Do Hey Dudes Stretch Out? Yes, Here’s How

Casual slip-on sneakers like Hey Dudes have a different fit compared to lace-up sneakers. In this article, let’s talk about Hey Dude shoes. Do they stretch out over time?

Do Hey Dudes stretch out?

Yes, Hey Dude shoes stretch out over time.

Some of the most popular Hey Dude shoes, like Wally and Wendy, are made with stretch-cotton blend uppers. The material will stretch over time as long as you continue to wear the shoes.

How much do Hey Dudes stretch?

Generally, Hey Dude shoes will stretch a quarter to a half-size in space over time, whether you choose to stretch them yourself or let the shoes stretch naturally on their own.

How to stretch Hey Dude shoes

Hey Dude shoes will typically stretch all on their own as you continue to wear them. However, if you did buy shoes that are too snug, here are some tips to stretch Hey Dude shoes:

1. Use shoe stretchers

The best way to stretch Hey Dude shoes is to use shoe stretchers. These simple tools do what their name suggests: stretch shoes. Shoe stretchers can add the length and width of the shoes.

This particular pair of shoe stretchers have little nubs you can add in the toe area if the shoe is scraping one particular spot wrong. It comes in sizes to fit both women’s and men’s styles.

2. Stretch with a blow dryer

You can speed up the stretching process for Hey Dude shoes using thick socks and a blow dryer. The heat loosens up the material, so it can mold your foot.

Cover your feet with socks, the thicker the better. Then, put on your Hey Dudes and blast them on medium heat for 30 seconds, moving the nozzle to different spots on your shoes.

Avoid blasting a specific area of the shoes for too long to avoid overheating any particular area and damaging the material. After 30 seconds, take a walk until the shoes cool down.

Repeat this process until your feet slip in comfortably. The heat from the blow dryer expands the material, which will shrink naturally as the material cools down.

Are Hey Dudes supposed to fit tight?

Hey Dude shoes are supposed to provide a snug, comfortable fit. The shoes should fit tight, but not be uncomfortable. Thanks to their elastic laces, you can adjust the tightness to your liking.

According to many podiatrists, shoes should never be too tight, or too loose. Your shoe should have about 1 centimeter of space—about the width of your index finger—in front of your longest toe (usually the same foot as your dominant hand) so your toes have room to move.

Do you size up or down for Hey Dudes?

You should size up for Hey Dude shoes. I typically wear a 10.5 and after reading reviews on Hey Dude shoes, many people said to size up. I ordered 11s at first and they were way too big, so I ended up exchanging them for 10s and they fit great.

If you want to choose the best Hey Dude shoe size, please visit their official size guide. The information in that article is made to help you find the perfect fit.

Do Hey Dudes shrink when you wash them?

Hey Dudes will shrink and warp if you do not use a delicate cycle.

To avoid shrinking, set the washer on a delicate cycle using only cold water. Remove the laces and the insoles (laces may get tangled and memory foam insoles will ruin in the wash).

Also, do not use the dryer for your Hey Dude shoes. Dry them in a well-ventilated area away from direct sunlight to avoid bleaching or damaging the fabric of the shoes.

Are you supposed to wear socks with Hey Dudes?

You can wear Hey Dudes with or without socks. They have breathable upper and odor-reducing insoles that keep your feet comfortable and dry, with or without socks.

That said, wearing socks with Hey Dude shoes is better for the shoes and your health. Wearing socks helps wick moisture, reduce foot odor, and keep bacteria in check.

Can you wear Hey Dudes if you have wide feet?

Yes, you can wear Hey Dudes if you have wide feet. There are wide-fitting styles from Hey Dude. The ultra-wide fit guarantees people with wide feet to feel comfortable in Hey Dudes.

If you need wide-width Hey Dude shoes two good options to consider are the Hey Dude Wally Stretch (for men) and the Hey Dude Wendy Stretch (for women).