How Are Crocs Supposed to Fit: Ultimate Sizing Guide

When looking to buy a new pair of Crocs, many people wonder if they should size up or down. Are they supposed to be loose? Here’s how Crocs are supposed to fit:

According to Crocs, their classic clogs should not fit snugly like other shoes. They should fit very loosely, with the sides of your foot not actually touching the sides of the shoe. Your toes should also not make contact with the front of the shoe.

That said, Crocs has three different fit styles. They are roomy, relaxed, and standard. In this post, we will explain to you how Crocs are supposed to fit, including the complete size chart.

Do Crocs Run Big or Small?

Crocs run true to size and do not run big or small. However, most Crocs have a wide, roomy fit, which is perfect for people with wide feet but won’t feel as snug for people with narrow feet.

How Are Crocs Supposed to Fit?

Here are four things to keep in mind when figuring out your Crocs’ fit:

  • They should fit very loosely.
  • The sides of your foot should not really touch the sides of the shoe.
  • Your toes should never make contact with the front of the shoe.
  • They should feel roomy at the top.

Once you have centered your foot on the footbed, you should have about a 1/4 to 1/2 inch of space in front of your toes, behind your heel. When you lift the strap, you should be able to comfortably get your finger between the strap and heel.

Why do crocs have 2 sizes on the bottom?

Crocs have two sizes on the bottom because most of their models are unisex and can be worn by both men and women. You will find M and W sizes on the bottom of Crocs.

Three different Crocs fit styles

Whether you have narrow or wide feet, you can always find the perfect Crocs fit for you. This is because Crocs have three different fit styles: roomy, relaxed, and standard.

Let’s explore each type of Crocs fit style:

1. Roomy fit

The roomy fit provides the roomiest fit, just like Crocs’ original style clogs. Some models include heel-hugging back straps for more stability.

Here’s what to expect from Crocs’ roomy fit:

  • Your feet often won’t meet the sides.
  • Your toes shouldn’t touch the front.
  • Roomy across the top for lots of breathability.

Most Crocs sandals and slippers are made with a roomy fit. Some of the most well-known Crocs roomy fit models are the Classic Clogs and Bistro Clogs.

Crocs classic clogs (browse colors on Amazon)

Crocs Bistro clogs (browse colors on Amazon)

The Crocs models above are perfect for you if you have wide feet. However, expect them to look bulky compared to the relaxed fit and standard fit Crocs.

2. Relaxed fit

With the relaxed fit, you should expect a little room, but a more secure fit than Crocs’ roomy styles. Some models include laces or straps, but all should feel stable as you walk.

Here’s what to expect from Crocs’ relaxed fit:

  • The sides of your feet may occasionally meet the shoe walls.
  • A secure, yet relaxed fit across the top of your foot.
  • Your toes shouldn’t touch the front, there is wiggle room at the front of the shoe.

Appearance-wise, relaxed fit Crocs are more streamlined than roomy fit Crocs. Popular relaxed fit models include the Crocband Clogs, LiteRide Clogs, and Santa Cruz Slip-Ons.

Crocs Crocsband clogs (browse colors on Amazon)

Crocs LiteRide clogs (browse colors on Amazon)

The Crocs models above strike the perfect balance of providing enough room for your feet, while keeping your feet securely in place. Think of them as the middle ground.

3. Standard fit

Out of all the Crocs fit styles, the standard-fit is the closest thing to sneakers. 

Standard fits offer a more snug (but not tight) fit than Crocs’ roomy or relaxed styles. They should conform to fit your foot securely with minimal or no slipping as you walk.

Here’s what to expect from Crocs’ standard fit:

  • Your heel should rest securely (the shoe shouldn’t ride up and down).
  • Sides, top, and arch area of the shoe should comfortably hug your feet.
  • Wiggle room at the front of the shoe – your toes shouldn’t touch the front.

Not a lot of Crocs are made with the standard fit since most of them are either relaxed or roomy. We’ve found three Crocs standard fit models.

Classic Crocs slides (browse colors on Amazon)

Crocs Swiftwater sandals (browse colors on Amazon)

Arguably the most popular is the Classic Crocs Slides, which are unisex. The two others are Women’s Swiftwater Sandals and Women’s Leigh II Cross-Strap Ankle Wedges.

Complete Crocs Size Chart

If you have decided between Crocs roomy, relaxed, or standard fit, it’s time to choose the perfect Crocs size. Here’s the complete Crocs size chart:

Crocs recommend buying the same size you would normally buy in other footwear. You do not have to size up or size down because Crocs are true to size.

If you are a half size, it’s best to order the next size up. Crocs are only available in whole sizes, except for the Custom Cloud model.

Final Words

Now you know how Crocs are supposed to fit. By understanding the three different styles of Crocs fit, you can choose the right pair for your feet.

Just be sure to not leave your Crocs out in the sun, otherwise, they can shrink. You can always refer to this page if you need to buy a new pair of Crocs.

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