5 Crocs That Look Like Yeezys and Foam Runners

In short: Two Crocs designs that look like Yeezy Foam Runner are the Echo Clog and the Pollex Clog, designed by renowned footwear designer Salehe Bembury.

Rubber shoes are having a renaissance. Water shoes, typically made from a solid piece of perforated rubber, are everywhere — and expensive.

The Foam Runner took inspiration from Crocs, and now the latter is fighting back with several of their own Crocs that look like Yeezy and Foam Runner shoes.

1. Crocs Pollex Clog (by Salehe Bembury)

The Crocs Pollex Clog by Salehe Bemburry.

In 2020, Kanye West blurred the lines between loungewear and luxury, releasing the Yeezy Foam Runner, which is a shoe made in the image of Crocs’ classic clog.

The model was devoid of leather, laces, and branding, instead adopting a slip-on lifestyle silhouette that’s eco-friendly and comfortable (made from environmentally friendly algae).

Of course, Crocs isn’t going to just sit still.

At the end of 2021, the rubber clog company partnered together with sneaker designer Salehe Bembury to create the Crocs Pollex Clog, a silhouette that resembles the Foam Runner.

Salehe is no ordinary designer. His New Balance collaborations have been routine hits, while he brought newfound attention to Versace sneakers with his bottom-heavy Chain Reaction.

In fact, he helped Kanye design the Yeezy Boost 350 v2 and the Yeezy Boost 750.

When he unveiled his new Crocs design on Instagram, many were quick to comment on the similarities it has with a standard Yeezy shoe – particularly the brand’s Foam Runner sneaker.

The Crocs Pollex is composed of 3 of Salahe Bembury’s signature fingerprints merged together, with dramatic concave ridges allowing for multi-directional traction.

Like the standard Crocs clogs, there are holes on the upper of the shoe. These are designed to keep the wearer’s foot cool by providing plenty of airflow inside the shoe.

In terms of looks, I like the Crocs Pollex Clog because it looks wildly futuristic and “organic”, almost like a normal Crocs that has evolved and mutated into something different. 

Although the shoe has a weird “over-the-top” design, it looks great on foot. The ridges and the holes almost seem like they’re hand-drawn, which is why I love the work of Salahe Bembury.

The fit is loose and comfortable, but the only thing that I’m not sold on is the strap on the back. I personally don’t like the attachment piece that secures the heel strap to the Crocs.

It just doesn’t look sleek like the Foam Runner.

2. Crocs Echo Clog

Another Crocs design that resembles the Yeezy Foam Runner is the Echo Clog. It was released in October 2022, in line with its Croctober and 20th-anniversary celebrations.

My first impression was that the Echo Clog is the “budget version” of the Pollex Clog, which is not a bad thing because now everyone can now rock a pair of these Crocs Yeezys.

I like the fact that the bottom part is super thick. Like the Foam Runner, the Echo Clog features a thick plush footbed that actually gives you an instant 1.5-inch height boost.

Overall, I think the Echo Clog is incredibly comfortable to wear to the gym, work, and outdoors. In fact, I prefer this model over the standard classic Clog from Crocs.

However, keep in mind that the Echo Clog has a wide fit. Crocs recommend that you size down, so if you are a size 8, you’d find better comfort sizing down to a 7.

If you don’t size down, the strap can cause chafing and soreness.

3. Crocs Echo Slide

Crocs Echo Slide.

The Echo Slide is Crocs’ take on Yeezy’s slide, or rather, it’s Yeezy that copied Crocs’ design. Both slide sandals feature a one-piece build fitted with a plush footbed.

Kanye West and Adidas introduced the Yeezy slides in 2018, as part of the Season 6 drop. Since then, they have become a lifestyle staple due to their comfort and minimalist design.

In terms of similarities, both Crocs and Yeezy slides utilize a one-piece build. They also have exterior branding stamped on the plush footbed to keep it discreet.

The Crocs Echo Slide also features a series of deep grooves for a blend of traction and impact protection, which I think looks a lot like the Yeezy slides.

As far as comfort goes, the Eco Slide is the best.

When I first put on the Echo Clog, I immediately felt it was super comfortable so I would imagine the slides version would be the best slides ever as well, and I was right.

I wear these around the house and my feet love them. These beat normal Crocs for comfort, and they’re so plush and soft. I just don’t think the outsoles will last long if worn outdoors.

4. Crocs All-Terrain Atlas Clog

Crocs All-Terrain Atlas Clog.

Another Crocs that look like Yeezy Foam Runner is the All-Terrain Atlas Clog due to its thick footbed that is twice the size of the classic clog.

The All-Terrain Atlas Clog boasts a full rubber Crocs MTN outsole that highlights the Atlas’ Colorado roots. It has a tread pattern inspired by the topography of the Rocky Mountains.

That said, I think the outsole is just for show. It doesn’t offer more traction than something that is ACTUALLY built with a non-slip shoe like the Crocs Bistro clog.

I wear the Bistro clogs most of the time when I go outdoors (to places where I need extra traction) because the outsole is made of rubber and the grip of the tread is hard to match.

Compared to the Bistro clogs, I found the heel cup of the Atlas Clog to be much more shallow therefore not holding onto my foot as well, especially with the straps down. 

The thickness of the footbed is also twice as thick as the Bistro and also much heavier.

Some people might like the thicker footbed, which is great for fashion like a pair of Yeezys, but I personally prefer the thinner sole and deeper heel cup on the Bistro clog.

5. Crocs LiteRide 360 Pacer

Crocs LiteRide 360 Pacer (khaki).

Alright, I know the Crocs LiteRide 360 Pacer is nothing like a Yeezy. But it does share some similarities with the Yeezy sneakers you often find with crazy resale prices.

If you take a closer look at the khaki-colored Crocs LiteRide 360 Pacer shoe, it looks somewhat similar to the Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 Oxford Tan.

Do both sneakers look identical? Absolutely not. But I have to give credit to Crocs for creating a versatile pair of foam sneakers for people with on-the-go lifestyles.

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