Crocs That Look Like Hey Dudes (Lookalikes)

Did you know that Crocs actually owns Hey Dude? Indeed, Crocs announced the $2.5 billion acquisition of Hey Dude in December 2021 and closed the deal in February 2022.

Because of this, I don’t think Crocs is going to produce “Crocs that look like Hey Dudes” and compete with its own products. Why would they? They already own the brand.

In fact, Crocs has its own Amazon store selling Hey Dudes.

That being said, there are two sneakers from Crocs that slightly resemble Hey Dude shoes. I’m not going to make this article longer than it needs to be, so here they are.

1. Crocs Santa Cruz

The only Crocs that actually look like Hey Dudes is Santa Cruz. Although not identical, both shoes are made with a simple slip-on design that you don’t have to lace up to wear.

As far as design is concerned, the Crocs Santa Cruz is basically the Hey Dude Wally shoe minus the laces, but the upper on the Crocs is much thinner than the Hey Dudes.

In terms of pure comfort, these are great shoes.

I think the Crocs Santa Cruz is so much more comfortable than the Sketchers’ version. Yes, Skechers did try to rip off this particular model of Crocs but the original is always better.

Like every other Crocs, these Hey Dude-looking shoes are equipped with a pair of midsoles fitted with tiny nubs that are meant to provide a subtle massage every time you take a step.

However, although both shoes are comfortable, I’m giving the edge to Hey Dude because of the thick foam insoles they use in combination with lightweight, stretchy upper material.

Crocs Santa Cruz is great because it’s breathable, especially during the summer months, but I think the Hey Dude is much more cushioned and slightly more flexible.

2. Crocs LiteRide 360 Pacer

I know that the Crocs LiteRide 360 Pacer looks more like a running sneaker rather than a Hey Dude, but it’s the only other option I could find apart from the Santa Cruz.

The LiteRide foam is truly the best thing to walk on. They are equally comfortable with socks or without socks, especially if you’re going to a place where your feet are going to get wet.

It’s certainly a good fit, but my only complaint is that the laces suck.

I just wish that the Crocs LiteRide 360 Pacer had stretchy laces that didn’t tie instead of actual laces that you’d often find in sneakers. For me, the laces are hard to adjust.

Think of Hey Dude shoes. I’d prefer it if this shoe has the same tightening mechanism.

Other than that, these Crocs are great. I wear them to the gym sometimes for lifting weights. I’ve even worn them for a 6-mile run without any pain whatsoever (with socks, of course).

Overall, it’s a fantastic Crocs that looks like Hey Dudes. It doesn’t look exactly like Hey Dudes, but it’s the only other option apart from the Santa Cruz that looks somewhat similar. 

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