Do Blundstones Crease? (Yes, Here’s How to Fix)

It’s annoying to look down and see creases in your brand-new Blundstone boots. Since it can be tricky to remove creases, here’s an easy way to prevent them:

Boot trees can be used to prevent creases on Blundstones. But if you want to remove creases, lay a moist cloth over the creases and iron it with steam for 30-45 seconds. The boots will absorb the moisture, soften up, and the creases should be gone.

That said, there are other helpful tricks you can do to keep your beloved suede and nubuck leather boots from creases. Let’s explore how to keep Blundstones from creasing.

Do Blundstone Boots Crease?

Blundstones, like all suede and nubuck leather boots, will crease over time. It may not look good, but some amount of creasing is normal in Blundstone boots.

But why do creases in Blundstones happen in the first place?

When you walk while wearing Blundstone boots, both of your feet will bend, with the balls of your feet acting as the pivot point. As the boots bend with your feet, the materials are compressed, which causes folds and creases.

You may start to realize that the soles of your boots start to develop a curved profile after several weeks and months. As the boots break-in, they will eventually conform to the natural curve of your feet due to repeated flexing during walking.

As you can see, it’s normal for Blundstones to crease:

Additionally, leather boots which are not fitted properly are more likely to crease, especially boots that are too big. Shoes and boots that are too big cause extra space between the boot and the foot, which reduces the boot’s ability to maintain its shape.

So if you want to prevent creases, it’s wise to buy boots that are correct in size.

Materials and construction also have a big impact on creasing. Higher quality shoes like Blundstones are more resistant to creasing and hold their shape better because they are made with real genuine leather, compared to synthetic leather boots and shoes. 

So the more you walk in Blundstone boots, the creasing can get worse, especially as the boots wear and flex more. Fortunately, there are ways to remedy the creasing.

How to Remove and Keep Blundstones From Creasing?

There are three methods to remove and keep Blundstones from creasing. You can iron the creases, you can store them with boot trees, and you can use a leather conditioner.

Here are the three methods explained in greater detail:

1. The Iron and Cloth Method

The first thing you can do to remove creases from Blundstones is to iron them out. You can iron the creases out of suede, leather, and nubuck boots. Here are the steps:

  1. Stuff the boots with newspaper – You need to first stuff the boots with newspaper so that they can maintain their shape. Alternatively, you can also use boot trees.
  2. Lay a moist cloth over the crease – Take a clean cloth and hold it under warm water, then remove excess water by wringing it. Lay the cloth directly over the crease on your Blundstone boots.
  3. Fill the iron with water and set it to medium – You need steam to remove creases, so load your iron’s tank with water. Turn the iron on to medium heat and set it vertically while waiting 1-2 minutes for your iron to heat up. If your iron does not have a steam tank, fill an empty spray bottle with water and mist your boots before you iron them.
  4. Iron the cloth with steam – Press the steam button while sliding the iron back and forth over the cloth. Do this for 30-45 seconds to remove the creases.
  5. Rest the boots for 45 minutes – After ironing the boots, leave the warm cloth and let it cool for at least 45 minutes. The boots will absorb the moisture, which will soften the crease and remove it entirely.

You can repeat this process again once you’ve let the Blundstones rest for at least 45 minutes. However, we don’t recommend doing it more than 2 times as it may remove the oils from the leather, rendering your Blundstones dry and cracked.

2. Storing Blundstones With Boot Trees

A good habit to have when caring for your Blundstones is to store them with boot trees when you are not wearing them. Not only are boot trees useful for removing creases, but they are also helpful to prevent creases from happening in the first place.

For those who don’t know, boot trees are boot-shaped devices made of either wood, metal, or plastic. They are placed inside boots to help the boots keep their shape. During storage, boot trees add rigidity that keeps the leather de-creased when you are not wearing them.

These are the ideal boot trees for Blundstone boots:

Boot trees are similar to shoe trees, however, boot trees have thicker and taller heel portions.

Cedar boot trees, like the one above, absorb moisture so not only do they help maintain the boot’s shape, they also help keep the boots smelling fresh. They are cheap but work wonders in keeping your Blundstones in tip-top shape.

3. Use Blundstone’s Renovating Cream

Last but not least, you can rub a leather conditioner into your Blundstones to soften them and prevent damage. Leather conditioner coats your boots in a protective layer and softens the material to make your boots less likely to crease.

Leather conditioner, like Blundstone’s original renovating cream, is basically an oil that coats your boots and keeps them from drying out or absorbing moisture.

Not only do leather conditioners maintain the leather and color during the early stages of wear, but they can also breathe new life to old and creased leather boots.

To use a leather conditioner, work the conditioner directly into the leather with a clean cloth. Reapply the conditioner every 6 months to keep your boots clean and comfortable.

Hopefully, all the creases in your Blundstones will be gone in no time.

Final Words

It’s no secret that Blundstone boots will crease. However, by learning how to keep Blundstones from creasing, you can keep your boots looking beautiful for longer.

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