Do Alexander McQueen’s Crease? (Yes, Here’s the Fix)

Creases on Alexander McQueen shoes are the worst. So, how do you remove creases from Alexander McQueen sneakers?

To remove creases from Alexander McQueen’s oversized sneakers, stuff them with socks and lay a damp towel over the creases. Take a hot iron and gently move it back and forth over the towel for about 10 seconds. Repeat the process until the creases are gone.

However, you can use simple tricks to prevent creases in your Alexander McQueen sneakers right from the start. Let’s explore these methods.

Do Alexander McQueen sneakers crease?

Some might assume that Alexander McQueen oversized sneakers, because they are expensive, do not crease.

But, do Alexander McQueen sneakers get creases?

Despite their durable calfskin leather, Alexander McQueen oversized sneakers will crease. It’s completely normal for leather shoes to develop creases over time.

Unless you keep your Alexander McQueen sneakers in their box, creases and wrinkles are bound to appear.

Even with durable calfskin leather, Alexander McQueen sneakers will eventually crease:

Close-up of creases on Alexander McQueen leather sneakers, illustrating that high cost does not prevent shoes from creasing.
Close-up of creases on Alexander McQueen leather sneakers, illustrating that high cost does not prevent shoes from creasing.

Based on my experience, creases will form around the toe box area where your foot bends. Creases also form along the side of the shoes, especially once you have broken into them

The good news is, you can remove the creases.

How to get creases out of Alexander McQueen sneakers

There are 3 things you can do to fix Alexander McQueen shoe creases and prevent them:

1. Install Sneaker Shields to prevent creases

The most effective method to keep Alexander McQueen oversized sneakers crease-free is to prevent creases from the start. A great way to prevent creases is to use Sneaker Shields.

Sneaker Shields maintain the shoe’s shape and reduce creasing in the toe box area. Place Sneaker Shields inside your shoes to keep the shape and minimize toe box creases.

Simply insert them into the toe box area to use. (Buy Sneaker Shields on Amazon).

Sneaker Shields, made of soft plastic, effectively protect the toe box from creases. The Sneaker Shields also have holes for ventilation to keep your feet cool.

Additionally, Sneaker Shields are very affordable. Considering the high cost of Alexander McQueen sneakers, investing in Sneaker Shields to extend their life is a wise decision.

However, you should still expect some creases on your Alexander McQueen sneakers, even with Sneaker Shields installed. Creases are a normal part of wear and will occur regardless of precautions.

2. Store Alexander McQueen’s with shoe trees

For optimal crease protection, use shoe trees when storing your Alexander McQueen oversized sneakers. Insert these foot-shaped pieces, made of wood or plastic, into your shoes while not in use.

This helps the shoes maintain their original shape for longer.

Shoe trees can also smooth out minor creases from daily wear. It is wise to store expensive leather sneakers, such as those from Alexander McQueen, with shoe trees.

Cedarwood shoe trees are affordable and effective at absorbing moisture and preventing odors. As a result, your Alexander McQueen sneakers will maintain a fresh smell for a longer period.

Although it seems simple, using shoe trees in your Alexander McQueen sneakers has a significant effect. The results may surprise you.

3. Iron the creases out of Alexander McQueen’s

While the two methods above can help prevent creases, they will still occur over time. If you notice creases, you should remove them.

The best way to remove creases from Alexander McQueen sneakers is by ironing them. Applying steam to the creases helps the calfskin leather return to its original shape.

1. Prep the iron and let it heat up

First, prepare any standard iron for the task. We recommend using an ironing board, though any flat surface works.

Ensure your workspace is clear of clutter and heat-sensitive items.

After turning on the iron, set it vertically and allow it to heat up. If your iron lacks a temperature dial, use the cotton or linen setting for the highest heat.

2. Prep your Alexander McQueen’s

While the iron is heating, prepare your shoes.

Do not iron the toe box of Alexander McQueen shoes directly. The toe box will collapse under the iron’s weight and heat.

You also need to stuff your Alexander McQueen sneakers to maintain their shape. Use old towels, socks, or cotton shirts for stuffing. This stuffing helps the sneakers keep their shape and smooth out larger creases.

Stuff the sneakers until they regain their original shape. When the toe box is firm, the stuffing is sufficient.

Do not remove the laces as they help the sneakers keep their shape. If you are not skilled at relacing, leave the laces in.

3. Iron the creases carefully

Once the shoes are stuffed and the iron is hot, start ironing the creases.

You will need an old towel and water for this step. Choose a towel that matches the color of your Alexander McQueen sneakers to prevent color transfer.

Wet the towel before ironing and wring out excess water to make it damp. The towel serves as a barrier against burns and helps transfer the iron’s heat to the sneakers.

Cover the creases with the damp towel on your Alexander McQueen sneakers. Press and move the iron over the towel for about 10 seconds.

Hand holding an iron over a white towel placed on an Alexander McQueen sneaker to smooth out creases.

our Alexander McQueen shoes will not get damaged if you prevent them from overheating. Keep the towel damp to protect your shoes; rewet it if it dries.

Avoid ironing near the thick rubber soles to prevent damage. The soft rubber soles are less heat-resistant than the durable leather upper.

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