Crocs That Look Like Vans (And Vice Versa)

Did you know that not only are there Crocs that look like Vans, but there are also Vans that look like Crocs? I know, it’s crazy how different brands take inspiration from other brands.

Let’s talk about it.

Vans that look like Crocs

In 2021, Vans ripped off Crocs in either the best or worst way possible. The brand created a “washable” slip-on shoe made out of rubber and fitted with square holes.

The footwear is named the Slip-On Trk Shoe by Vans. Although there wasn’t plenty of hype prior to its release, it quickly gained popularity on social media due to its resemblance to Crocs.

If you’ve seen the image of the shoe and think, “That Vans shoe looks a lot like Crocs”, then you’re not alone and you’re not wrong either. It’s literally a Crocs-like Vans.

Depending on your taste, this Vans that look like Crocs is either something you’d love or hate, but I personally think it’s genius that Vans created something for surfers and beach-goers.

Old Skool Vans are not known for being water-friendly.

Trek Slip-On, on the other hand, is an adventure-ready, waterproof shoe that’s not quite a sandal yet not quite a slip-on. It’s also rinsable, bendable, and durable.

It’s a masterstroke from Vans to capitalize on the popularity of Crocs, as well as other rubber foam shoes like the Foam Runners to create something for their skate-loving audience.

If you’re a skater at heart, but love the comfort that Crocs offer, I think these Crocs-like Vans are perfect. The shoe is flexible, which means it doesn’t lose its shape and pops back into place.

If you want to get a pair, your best bet is to shop on Amazon. I managed to get a pair for a reasonable price and the color selection is plenty.

Crocs that look like Vans

In addition to Vans that look like Crocs, there are a few Crocs that look like Vans. These clogs are for you if you love the comfort of Crocs but want the look of a skate shoe like Vans.

1. Crocs Hover Plim

The Crocs that look like Vans the most are the Hover Plim Sneakers. In terms of design, it looks identical to a pair of Vans Era sneakers, including the upper and the midsole.

Vans are known for being tough to break into, but these Crocs are far from it. In fact, I think these sneakers are some of the most comfortable pairs in my collection.

I actually own a pair of the Crocs Hover Plim sneaker a few years ago. I got the black and red color that has a red line running across the sides of the foxing tape.

Crocs Hover Plim Sneaker.

Although I’ve never worn this shoe skating (because it’s not built for it), I did wear it on days when I need to walk a long distance or stand for long hours throughout the day.

For someone who has a bit of arthritis in my feet, the Crocs Hover Plim sneaker felt like a pair of slippers that you can keep wearing all day without discomfort.

There were plenty of colors to choose from, including the black leather ones, but I decided to get red because I think it’s quite unique to wear a bright Vans-like Crocs.

Unfortunately, the Crocs Hover Plim has been discontinued. When doing research for this article, I couldn’t find this particular shoe being sold anywhere online.

2. Crocs Hover Slip-On

The Hover Slip-On shoe is Crocs’ version of the Vans Classic Slip-On sneaker.

Crocs Hover Slip-On looks like Vans.

It boasts a “cool and casual meets modern” look fitted with an easy on-and-off construction, lightweight comfort, and cushioning, and a contemporary skate sneaker design.

Unlike tough Vans shoes, the Croslite™ material footbed feels amazing. The hybrid construction reduces weight and increases flexibility so you’ll get a snug fit in addition to being odor resistant.

For those who have never worn Crocs before, you may notice the “pimples” on the footbed when you wear thin socks or go sockless. They’re great for keeping your foot from slipping.

Over time, you will not notice them as much.

Although the traction won’t compete with the waffle outsole of Vans, I think it’s good enough to wear on a daily basis as a casual sneaker, so long as you don’t wear them while skating.

The design is versatile enough to wear on a night out or low-key weekend fun, and your friends will never guess that these sneakers are made by Crocs!

3. Crocs Santa Cruz

Although not identical, the Crocs Santa Cruz is another shoe that looks like Vans, mainly because of the slip-on style rather than the actual materials.

These are crazy comfortable shoes. Far more comfortable than Vans. I typically wear a 10.5 for my other shoes, so sized up to 11, as recommended. The length and width are perfect.

When they’re new, it tends to pull your socks as you put them on, but after a couple of weeks, everything settles in where it should. You could also wear them sockless.

These were intended to be house shoes to wear to my office and running to the basement. However, I’m tempted to wear them everywhere.

I can stand for hours at a time in them and my feet don’t hurt, which is exactly why I got them. So far, they have not disappointed and I highly recommend them.

4. Crocs Crocband Clog

If you truly want a clog (not a sneaker) from Crocs that looks like Vans, then your best bet is to get yourself a pair of the Crocband Clogs. The midsole has a foxing tape design, just like Vans.

Ever since the Crocs Hover sneaker has been discontinued, I’ve been searching for Crocs that look like Vans, and the next best thing is the Crocband Clog.

The Crocband Clog isn’t a sneaker-style footwear but it’s a clog that has a Crocband covering the sides. The Crocband resembles the foxing tape of an Old Skool Vans sneaker.

In terms of comfort, I think these are amazing.

They mold to your feet nicely and support your arches well. In fact, I’ve been wearing them every day after work to take the dog for a walk, work in the yard, and just lounging around.

These Crocs also look like Converse.

5. Crocs Bayaband Clog

Another option if you want to wear Crocs that look like Vans is the Bayaband clog. It basically has the exact Crocband Clog design with a huge CROCS text on the sides.

I bought them specifically for the beach, but they’re also comfy to wear around the house as slippers. In fact, I can throw them in the washer with towels, which is very convenient.

6. Crocs Off Court Clog

The Off Court Clog is a fresh and sporty take on Crocs clogs. With a Vans sneaker look, it offers improved fit and comfort, a thicker midsole, and a generally slick look and feels.

The midsole has a black line running along the sides, which reminds me a lot of the Vans Old Skool. It’s rare to find Crocs that actually look like Vans, so it’s a treat to see.

My friend bought these for his holiday to Greece and he has worn them non-stop. For a pair of Crocs that look like Vans, it’s nice to wear by the pool and for walking long distances.

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