Eboy Aesthetic Outfits – Ultimate Visual Guide

The gothic version of the softboy style, the Eboy aesthetic is the hash of influences from alternative fashion styles and internet-driven pop culture, mainly emo and scene cultures.

However, the Eboy persona is a step above emo – it isn’t grunge, but rather sultry and dark, playing on the otherwise subdued, and undoubtedly attractive, femininity of men.

Eboys don’t tend to advertise their online personas in public.

So, if you’re still thinking “What is an Eboy aesthetic”, here’s everything you need to know. I’ve also broken down the different aspects of an Eboy so you can achieve the Eboy persona.

What is the Eboy aesthetic?

The “Eboy aesthetic” is a style trend that is immensely popular on TikTok and consists of a cross-cultural hybrid of skate culture, hip-hop, anime, and goth.

It is characterized by baggy streetwear and grunge clothing, often in dark colors.

The Eboy persona frequently includes striped clothes, dyed hair (often with ringing colors and even more often bipartite with a line in the middle), tattoos beneath the eye, and beanie hats.

E-Boys also often show interest in anime and video games, have a persona of being soft yet sexy, and may wear oversized jean jackets or North Face puffer jackets in the winter.

Popular celebrities that define Eboy’s aesthetic

Eboys are often called “Cyber Goths” because they are influenced by their depression and indifference, which have captured the attention of millions on social media.

Some of the most famous celebrities known for the Eboy persona include the late Lil Peep, Bryce Hall, Chase Hudson, Josh Richards, Timothee Chalamet, Yungblud, and Yung Lean.

How to achieve the Eboy aesthetic

I think the Eboy aesthetic is a mix of scene, skater, punk, and a little bit of preppy because of the crew necks and collars. Let’s break down how to get the Eboy aesthetic.

Flowy and bleached hairstyle

The Eboy aesthetic starts with a medium to long, flowy hairstyle. Often, the long hair covers parts of their faces or is swooped over the top to add a fringe effect.

Although the most popular hair color is jet black, it’s also common among the Eboy trend’s fanatics to bleach or color their hair, which is likely a result of the trend’s K-Pop influences.

Long sleeves and collared shirts layered under black clothing

When it comes to Eboy clothing, the most popular and stereotypical look you tend to see is the long-sleeve striped shirt layered under some type of oversized black tee shirt.

However, this “layering patterns with each other” concept isn’t new. We’ve seen it before in the old Fear of God stuff when it was taking over streetwear at one point.

Alongside the striped long-sleeve look, Eboys also utilize the collared undershirt technique. Basically, you wear a long-sleeve polo or button-down shirt under a black sweater.

In a sense, it’s a modern street take on the preppy look that’s quite interesting.

Dangling cross earrings and locket chain necklaces

When it comes to accessories, the two most common things you’ll often see with Eboys are those dangling cross earrings and the locket chain necklaces around the neck.

If you’re game, you could also wear nose piercings for men since they’re popular. The silver chains dangling from the belt are also popular, but I’ll talk about that below.

Cropped chinos or distressed denim with belt and chain

Nothing crazy about the pants. If you want to adopt the Eboy aesthetic, all you’ve got to do is wear a pair of black cropped chinos, which is a nod to the skater look.

The cropped chinos are important because Eboys usually show off their socks. Rarely do they go for the sockless look, so either crop your pants or cuff the jeans at the bottom.

Alternatively, you could also wear a pair of distressed denim, preferably black. 

However, I think what sets the Eboy persona is the combination of belt and chain. You’ll see the silver chains hanging from the loops of the pants all the time with Eboys.

These chains are cheap accessories you could get almost anywhere.

As for the belt, the most common one is the “rollercoaster belt”. Eboys tend to tuck their tops inside their pants so they can show off their unique set of belts.

Vans or Converse sneakers with high socks

Lastly, we’ve got the shoes. The chunky dad shoes go well with this look, but I’d definitely say the fan favorite is the Vans Old Skool. Converse Chuck Taylors work too.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, the Eboys tend to show off their high socks, whether they’re wearing white or black socks. I think it combines well with the skate sneakers.

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