5 Shoes Similar to Dansko (Cheaper Alternatives)

Dansko clogs have been a favorite of doctors, nurses, and chefs for decades, mainly due to their incredible durability, outstanding stability, and ergonomic, contoured footbed.

However, it’s no secret that Dansko clogs can be quite expensive. If you work in the hospitality and healthcare industry, here are cheaper shoes that are similar to Dansko clogs.

There are options for both men and women. Don’t worry, although these are affordable footwear options, they don’t sacrifice quality and provide excellent comfort comparable to Dansko.

Crocs Bistro Clog (Unisex)

The Dansko Professional clog style doesn’t stay on my feet as well as pairs that are more fitted or that have straps, so I don’t wear them when I need to walk a lot because it bugs me.

For days when I know I’ll be walking a lot and standing on my feet for hours at a time, I’d prefer wearing the Crocs Bistro Clog, which is far superior compared to Dansko in terms of comfort.

I actually love the Crocs Bistro Clog as a cheaper alternative to Dansko, mainly because they are comfy, soft, and flexible, but also the overall construction is noticeably lighter than Dansko.

These aren’t your typical Crocs either.

The Bistro Clogs are special clogs that are designed with non-slip outsoles to protect you from slippery surfaces, which is important if you work in the hospitality and healthcare industry.

I recently hung out with my barista friend and we couldn’t stop talking about these Bistro Clogs. Not only are these Crocs wide on the toe area, but they’re also perfectly slip-resistant.

Overall, I think the Crocs Bistro Clog is an underrated “Dansko dupe”. It’s cheaper, more comfortable, and a worthy inclusion to the “shoes similar to Dansko” list.

Are these the ugliest shoes on the market? Probably. But they’re also the most comfortable. Give them a few minutes to stretch out and you can walk all day and night and be just fine.

Klogs Footwear Bistro Shoes (Men’s)

The closest thing you’ll find to Dansko clogs in terms of looks is the Klogs Bistro Shoes. Try these before Danskos because they don’t cost as much money.

A friend who works 12 hours on his feet in a hospital actually recommended these to me, and I have to admit, it’s a solid alternative to a pair of clunky Dansko clogs.

Unlike Danskos, these aren’t heavy. I wouldn’t go as far as saying these clogs are extremely lightweight, but they are lighter than Danskos and are surprisingly durable.

So far, they’ve proven to be liquid-resistant. Sure, they aren’t the most beautiful shoes ever made, but they are the best work clogs I’ve worn in many, many years.

I’ve worn the Klogs Bistro Shoes for a solid eight-hour day of walking around New York City’s concrete streets without foot pain, which is a testament to how supportive they are.

The one and only downside is that at times they squeak a bit. Other than that, I can’t complain about anything. It’s a pair of clog shoes like Dansko but cheaper.

Skechers Sport Mule Sneaker (Women’s)

When you picture Dansko clogs, you probably imagine the black original style that’s beloved by nurses and restaurant workers who have to spend hours working on their feet.

The real leather finish is beautiful, but not everyone wants to look bland and boring.

So if you want a Dansko clog alternative that is more sporty without the leather look, then you’d probably like the Skechers Sport Mule Sneaker. It’s a pair of mules for women.

The mesh material is what makes these Skechers slightly different from Dansko. It keeps both of your feet cool and you could wear them with or without socks.

My friend said she has a lot of foot issues (congenital toe anomalies, bunion, and flat foot). She told me these Skechers may be the most comfortable sneakers she’s ever had.

A big reason why is the memory foam insoles. According to many women, these Skechers are not only very well-cushioned but also fully supportive for long hours of standing.

I would describe the width as medium but because of the mesh material, I think it would be comfortable on people with a slightly wider foot, or a person with bunions.

Anywear Clog Shoes (Unisex)

I wouldn’t go as far as saying these “Anywear clog shoes” are a pair of Dansko dupes because the best way to describe them is a cross between Crocs and Dansko.

It’s got the heel strap that many people remember when they see Crocs, but it’s also got that Dansko clog-like aesthetic, although it’s slimmer than the typical clogs from Crocs.

The Anywear clog shoes have everything you’ll need to thrive as a healthcare worker or restaurant worker because of the non-slip outsoles.

They’re also easy to clean with just soap and warm water.

However, the best thing about these clogs is the colors and patterns. Unlike Dansko, these Anywear clog shoes have close to 30 different patterns that you can choose from.

In terms of comfort, they’re alright. Dansko clogs are much better but considering the price of these clogs are merely a fifth of Danskos, I can’t complain too much.

They’re easy to put on but my friend said after a 12-hour shift his feet hurt.

My friend works during a midnight shift at the hospital and he told me that these shoes squeak when he walks, so it’s hard to sneak in and out of patient rooms without waking the patient.

Skechers Open Back Mule (Women’s)

My girlfriend was looking for a pair of work shoes that look like Dansko, not for work, but for gardening and painting. It’s not been easy since she doesn’t like shoes that have closed backs.

We were lucky enough to stumble upon these Skechers on Amazon. From the moment she slipped these on they were wonderful. She told me she wants to order another color.

Because of a problem in her left foot, she needed support for plantar fasciitis. Something that’s not tight across the toe box and doesn’t press on the top of her foot when she walks. 

Like Dansko clogs, the break-in period of these Skechers is generally painless.

Just as the leather of Dansko clogs is flexible and supple enough to mold to your foot quickly, these Skechers take even less time to break into due to the Memory Foam insoles.

The design is not bad either. They fit perfectly (true to size), they’re comfortable and have a really nice look. These Skechers pair well with jeans or dress slacks.