Cottagecore Male Outfits Aesthetic – Visual Guide

So, what defines the male cottagecore aesthetic outfits? In this article, I’m going to break down this down-to-earth fashion style and show you how to achieve the cottagecore aesthetic for guys.

What is the cottagecore aesthetic for men?

The “cottagecore aesthetic” is a fashion style that emphasizes a comfy, cozy, countryside home with an emphasis on simplicity, ease, and a nod to the slow pace and uncomplicated lifestyle.

In short, the aesthetic is a romanticized interpretation of farm life.

As a fashion trend for men, the cottagecore aesthetic features a neutral color palette, local food, artisans, animals, forests, gardens, flowers, and no technology.

In fact, it’s the direct opposite of techwear aesthetic.

This particular movement fosters the idea of living a simple rural lifestyle and is often associated with the Arts and Crafts movement of the late 19th – early 20th century.

Male celebrities that popularized cottagecore aesthetic

Although there aren’t plenty of male celebrities who popularized the cottagecore aesthetic, David Beckham has posted several photos on Instagram wearing cardigans in the countryside.

He poses with a charming flat cap and a walking stick in every photo.

It appears as though the hype surrounding cottagecore’s increased ever since the COVID-19 outbreak began. In fact, during lockdown it has increased in popularity.

What makes the cottagecore aesthetic appealing during the pandemic is that people can daydream about pastoral settings, free from their apartments in the crowded city.

How to achieve the cottagecore aesthetic for men

For men who want to achieve the cottagecore aesthetic, there are a few things to consider. Here are a few essential pieces that help define the cottagecore aesthetic for men.

Soft and warm earthy colors

The colors that define the “cottagecore aesthetic” are soft, earthy tones such as pale pinks, pastel blues, minty greens, taupe, cream, ivory, and other warm tones.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to work with layers to achieve the cottagecore aesthetic. You could wear a simple button-down shirt so long as it’s of earthy color tones.

Flannel or patterned button-down shirt

If you want to take things to the next level, you could try wearing a patterned button-down shirt. A floral pattern shirt works as long as it has earthy tones such as green, brown, and yellow.

Think of a neat version of the bohemian aesthetic.

Alternatively, a plaid flannel shirt also fits within the cottagecore aesthetic. Although some might suggest you’d look like a lumberjack, it actually fits the mold of the cottagecore male look.

Patterned or plain knit sweater

If you’d like to keep things simple, a knit sweater, whether it’s plain or patterned, is the perfect piece of clothing to wear to achieve the cottagecore look for men. 

For example, this folkloric print sweater fits right in with any winter activity and any style trend. Or, you could copy David Beckham and wear a simple knit sweater with warm, earthy colors.

Tweed vest, corduroy jacket, or barn coat

If layering is your thing, you could add a tweed vest. This particular nubby fabric called tweed is the cornerstone of the cottagecore for men trend, and it definitely works as a vest.

Alternatively, a corduroy jacket and a barn coat are two staples in the cottagecore aesthetic. It can even formalize or “finish” to even a simple tee shirt and jeans combo.

Fleece-lined hiking pants or corduroy pants

As far as cottagecore is concerned, you can’t go wrong with a pair of fleece-lined pants, whether you’re going all out on a long hike or just running errands around town.

Or, you could opt for soft, velvety corduroy pants as an alternative to khakis, jeans, or chinos. They’re the perfect companion for oversized sweaters and earthy cardigans.

Chukka boots or rain boots

When it comes to cottagecore footwear, chukka boots look amazing as you walk through the nearest field or suburbia, especially if you go for brown-colored shoes.

For occasions where you’ll go through mud and squishy ground, look no further than a pair of rain muck boots. It will make you look good while keeping your feet clean.

Tweed flat cap or bucket hat

You don’t have to wear a hat, but if you’re going to go full cottagecore, you could add an accessory from the trend. A flat cap made in Ireland with authentic Irish wool should do the trick.

Taking inspiration from David Beckham, you can wear a tweed flat cap to achieve the ultimate cottagecore look, especially during the colder months of the season.

We’ve also talked about bucket hats before, but they’re something you could add to the overall cottagecore aesthetic, especially if you go for soft, earthy tones like olive green.

Avoid monochromatic colors here, otherwise, you’d lean more toward the Korean men’s aesthetic. After all, you’re going for someone who lives in a cabin in the woods, aren’t you? 

Wool tartan scarf

If the weather is extra chilly outside, you could add a tartan scarf, especially something with a plaid pattern made from Italian wool to add to the overall cottagecore look.

Worn in blue (or red), it gives any outfit a cheerful vibe. One of the very best things about the cottagecore for men trend is that what falls into this trend, also works with anything you have.

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