Best Golf Shoes That Look Like Hey Dudes (Cozy)

You’re probably wondering, are there Hey Dude golf shoes? Not exactly. But there are a few golf shoes that look like Hey Dudes. Here are some of the options you could pick up today.

1. SKŌNI Golf Shoe (Men’s)

In my search for the best golf shoes that look like Hey Dudes, I stumbled upon a brand called SKŌNI, which is basically selling “golf Hey Dude shoes”.

The company actually began with a dream of a golf shoe that not only looked great on the golf course but could also be worn anywhere and all day too.

Thus, they created a shoe that’s nothing like the traditional golf shoe brands. Their mission is to bring fashion, color, and comfort to the ever-changing golf market.

Their flagship product, of course, is called the SKŌNI Golf Shoe.

My first impression was that it was comfortable, and I could see myself wearing the “Hey Dude golf shoe” on and off the course. It’s great for casual rounds/range and hanging out after.

The material is mostly canvas that looks and feels like burlap, with a little bit of leather at the heel. The sole is rubber with a layer of clear plastic with 1/8″ cleats molded into it.

I actually love playing golf while wearing my trusty Hey Dude shoes but unfortunately, they just don’t have enough grip. The SKŌNI golf shoe solved that issue.

The problem is that’s about it. It’s basically a pair of canvas loafers with cleats with no support that you can get away with wearing on a course, but there are better, cheaper options.

Adidas and New Balance make better cleats for two-thirds of the price.

I thought for the price I’d be getting a surprisingly nice pair of cleats that I could wear wherever without having to bring a change of shoes if I wanted to play a few holes.

I just think that these “Hey Dude golf shoes” are too expensive for the features you get. In terms of durability, I don’t expect them to last very long but I can’t say for sure right now.

Overall, I’d give it 4 stars out of 5.

The SKŌNI golf shoe is comfortable and could be worn anywhere, but it’s overpriced and offers no support. If it’s $50 for a pair I’d probably bump it up to 4.5 and buy another pair.

2. SKŌNI Golf Shoe (Women’s)

There’s also the women’s version of the SKŌNI golf shoe. I bought a pair for my girlfriend so we both can share an honest assessment of these Hey Dude golf shoes.

My girlfriend said that the SKŌNI golf shoe is actually very cute but the sizing is not correct. You’ll need to buy at least ½ to one full size larger to make sure it’s comfortable.

The material is mostly canvas that looks and feels like burlap, with a little bit of leather at the heel. The sole is rubber with a layer of clear plastic with 1/8″ cleats molded into it.

In terms of performance, it’s similar to the men’s version, which has a spineless tread design that you can safely wear anywhere outside of the golf course.

It has the comfort of a Hey Dude shoe plus the grip of the spikeless golf shoe.

Overall, the women’s version of the SKŌNI golf shoe is alright. It’s perfect for a casual round at the golf course or at the driving range and hanging out after.

3. Install Golfkicks to Hey Dudes

If you already have a pair of Hey Dudes, then you might not need to buy a new pair of golf shoes. You can actually install a traction kit called Golfkicks into your Hey Dude shoe.

With Golfkicks, you can transform almost any sneakers into golf shoes, including Hey Dudes. Their revolutionary, easy-to-install cleats get your comfy loafers ready for the course.

Golfkicks work great on Hey Dudes. The kit comes with everything you need to install them. I installed my spikes on a pair of Hey Dude Wally, and I had fun on the golf course.

It’s a fun conversation starter too.

Take the tips from others and drill the holes into the shoes first and use Gorilla Glue or Shoe Goo to ensure they stay in. I put mine into some Vans but could feel them.

The hand tool and HEX insert bit for the drill are both included in your Traction Kit. Just make sure you don’t overspin the treads in your sole or they won’t hold as well.

Take your time to watch and follow all of the instructional videos to make sure they stick correctly. If your “Golfkicks” are properly installed on flat rubber soles, they rarely fall out.

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