Are Hey Dude Shoes Good For Disney World?

In short: Hey Dude shoes are excellent footwear for Disney World. Thanks to their Flex and Fold technology, they’re lightweight, breathable, and comfortable for walking long hours. 

The average Walt Disney World guest walks 7 to 10 miles per day during their vacation. If you’re not wearing the right shoes, you’re going to have sore, tired feet at the end of the day.

In this article, let’s find out whether Hey Dude shoes are good for Disney or not.

3 reasons why Hey Dude shoes are excellent for Disney

When it comes to Disney World footwear, you need three things: comfort, lightweight, and breathability. Here are 3 reasons why Hey Dudes are perfect for Disney:

1. Thick, comfortable insoles

You need comfortable insoles when walking for hours in Disneyland. Hey Dude shoes use thick memory foam insoles to help absorb shock and to provide comfort under the foot as you walk.

I really like Hey Dude’s patented Flex and Fold technology because it offers an amazing cloud-like feeling of treading on air, which allows me to walk that extra mile.

Every stride you take is going to feel amazing, mostly because each foot is supported by the thick, plush memory foam footbed. It’s as if your feet are carried around for you.

Though you’ll walk mostly on even surfaces at Disney World, you can walk comfortably on those bumpy pavements and uneven terrains—there’s a chance you may not even feel a thing. 

These memory foam insoles are removable so you can clean or swap them when needed. After a long day of walking at Disney World, you can simply remove the insoles and wash them.

2. Lightweight and breathable

Nothing beats the summer in Disney World like walking in a pair of Hey Dude shoes. The airflow technology pulls air through the shoe to keep your toes dry and free of odor.

I believe another reviewer for these Hey Dude shoes said that they feel like sweatpants for your feet – I can’t recall if it was on Amazon, but it was certainly an accurate statement.

Even without socks, my feet do not feel clammy after walking for several hours. That said, I would rather wear some breathable socks to go along with my Hey Dudes.

In addition to being breathable, Hey Dudes are supremely light. Each shoe weighs 0.45 pounds, which is about 7.2 ounces, making it one of the lightest pairs of sneakers around.

Overall, Hey Dude shoes are supremely lightweight and breathable, which can make you feel comfortable during long walks in amusement parks in the hot, summer heat.

3. Easy to wear and take off (stretchy)

The classic styles are made with a lightweight, stretchable material that almost feels like a thick sock against the foot. They slide right on and feel so loose and comfortable.

I’m the type of person to take my shoes off as soon as I’m in my house – purely for comfort reasons. With Hey Dude shoes, I tend to keep them on all day.

The stretchiness of the fabric does allow your foot to slide off the sides of the sole at times, but it shouldn’t be a problem as long as you tighten the shoes correctly.

After a long day of walking in the amusement park, just take the shoes right off, and relax. I think the stretchy material of Hey Dudes is underrated, simply because it is so flexible.

Key takeaways

Now you know whether Hey Dude shoes are good for Disney or not. They’re comfortable, lightweight, breathable, and super easy to slide into thanks to the stretchy fabric.

I wouldn’t wear Hey Dude shoes for any long-distance walking, certainly not for running or hiking, but they’re the perfect sneakers for walking around Disney amusement parks.

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