extra fabric that keeps everything dry and more comfortable.

3. Better airflow for your private parts

No matter how breathable your outdoor underwear is, an extra hole means that everything down below can get enough airflow and keep the temperature cooler.

It’s no secret that overheating “down below” can lead to fertility loss. Wearing a pair of boxers and boxer briefs with a fly is helpful during the summer months and in warm climates.

4. Access to private activities 

A pair of boxers with a fly gives you the option to “get it on” without everything off. Maybe it’s cold where you live or you’re in the mood for a quickie. The fly lets you do just that.

Do all boxers have holes in them?

Although most boxers and briefs that are being sold in the marketplace today are equipped with a hole at the front, not all boxers and briefs have holes in them. 

It’s interesting to note that not all men use the fly for this purpose, with only 1 in 5 boxer-wearers actually using the hole for urination, according to a poll cited by Sheath.

Because of this, some undies sellers offer boxers with no holes.

According to Jockey, one of the biggest underwear brands in the United States, underwear that comes equipped with a hole still currently makes up about 75% of their total product offering.

Why do some boxers and briefs have no fly (holes)?

It’s hard to imagine anyone wearing a pair of boxers without a fly. Contrary to popular belief, There are plenty of benefits to wearing “no-fly” boxers and boxer briefs.

A pair of boxer briefs without a hole (fly).

1. More convenient

I know what you’re thinking: Isn’t a fly supposed to help men urinate quickly?

Back in the day, when men were wearing suits, buttoned shirts, and trousers with tab closures, they had to undo everything and then re-do everything when they were going to the bathroom.

Now, fewer men are tucking their shirts in anymore. More men are wearing elastic-waisted sweatpants and joggers with comfort in mind. These pants have no buttons or zippers.

Because of this, it’s easier to “go through the gate, rather than over the fence.” It’s far easier to slide your pants down, then slide your underwear down, and urinate.

2. Provide a snug fit

Some boxers and briefs have no fly (hole) because they offer more support. The flyless pouch actually provides you with a much more snug fit, which is better for physical activity.

They cradle you in all the right places without a pesky hole getting in the way.

I think this is due to the athleisure movement that has been going around in the fashion industry. Men want underwear that, like sneakers, can take them from the office to the gym.

3. Better aesthetic

Over the decades, men’s apparel has gotten slimmer.

More specifically, men’s pants have gotten tighter than they used to be. A fly in a pair of boxers requires more fabric, which doesn’t always fit well under snug skinny jeans.

Some men would prefer to wear a thin, breathable pair of boxers and boxer briefs without any holes because they look much cleaner and give a better aesthetic.


The hole in boxers and briefs is designed to help you urinate without taking off your underwear. It’s easier to go through the gate, so to speak, rather than over the fence.

While the fly in boxers may seem like a minor detail, it’s actually an important part of the design. But if a pair of boxers has a hole, do you have to use the hole? It’s totally up to you.

We’re not trying to peer pressure you here, just offering as many options as possible for when you’re standing at the urinal. Men’s underwear with a hole is all about giving you choices.

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