How to Break in Nike Blazers Quickly (3 Simple Tricks)

The Nike Blazer Mid 77 sneakers are tough when they are brand new.

The best way to break in Nike Blazers is to wear them with thick socks around the house for short periods. As soon as your feet start to hurt, remove the sneakers.

You can also insert shoe stretchers into the sneakers and leave the stretchers overnight to loosen the shoes.

However, it’s important to find a balance when softening up the Nike Blazers; you want them to mold to your feet without causing excessive creasing.

Let’s explore how to break in Nike Blazers properly.

How long does it take to break in Nike Blazers?

According to Nike, the Blazer Mid 77’s upper is made of leather and synthetic materials, which can make the sneakers very stiff when new.

It can take between 2 to 4 weeks of regular wear to stretch out your Nike Blazers due to their leather and synthetic upper. However, you can speed up the process by wearing the sneakers for a few hours at a time indoors, as often as possible.

That said, you need to first make sure that the Nike Blazers are the correct size. Any efforts to soften a new pair of sneakers will be futile if the sneakers are too tight or too loose.

Since Nike Blazers fit true to size, purchase a pair that matches your usual shoe size.

Are Nike Blazers comfortable?

Nike Blazers become comfortable after a sufficient break-in period.

While Nike Blazers aren’t as cushioned as Air Force 1 and Air Max, they are comfortable enough to become your day-to-day sneakers. However, due to their narrow toe boxes, Nike Blazers may not suit those with wide feet.

3 simple tricks to break in Nike Blazers

Because Nike Blazers have leather and synthetic uppers, the shoes can be stiff and may scrape and bruise the back of the ankles when new.

However, unlike sturdier shoes such as Vans, bending or forcefully flattening Nike Blazers is not recommended as it can lead to creases.

Here are three tips on how to break in Nike Blazers quickly:

1. Wear the shoes with thick socks frequently

Although you might be eager to wear your new Nike Blazers outside right away, it’s better to first let your feet adjust to the shoes.

Before wearing your new Nike Blazers outside for a full day, it’s wise to wear them for short periods of time inside your house, as often as you can.

This approach serves two purposes.

Firstly, it allows the shoes to loosen and mold to the shape of your feet. Secondly, you can remove the shoes as soon as any discomfort begins.

Additionally, you can wear thick socks to stretch the shoes further while protecting the skin of your feet.

Repeat this process several times a day for 1 or 2 weeks. With this method, your new Nike Blazers should be sufficiently softened for outdoor wear.

2. Loosen Nike Blazers with shoe stretchers

Alternatively, insert shoe stretchers into your Nike Blazers when you’re not wearing them.

For the uninitiated, a shoe stretcher is a foot-shaped device that gently expands the upper material of a shoe, such as the leather and synthetic upper of Nike Blazers.

Since you don’t wear your sneakers to bed, using shoe stretchers overnight can speed up the breaking-in process.

This particular shoe stretcher is versatile, as it can expand both the length and width of the sneakers, offering a four-way stretch.

We suggest plastic shoe stretchers, as they are more durable and won’t damage the leather, unlike wood stretchers that can crack and are not rust-proof.

Using a shoe stretcher is straightforward: turn the metal handle clockwise to widen the shoe and the wheel knob clockwise to lengthen it. Typically, you’ll see results within 48 hours.

Keep the shoe stretchers in your Nike Blazers when not in use, and adjust the tension as needed once they’re adequately loosened.

3. Unlace the shoes when putting them on

Nike Blazers are stylish but have a small opening, making them difficult to put on, even in the correct size.

Some wearers report taking up to two minutes to put on their Nike Blazers due to the tightness of the opening.

To avoid forcing your foot in, first, loosen the laces at the top three eyelets. Then pull the tongue forward to make more room for your foot.

This method eases your feet into the Nike Blazers and stretches the upper material, which helps break them in faster.

Considering this, if you’re often in a hurry, the Converse Chuck 70 might be a better choice than the Nike Blazers.

Final Words

This concludes the simple guide for quickly breaking in Nike Blazers.

The Blazers are excellent, vintage Nike sneakers that add height and have a timeless design. However, they require some time to become comfortable.

Wearing them frequently for short periods can speed up the break-in process.

For those who dislike the break-in period, alternative shoes with a softer feel and similar style to Nike Blazers are available.