How to Clean Goorin Bros Trucker Caps and Hats

In short: The best way to clean Goorin Bros hats is to use baby wipes. Wipe the exterior as well as the interior using baby wipes, removing any stain you see, then letting the hat dry.

In this article, you’ll learn how to clean Goorin Bros animal trucker caps, as well as other specialty hats, like fedoras, flat caps, and dad hats. Let’s get started.

How to clean Goorin Bros trucker caps

Cleaning a Goorin Bros trucker cap involves removing dry dust and debris using a lint roller or hat brush, as well as wiping away any stains using baby wipes or water-vinegar solution.

1. Use a lint roller for dusty trucker caps

A lint roller is a perfect tool for Goorin Bros trucker caps that are dusty, especially the ones that have been left out for too long and have been gathering dust.

Once you have a lint roller, all you have to do is simply roll the lint roller over the visible front part, making sure you get all of the dust and debris that is stuck on the cap.

2. Use a hat brush

Alternatively, you can use a special hat brush to get rid of dust and debris from your Goorin Bros trucker cap. Use gentle strokes to brush aside any residue from the outer part of the cap.

This particular hat brush is made with special horse hair material that is soft but not easy to break. It’s gentle yet strong enough for Goorin Bros trucker caps. 

3. Use baby wipes to clean regular stains

Baby wipes are the best tools to remove stains from your Goorin Bros trucker caps.

I was skeptical at first, but if these wipes are good enough to clean babies, they’re good enough to clean trucker caps. I recommend using unscented ones like these.

Once you have your baby wipes, all you have to do is wipe away any stains you see on the cap. Be sure to wipe the inner part of the cap as well (the part where your hair touches).

Often, sweat stains will accumulate on the inside part of the cap, especially under the brim. You’ll need to use baby wipes to wipe the outer part and inner parts of the trucker cap. 

4. Use clear vinegar for deep-seated stains

If you’re dealing with stubborn, deep-seated stains, the best way to go about it is to use clear vinegar cut with water. I recommend one part vinegar and four parts water. It’s that simple.

When it comes to using vinegar, less is more.

Before using the vinegar method, I suggest you try cleaning your Goorin Bros trucker caps using the baby wipes method first. If there are still stains present, use vinegar.

If baby wipes don’t remove the stain, use a dry microfiber cloth dipped in the vinegar solution and wipe away any stain you see on your Goorin Bros trucker cap, then let it dry.

How to clean Goorin Bros hats

What about Goorin Bros’ dad hats, fedoras, and winter flat caps? Don’t worry, I’ll cover everything you need to know on how to clean them as well. Here’s how to do it.

1. Scrub the exterior with a hat brush

Say you’ve gotten your Goorin Bros hat dirty or spilled foot on it. The first thing you’d want to do is to scrub the exterior with a hat brush, especially the dirty section of the hat.

Don’t be afraid to really scrub the hat.

If you use this particular hat brush, you don’t have to worry about damaging your hat because the brush is made of horsehair material, which is gentle yet strong enough for any hat.

2. Spray some hat-cleaning solution

The hat brush should be enough, but if there are flaky bits stuck on the exterior, you’ll need to spray some hat-cleaning solution. I recommend this one because it’s safe for all materials.

Spray some solution onto the stain and use the brush to remove the stain. You want to follow the instructions inside the package, but the idea is to spray and then brush the stain.

I used this particular hat cleaning solution on several Goorin Bros hats that were headed for the trash due to sweat stains. It cleaned them right off with practically no effort.

3. Wipe the interior with baby wipes

When you wear your Goorin Bros hats, sweat stains are going to accumulate on the sweatband over time. It’s going to become gross and stinky if you never clean the interior.

Use a clean baby wipe to wipe the entire sweatband of the hat, especially the area touching the forehead. Give it a good scrub because that is the area where sweat accumulates the most.

Next, wipe the interior part of the hat (the area touching your hair) with a new baby wipe. You don’t need to go hard here, just enough to wipe away any sweat stains and grime inside.

If you’re wearing your hat daily or once a week, make it a habit to wipe the interior of the hat with baby wipes at least once a month. Otherwise, your hat may become unsalvageable.

How to keep your Goorin Bros clean

You’ve learned how to clean your Goorin Bros trucker caps and especially hats. But what can you do to keep them clean and in good shape for years? Here are some things you can do.

1. Have a rotation of hats

The best thing you can do to keep your Goorin Bros hats clean is to have a rotation. In other words, you shouldn’t have just one hat, you’ll need at least two to alternate between each other.

You don’t need multiple hats. Owning just 2 different hats can double the lifespan of both hats. If you have the means, owning 3 hats in a rotation is the perfect way to keep all of them pristine.

In my review of the Goorin Bros animal hat, I’ve mentioned that there’s no substitute to the original. Here are some of the best Goorin Bros animal hats

2. Wipe the interior once a month

I’ve touched upon this issue above in the article, but I’ll mention it again.

Make it a habit to wipe the interior of each hat at least once a month. You’ll be surprised at how much sweat and grime accumulate on the inside of a hat. Keep the inside clean!

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