Goorin Bros Animal Hats Meaning (Explained)

In short: The purpose of Goorin Bros hats is to have fun with the word and animal (show your personality in a subtle way). You can choose an animal that speaks to you or looks like you.

The Goorin Bros caps allow people to confidently express their personal style with the animals on the patches. But what is the meaning of each animal on Goorin Bros hats?

What Goorin Bros is all about

The Goorin Bros started in 1985. They are a family of hat makers and dream makers with a legacy built on unconventional ideas and foolish pursuits in order to move people forward.

I think the purpose of Goorin Bros hats is to not take things too seriously and to have fun with life, especially with clever word play and quirky animals.

That being said, it can be a subtle thing.

Goorin Bros believes in encouraging people to be seen and heard because everyone deserves to matter. In other words, they want everyone to express themselves through their hats.

The Farm collection is about being light and fun

Baseball caps have become synonymous with the American grit and the working class culture, but Goorin Bros trucker caps aim to be fun while paying homage to the working culture.

“Because we need something light and fun to bring us together, we have The Farm.”

– Goorin Bros

The Farm came about in 2003 when Ben Goorin was experimenting with new patch designs. There were five original animals: The Swine, The Beaver, The Cock, The Goat, and The Ass.

These five simple animal patches, all farm animals, were created and attached to a shape Goorin had perfected over the years with a true link to the origins of the shape.

And while some people would think these animals have meanings behind them, it’s just a matter of design to readopt the trucker cap into something unique entirely.

That said, you can give each animal its own meaning. Here is the meaning of the original Goorin Bros animal hats, which consists of five different farm animals:

1. Goorin Bros “The Goat” meaning

The word “GOAT” stands for greatest of all time. The absolute best, the absolute best at something. Of course, the word “goat”, not in all caps, is also an animal.

2. Goorin Bros “The Beaver” meaning

On social media, BEAVER is a slang term for vagina. Among many adults, however, BEAVER is often used to refer to a person who is diligent and a hard worker.

3. Goorin Bros “The Cock” meaning

Cock is a word most often used to refer to either birds or guns. A cock is a rooster, but it’s also the hammer on a gun that you adjust so you can fire it.

You might hear the word cock used to mean “penis,” but that’s a vulgar form of the word, so be sure you’re in the right company if you want to use it.

I once bought this Goorin Bros “The Cock” trucker hat for a friend of mine, but he refused to wear it. That just goes to show that each word comes with the meaning you give it.

4. Goorin Bros “The Swine” meaning

If you call someone a swine, you dislike them or think that they are a bad person, usually because they have behaved unpleasantly toward you.

5. Goorin Bros “The Ass” meaning

Literally, your ass is your buttocks. However, “The Ass” is another term for a donkey, which you’ll see on the Goorin Bros animal patch, but it can also mean a jerk in slang.

Other Goorin Bros animal hats meaning

While The Farm collection started with five farm animals, Goorin Bros has added many animals to the collection. Here are some of the other Goorin Bros animal hats’ meanings.

1. Goorin Bros “Panther” meaning

A panther is a leopard with black fur that lives in the tropical rainforests of South and Southeast Asia.. When you call someone a panther, it usually means he or she is a very fierce person. 

The Goorin Bros Panther is also associated with the Black Panther Party, which was a group of people who wanted to make things better for Black people in America.

They started in the 1960s, standing up for themselves and their community, and they did this by patrolling their neighborhoods to make sure everyone was safe.

They also started programs to feed and educate children in their community, making sure that Black people were treated fairly and had the same opportunities as everyone else.

Many African Americans love the Goorin Bros Panther.

2. Goorin Bros “Lone Wolf” meaning

The term “Lone Wolf ” means a very independent or solitary person. Someone who likes to do things by themselves and doesn’t always want to be part of a group.

Sometimes, people use the term “Lone Wolf” to describe someone who does things alone and doesn’t follow the rules or do what everyone else is doing.

However, it’s important to remember that just because someone likes to be alone, it doesn’t mean they’re doing something bad or wrong. It can also mean mental strength.

3. Goorin Bros “Stallion” meaning

A “Stallion” is an adult male horse, but it can also mean a man regarded as virile and sexually active. Think of the term an extremely handsome and well-built muscular man. 

According to Urban Dictionary, a “Stallion” is a male who is able to do sexual intercourse for hours on end. Not hung like a horse, but he knows how to give a girl the ride of her life.

4. Goorin Bros “White Tiger” meaning

White tigers are a very rare type of tiger that has white fur instead of orange and black stripes. They are very beautiful and unique, but they are also very rare and hard to find in the wild.

The word “white tiger” has plenty of controversial meanings as slang. 

First, it could mean a white woman of any age who likes darker men. A “White Tiger” will always be on the prowl for dark meat (ranging from light brown to dark chocolate).

Second, it could also mean a large-breasted Asian girl. It is derived from the notion that white tigers are considered rare, exotic animals.

Third, it could mean hairless female genitalia.

5. Goorin Bros “King Lion” meaning

The Goorin Bros “King Lion” trucker cap is a wordplay on Disney’s The Lion King. Notice how the word on the front of the cap reads “King” instead of “Lion”.

Each animal’s meaning is up to you

There are countless other animals in the Goorin Bros hats collection. Obviously, each animal is associated with a slang meaning but I believe the meaning is always up to you.

Other animals like The Frenchie, Black Sheep, Queen Bee, and Cash Cow, all have different meanings based on the urban dictionary and popular slang words.

I think this is part of the reason why Goorin Bros hats are so popular. They allow you to express yourself in a subtle way through different colors and animals.

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