Crocs That Look Like Birkenstocks (Better Options)

The classic Birkenstock Arizonas are known for natural cork footbeds that shape your feet over time, but they’re not waterproof. So, Birkenstock made EVA sandals.

However, as a Crocs fan, I just think they’re built differently. I’d prefer Crocs that look like Birkenstocks. These are three sandals from Crocs that resemble Birkenstock sandals.

I’m not going to make this article longer than it needs to be, so here they are.

1. Classic Crocs Sandal

The Classic Crocs Sandal is a model that looks like Birkenstock Arizona. It combines the two-strap design of Birkenstock with the foam rubber-like comfort of Crocs.

Birkenstock, particularly the Arizona sandals, are largely known for their hippie-friendly open-toed model and natural cork footbeds that provide excellent arch support.

Most people who try Birkenstocks for the first time either love or hate it. As someone with plantar fasciitis, I happen to love the way the footbed is shaped.

However, because of the material of the cork footbeds and the suede leather straps, the Birkenstock sandals are not waterproof. I can only wear them around town.

On the flip side, Crocs have better shock absorbency than Birkenstocks, thanks to their Croslite™ foam footbeds that are not only easy to clean but also easy to dry.

If I go to places where I know my feet are going to get wet, I’d wear these two-strap Crocs rather than my Birkenstocks. They look like Birkenstocks but feel like Crocs.

The two upper straps offer a good amount of comfort and foot security, and the seven holes on each shoe allow me to personalize my footwear with plenty of Jibbitz™ charms.

2. Crocs Yukon Two-Strap Sandal

Crocs Yukon Two-Strap Sandal.

Another Crocs design that resembles a pair of Birkenstock is the Yukon Two-Strap Sandal. It actually looks like Birkenstock due to the faux leather on the straps.

Crocs are known for their colorful and vibrant color but the Yukon Two-Strap Sandal actually comes in monochromatic color schemes which reminds me of Birkenstock Arizona.

Obviously, the faux leather on these Crocs is not going to last longer than the real leather on Birkenstocks, but it’s a much more sustainable material that is better for the environment.

Sadly, the Yukon Two-Strap Sandal is hard to come by these days. I had one of these a few years ago but when I was doing my research for this article, I couldn’t find them anymore.

3. Crocs All-Terrain Two-Strap Sandal

If you want to combine the two-strap design of a Birkenstock with the plush cushioning and “waterproofness” of Crocs and add a pair of heel straps, you’re going to get this:

Introducing the Crocs All-Terrain Two-Strap Sandal. With a more rugged outsole, two upper straps, and an adjustable turbo strap, it’s now a more practical choice for any outing.

First of all, the cushioning on the footbed is magical. Compared to the standard Crocs, these two-strap sandals are far more cushioned than I’ve ever imagined.

In the beginning, I was a little worried about the flat look of the footbed when I took them out of the box, but the arch support on these little suckers is actually really good.

In fact, I think it’s better than Birkenstock. I’ve tried both, and I can wear these for much longer without having to worry about my arches bothering me (seriously, thank God for that).

Now for the downside.

If you have wide or misshaped ankles, you might want to size up. I’ve found that with long-term use, the material can rub against your skin in an uncomfortable, almost itchy way.

I haven’t got any “Crocs blisters” yet, though, so overall I consider this downside just an “oopsie” on my part. I have wide feet, and I should’ve known better and sized up.

I’m considering buying another pair in a different color. Love these!

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