Hats Like Goorin Bros (Cheaper Alternative Caps)

Goorin Bros animal hats are so popular, but they’re also so expensive. If you have the means, owning the best Goorin Bros hats is worth it since each animal has its own meaning.

But not everyone is willing to pay the price for a simple trucker hat. If you’re looking for something that doesn’t break the bank, here are some cheaper Goorin Bros alternatives.

1. Desilanagn Animal Patch Trucker Hat

The best cheaper Goorin Bros alternative is the Desilanagn Store animal patch trucker hat. You can tell this is an actual replica of the Goorin Bros’ original trucker cap.

There are subtle differences between this replica animal hat compared to the original Goorin Bros. For example, the iconic crown logo is also absent from the hat.

However, I think regular people won’t be able to notice the differences. I even got compliments for wearing this hat. That just goes to show that this animal hat is actually alright.

For something cheap, I think the quality of the trucker cap is good, but not great. The hat fits my head very well and the structure of the hat is not flimsy, unlike five-dollar hats.

The animal embroidery is not as good as the original Goorin Bros. For example, the alphabet on the patch is connected to one another (the authentic patch has separated alphabets).

Sure, you won’t see a high level of detail on the embroidery, but for something that costs $17, it’s good enough for anyone looking for a hat or cap that looks like Goorin Bros. 

If you want to buy one of these, you can browse the entire collection on Amazon. There are 39 different variations of this product. Each color has different animal patches.

2. Abourbay Animal Trucker Hat

Another obvious replica of the original Goorin Bros is the Abourbay animal trucker hat. Again, they’re not trying to hide the fact that their products are trying to rip off Goorin Bros.

Aside from the crown logo, this product looks eerily similar to the Goorin Bros animal hats. It’s basically a trucker cap with an embroidered animal patch at the front.

There’s nothing special about this trucker hat, other than the fact that it’s made to look like Goorin Bros. It’s made of 65% polyester and 35% spandex.

In terms of the embroidery quality, it’s not the best. Unlike the authentic Goorin Bros, the embroidery on this hat lacks detail and doesn’t look like a work of art.

I’m not complaining about the price though, because it’s half the price of the original.

However, this product is slightly more expensive than the first product in this article. If you’re planning to buy a Goorin Bros alternative, I recommend the one from Desilanagn.

3. YP Classics Retro Trucker Cap

The best Goorin Bros alternative is the YP Classics retro trucker cap. It has no animal patch at the front, but it’s by far the most affordable product that looks similar to a Goorin Bros hat.

In fact, I think this is the only affordable hat for the job with no logo, has the snap, and most importantly, sits very well on your head (not too high and not too pointy).

This particular product on Amazon has 35 colors for you to choose from. There are bright colors as well as dark colors for you to mix and match with any outfit, which is perfect.

Because it was cheap, I bought several of them. I particularly like the all-black trucker cap, but I also bought the gray with the black mesh, which is something I’ve seen Justin Bieber wear. 

I was actually surprised by the quality of the hat considering the price.

The extra care the company gave by checking to make sure it was the current item and including a thank you note was awesome. I will be buying from them again.

If you need a basic trucker cap that doesn’t break the bank, the YP Classics trucker cap fits the bill. Yes, the cap has no animal patch, but it’s the most affordable Goorin Bros alternative.

4. Bass Creek Outfitters Trucker Cap

The Goorin Bros trucker caps are known for their animal patches, but if you want something similar, consider the fishing trucker caps from Bass Creek Outfitters.

This particular product comes in 3 different colors: black, dark green, and red.

I like the “Bass Pro Shops” logo at the front of the cap because it is bright yellow, which contrasts the dark colors of the trucker cap and lends the hat a nice pop.

Similar to the Goorin Bros trucker cap, this fishing hat has a fish at the front. I think it’s a nice alternative to the Goorin Bros animal hats considering the price is just under $18.

Overall, I think these Bass Creek Outfitters trucker caps are stylish and perfect for anything. The structure is solid (not flimsy), so it should last a very long time.

5. American Fish Flag Trucker Hat

Last but not least, we have the American fish flag trucker hats from Naicissism. Out of all the hats on this list, I think this is the most well-made and has the most quality.

There are plenty of features that make this hat worth buying.

First, the cooling mesh back keeps your head cool on hot, summer days. Second, there’s a sweatband on the inside that absorbs sweat and keeps them from reaching your eyes.

The sweatband is a feature you can also find in Goorin Bros hats.

And lastly, the design is similar to Goorin Bros, but unique in its own way. Instead of imitating the animal patch, this trucker hat uses the American flag patch at the front.

I think it’s stylish and classy enough to wear anywhere. After all, the American flag is always in style, making it the perfect gift for any American dad going on a fishing trip. 

Overall, this is one of the best hats I have ever owned when it comes to fitness and shape.

I like the design and shape. It fits perfectly. I bought a couple of hats this year and not all of them are great. This is a keeper. I may get some other colors and models just for a backup.