Do Alexander McQueen’s Crease? (Yes, Here’s the Fix)

No one likes to see creases on their favorite pair of sneakers, especially something as expensive as Alexander McQueen’s. So how to remove creases from Alexander McQueen’s?

To remove creases from Alexander McQueen’s oversized sneakers, stuff them with socks and lay a damp towel over the creases. Take a hot iron and move it back and forth over the creases for about 10 seconds. Repeat the process until the creases disappear.

However, there are simple tricks you can do to prevent creases from happening to your Alexander McQueen’s in the first place. Let’s get into it.

Do Alexander McQueen Sneakers Crease?

Some would think that due to their expensive price tag, Alexander McQueen’s oversized sneakers are immune to creases. But, do Alexander McQueen’s crease?

Despite their durable calfskin leather, Alexander McQueen oversized sneakers will crease. Leather shoe creasing is completely normal and will happen eventually.

Unless you never take your Alexander McQueen’s out of their box, creases and wrinkles are inevitable and will no doubt appear on your sneakers.

Creases will form, despite Alexander McQueen’s durable calfskin leather:

In the case of Alexander McQueen’s, creases will form around the toe box area (where your foot bends) and along the side of the shoes, especially once you have broken into them

The good news is, you can remove the creases.

How to Get Creases Out of Alexander McQueen Sneakers

There are 3 things you can do to fix Alexander McQueen shoe creases and prevent them:

  1. Install Sneaker Shields
  2. Store them with shoe trees
  3. Iron the creases

Here are the three methods on how to get creases out of Alexander McQueen’s explained:

1. Install Sneaker Shields to prevent creases

To be honest, the best way to remove creases from Alexander McQueen oversized sneakers is to prevent them from forming in the first place.

An excellent method to prevent creases from happening is to install Sneaker Shields.

By maintaining the structural integrity of the shoes’ shape, Sneaker Shields can reduce the amount of creasing that happens in the toe box area.

Sneaker Shields are meant to go inside your shoes to help reduce the amount of creasing that happens in the toe box area by holding the shoes’ shape. 

All you have to do is to insert them inside the toe box area. It’s as simple as that. (Buy Sneaker Shields on Amazon).

Since they are made of soft plastic, they do a good job of protecting the toe box from creases. There are also holes to allow ventilation and keep your feet cool.

The best part is, Sneaker Shields are very cheap. And since Alexander McQueen sneakers are expensive, it’s a no-brainer to invest in Sneaker Shields to prolong their lifespan.

But, you should expect little creases on your Alexander McQueen’s even if you’ve installed Sneakers Shields. Creases are normal and will happen whether you like them or not.

2. Store Alexander McQueen’s with shoe trees

If you want to take crease protection to a whole new level, then storing your Alexander McQueen oversized sneakers with shoe trees is the way to go.

These foot-shaped pieces of wood (or plastic) go into your shoes when you’re not wearing them. The idea is to help the shoes keep their original shape for as long as possible.

Shoe trees can also smooth out minor creases that may have formed during the day, so it’s good practice to store pricey leather sneakers, like Alexander McQueen’s, with shoe trees.

Cedarwood shoe trees, like the ones above, are not only affordable but are made of cedar wood which helps absorb excess moisture and deter bad odors.

As a result, your Alexander McQueen’s will smell fresh longer than normal.

Although this trick sounds simple, the effect of storing your Alexander McQueen’s with shoe trees is profound. In fact, you may even be surprised to see the results.

3. Iron the creases out of Alexander McQueen’s

While the two methods above are useful preventive measures, creases will happen whether you like it or not. If there are noticeable creases, then you need to remove them.

The best way to get creases out of Alexander McQueen’s is to iron out the creases. By applying moisture and heat to the creases, the calfskin leather will regain its shape.

1. Prep the iron and let it heat up

First, you will need to prepare the iron. Any iron would be good enough for the task. We recommend ironing on top of an ironing board, but it can also be done on any flat surface. 

Just be sure that your workspace is free of clutter and items that may be damaged by heat.

After turning on the iron set it vertically and let it heat up. If your iron does not have a temperature setting, set it to cotton and linen, since it probably provides the most heat.

2. Prep your Alexander McQueen’s

While waiting for the iron to heat up, prep your shoes. You cannot directly iron the toe box of the Alexander McQueen shoes as they will collapse under the weight and heat of the iron. 

You will need to fill your Alexander McQueen’s with stuffing. Old towels, socks, or cotton shirts will do. This will help them maintain their shape while pushing out the bigger creases.

Stuff your Alexander McQueen sneakers up until they rise up back into their original shape.

Once the toe box feels solid, you know that the filling is enough. At this point, do not remove the laces because they will help maintain the shape of the sneakers.

Unless you know how to lace them properly, it’s a good idea to not remove the laces.

3. Iron the creases carefully

Once everything is prepped, it’s time to iron the creases.

For this, you are going to need an old towel and a container of water. Use a towel with the same color as your Alexander McQueen’s. If your shoes are white, use a white towel. By using the same colored towel, you reduce the risk of color bleeding to your sneakers.

Before ironing, wet the towel with water. You only need a damp towel, so make sure to wring it. The towel will act as a barrier that protects the shoes from any potential burn marks and the moisture will help transfer the heat from the iron to your sneakers.

Place the damp towel over your Alexander McQueen’s, covering the creases. Next, press the iron over the towel and move it back and forth for about 10 seconds.

As long as you keep your shoes from getting too hot, your Alexander McQueen shoes would not be damaged. Make sure to wet the towel once it becomes dry.

When ironing the creases, avoid getting too close to the thick rubber soles. The soft rubber soles may not be as heat-resistant as the durable leather upper.


While the durable calfskin leather does not crease as much as other sneakers, Alexander McQueen oversized sneakers will eventually develop creases.

However, by learning how to remove creases from Alexander McQueen’s, you will prolong their lifespan and keep them stylish for as long as possible.

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