Crocs Loafers That Look Like Sperry’s Boat Shoes

Sperry boat shoes are known for being durable but they are also expensive. Crocs, on the other hand, are known for their comfort. Here are some Crocs that look like Sperry’s boat shoes.

1. Crocs Classic Boat Shoe

As its name suggests, the Crocs Classic Boat Shoe is a boat shoe that looks identical to the Sperry Topsider, also known as Sperry’s Authentic Original Boat Shoe.

In terms of design, it’s basically a boat shoe/loafer with laces but is made with the rubber-like material, also known as Croslite, that everyone associates the Crocs brand with.

I’ve been looking for shoes like this for a long time to walk anywhere, whether through the jungle, on the beach, or in the city, and I’ve managed to find these during a trip to Germany.

As I’m often in Colombia, these Crocs boat shoes are perfect for that. I think it’s important to have boat shoes that are not only washable but are also light and elegant at the same time. 

I already own the normal Crocs – they’re great, but they don’t look the part when I’m out on a Europe trip, especially when I’m lounging around on a yacht.

This particular Crocs boat shoe combines the best of both worlds. It has the style and look of a classy boat shoe but has the “waterproofness” and lightweight comfort of Crocs.

Unfortunately, I believe this model has been discontinued because I wasn’t able to find it anywhere online when doing the research for this article.

2. Crocs Islander

Another Crocs that look like Sperry’s boat shoes is the Crocs Islander. It doesn’t look exactly like a Sperry Topsider, but it does have elements of a boat shoe, particularly the laces.

I do think the design of this particular shoe is very unique. It’s not actually a boat shoe, rather it looks like a normal Crocs but is fitted with a leather opening and laces up top.

Overall, I think this is a great design from Crocs. At first, I expected to only wear the Crocs Islander on the boat, but I wore them as an all-purpose weekend shoe in the summer.

The rubber-like material is a game-changer for me. It’s not too heavy and breathable – mainly because of the holes that made Crocs so popular – keeping my feet cool on an 85-degree day. 

They also have excellent arch support which has been so lacking from so many products in the rubber sandals category. Perhaps that’s why I began to wear them for more than just boating.

I thought it looked good with jeans too. I was curious what it was made from as the Crocs Islander seemed impervious to salt and fresh water but still looked like quality.

Interestingly enough, many other boaters in the neighborhood asked where I got them, and said they liked them a lot. I wanted to get another pair but I believe it’s been discontinued.

3. Crocs Walu Slip-On

The Crocs Walu Slip-On doesn’t resemble the Sperry’s boat shoes, but it looks more like a casual pair of laceless loafers, namely the Sperry Davenport Venetian Driver. 

Sperry’s loafers are great, but the leather material can get hot sometimes. These Crocs, on the other hand, are made with a canvas upper with synthetic suede-like accents that are cooler.

I also think these Sperry-like Crocs are much more comfortable.

The added comfort comes from a removable microfiber insert that offers more cushion and provides ventilation for more comfortable wear, rain, or shine.

Although they don’t look as elegant as Sperry’s loafers, I think the Crocs Walu is a great alternative to the Sperry’s loafer, especially if you want something more cushioned.

The removable microfiber inserts and arch ventilation is amazing.

4. Crocs Santa Cruz

I can’t talk about Crocs that look like Sperry’s boat shoes without mentioning Crocs’ arguably most popular slip-on shoes, the Santa Cruz. It’s a simple, yet functional pair of loafers.

I actually own two pairs of these Crocs, the black and the khaki. The khaki color is arguably the most popular but I got the black one because it reminds me of Vans slip-ons.

These aren’t my go-to boating shoes, but I wear these Crocs Santa Cruz as my “chore shoes”.

They are perfect to complete tasks around the house in comfort like mowing the lawn, cleaning outside, weeding, walking the dog, and doing random maintenance of the house.

Does it look exactly like Sperry’s boat shoes? Not really.

But it’s great for summer heat when air circulation around is crucial, and some foot protection is preferable. The canvas upper is breathable, and the soles are light yet durable.

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