How to Break in and Stretch UGG Boots Fast

In short: To stretch and break in UGG boots, wear them around the house at 5 to 10-minute intervals. The suede sheepskin material will stretch more quickly and become more comfortable.

Are you dreading the long, painful break-in period of your brand-new pair of UGG boots? Don’t worry, all genuine sheepskin stretches. Here’s how to break in UGG boots fast.

Are UGG boots supposed to be tight?

Brand-new UGG boots are supposed to be tight, especially at the toes. Your toes should be close to the top of the boots without curling and your heels should not slip when you walk.

As you wear them, the inner part of the UGG boots will flatten and mold to both of your feet, becoming roomier. You need a brand new pair of UGG boots that is tight to account for this.

Do UGG boots stretch and loosen up over time?

UGG boots stretch and loosen up over time. All genuine sheepskin stretches, which all authentic UGG boots are made of, so you can expect your boots to stretch ½ size over time.

A-grade merino sheepskin is on average 16-18mm in thickness. It is normal that the material will compress in at least 5mm overall (which is about ½ a shoe size).

How long does it take UGG boots to stretch?

It can take up to a month for UGG boots to stretch out and complete their break-in period. Depending on how often you wear them, the boots may need more time or less time to adapt.

How to break in and stretch UGG boots

While UGG boots do not need to be manually broken in, you can speed up the break-in period by stretching them. The best part is, you don’t need fancy products to get the job done.

Please note that genuine suede sheepskin leather (the material of UGG boots) is very delicate. I don’t recommend using heat from a hair dryer, or chemicals like a “boot-stretching” spray.

1. Wear them with no socks in the beginning

One of the great properties of sheepskin leather is that it stretches over time. This is precisely why you should ensure your UGG boots are snug and cozy when you first try them on.

During the first few days, keep your feet clean and dry, and do not wear socks with your UGG boots to achieve the perfect and comfortable fit. The boots will custom form to your feet.

UGG Classic Boots are designed to be worn barefoot to maximize the warmth of the sheepskin. The footbed will mold to the natural contours of your feet, creating personalized arch support.

Expect the boots to stretch about ½ a size over time. Once the “forming phase” is done and the boots fit your feet like a comfortable pair of gloves, you can choose to wear socks as you wish.

2. Wear them around the house in 5 to 10-minute intervals

Once you’ve worn your UGG boots barefoot for the first few days, you can break them in further by wearing them around the house at 5 to 10-minute intervals, a few times a day. 

Out of all the break-in methods, this is my favorite one. It takes a few minutes out of your day and does not require fancy methods or expensive chemicals to get the job done.

They are “footwear” after all, so the best way to break them in is to wear them. During this phase, feel free to wear a thick pair of wool socks to protect the skin of your feet.

Walk naturally around the house (or outside near your house). Once the brand new pair of UGG boots start to hurt your feet, take them off immediately, and give yourself some time to rest.

Even if the boots feel a little uncomfortable at first, the suede sheepskin material will eventually stretch and loosen up, and the boots will form to your foot naturally in no time.

3. Insert two golf balls to stretch the toe boxes

If you feel to toe boxes are too tight, even after wearing them for a couple of weeks, here is a simple solution to widen the toe boxes and provide more room inside your UGG boots:

Insert one or two golf balls inside the UGG boots width-wise. Leave the golf balls inside the boots at least overnight, to help achieve the extra wiggle room you desire.

4. Install boot stretchers

Golf balls work fine, but if you want an even stretch inside your UGG boots, consider investing in a pair of boot stretchers. These stretchers do what their name suggests: stretch boots.

This method works because boot stretchers are designed to increase the length and width of a pair of boots, while suede sheepskin leather is a material that stretches naturally.

Unlike regular shoe trees, boot stretchers come with bunion plugs to stretch most types of footwear in specific areas (on the sides of the thumb, for example).

Indeed, using boot stretchers is an amazing way to stretch new boots and shorten the painful break-in period. You can transform your UGG boots into perfectly fitting, comfortable footwear.

Key takeaways

Now you know how to stretch and break in UGG boots fast. Wearing them without socks in the beginning and wearing them around the house a little but often is the way to go.

The good news is: suede sheepskin leather naturally stretches over time. There’s always a bit of room to move if you are not sure of the size of your UGG boots.

If the boots end up being slightly tight to start, they’ll stretch. Slightly too big, and there’s always the option to pair sheepskin UGG boots with socks to fill out the boots a little better.

In addition to breaking them in, don’t forget to waterproof your UGG boots to protect them, as well as condition your UGG boots often to prevent them from becoming hard and crusty.

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