Crocs That Look Like Converse Chuck Taylors

Crocs are undeniably comfortable, but not everyone is a fan of their design. For those of you who want something different, here are Crocs that look like Converse Chuck Taylor.

1. Crocs Hover Mid

When you hear the word “Chuck Taylor” you’d immediately think of the high-top canvas sneaker, which is what I think the Crocs Hover Mid looks like.

It’s basically a “Converse-style Crocs” in an All-Star canvas sneaker styling but fitted with the lightweight and flexible Croslite™ material in the midsole that most people adore about Crocs.

I think these are as cool as everyone else’s but much more comfortable because of the thick Crocs midsole, the ones you’d see on the typical standard clogs.

However, like all canvas Converse-type shoes, they aren’t warm and are no good in rain or on wet grass. Also, they’re not the best in very hot weather when they get a bit slippery inside.

Still, the Crocs Hover Mid is very comfortable and great looking.

I bought these back in 2013 and I remembered how I loved these shoes. I thought they were ridiculously priced at the original retail – $49.99 but at a clearance price of $17.05.

I grabbed 4 pairs and I’m set for a few years (I was actually concerned when they discontinued them and most likely would have paid full price for another pair).

2. Crocs Hover Sneaker

The Hover Sneaker is the low-top version of the Hover Mid. It’s a pair of Crocs that are made to look like the low-top version of Converse Chuck Taylor shoes.

I actually had this pair of “Converse-style Crocs” (bought somewhere around 2014) and I can remember clearly that it was one of the most comfortable sneakers in my rotation.

For someone who has a bit of arthritis in my feet, the Crocs Hover sneaker felt like a pair of slippers that you can keep wearing all day without discomfort.

A big reason why the shoe was so pleasant to wear is due to the combination of the thick midsole and the tiny nubs on the footbed that gently massages your feet.

Basically, it has the look of Converse but the comfort of Crocs.

I also remembered clearly that there were several color options that resemble Converse. There were black, navy blue (white-red lines on the sides), white, and red.

Unfortunately, I think the footwear has been discontinued because I can’t find it anywhere anymore. My only wish was for Crocs to continue to make the Hover so that I could buy more.

3. Crocband Clog

Ever since the Crocs Hover sneaker has been discontinued, I’ve been searching for Crocs that look like Converse, and the next best thing is the Crocband Clog.

The Crocband Clog isn’t a sneaker-style footwear but it’s a clog that has a Crocband covering the sides. The Crocband resembles the foxing tape of a Converse Chuck Taylor sneaker.

In terms of comfort, I think these are amazing.

They mold your feet nicely and support your arches well. In fact, I’ve been wearing them every day after work to take the dog for a walk, work in the yard, and just lounging around.

They appear to be durable too.

I just wished they came in half sizes. For example, I am a size 10.5 but had to get a 10, since 11 was a bit large. The fit is fine but if I wear socks, then it becomes too tight.

In my opinion, the Crocband Clog is the closest thing you’ll find to a “Converse-style Crocs”. It’s basically a waterproof clog made with rubber-like material but adopts Chuck Taylor’s design. 

These Crocs also look like Vans.

4. Crocs Bayaband Clog

Another option if you want to wear Crocs that look like Converse is the Bayaband clog. It’s basically the Crocband Clog with a huge CROCS text on the sides.

My girlfriend was never a fan of Crocs because she thought they were hideous. We came across the Bayaband Clog when shopping at the mall and she said they weren’t so bad.

In fact, she immediately said it reminded her of Converse.

So I decided to get her a pair and she loved it. She said it felt like walking on clouds because it’s so comfortable and actually looks like a pair of canvas sneakers, which is nice.

Now, she’s been converted into a Crocs lover.

In my opinion, the white color looks neat and clean. It works very well with the huge black CROCS text on the sides and goes well with jeans or denim.

Whether you purchase online or offline, the item will arrive inside a clear plastic Crocs bag, new with tags. Even if you buy these Crocs from Amazon, you’ll get the full package.

5. Crocs Bayaband Slide

You might be thinking, how does a pair of Crocs slides resemble Converse Chuck Taylor? The truth is, it doesn’t because you can’t compare sandals with sneakers.

However, I do think the Bayaband Slide takes some inspiration from Converse sneakers, especially the foxing tape on the sides which reminds me a lot of Chuck Taylor.

There’s a Croslite™ foam footbed to cushion every step, which is perfect for pregame, post-workout, and leisure time spent at the beach, backyard, and beyond.

I ordered them, especially for the beach, but they’re also comfortable to wear around the house as slippers. In fact, I can throw them in the washer with towels, which is very convenient.

6. Crocs Off Court Clog

The Off Court Clog is a fresh and sporty take on Crocs clogs. With a Converse sneaker look, it offers improved fit and comfort, a thicker midsole, and a generally slick look and feel.

The midsole has a black line running along the sides, which reminds me a lot of the Converse Chuck Taylor. It’s rare to find Crocs that actually look like Converse, so it’s a treat to see.

My friend bought these for his holiday to Bali and he has worn them non-stop. For a pair of Crocs that look like Converse, it’s nice to wear by the pool and for walking long distances.

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