How to Break in Nike Blazers Quickly (3 Simple Tricks)

The Nike Blazer Mid 77 are vintage basketball-inspired sneakers that are timeless and may never go out of style. Sadly, they can be very tough when the shoes are brand new.

So, how to break in Nike Blazers quickly?

The best way to break in Nike Blazers is to wear them with thick socks around the house for short periods of time. As soon as your feet start to hurt, take them off. You can also insert shoe stretchers inside the Nike Blazers and leave them overnight to loosen.

That said, you need to strike the perfect balance when breaking into Nike Blazers because you want the shoes to become comfortable, but you don’t want them to get creased too much.

Let’s explore how to break in Nike Blazers properly.

How Long Does it Take to Break in Nike Blazers?

According to Nike, the Blazer Mid 77 is made with leather and synthetic upper, which means that the upper material can be very stiff when they are brand new.

So, how long does it take to break in Nike Blazers?

It can take between 2 to 4 weeks of regular use to stretch your Nike Blazers and break into them because of their leather and synthetic upper. However, you can speed up the process by wearing them a few hours at a time inside your house, as often as you can.

That said, you need to first make sure that the Nike Blazers are the correct size. Any efforts to break into a new pair of sneakers will be useless if they are too tight or too loose.

Since Nike Blazers are true to size, buy a pair according to your size.

Are Nike Blazers Comfortable?

Considering their slightly narrow toe boxes, many wonder if Nike Blazers are comfortable?

Nike Blazers are comfortable as long as they are given enough time to break in. While Nike Blazers aren’t as cushioned as Air Force 1 and Air Max, they are comfortable enough to become your day-to-day sneakers.

But since they have narrow toe boxes, they may not be the best for wide feet.

They are, however, comfortable enough once broken in. In fact, they are reliable enough to become your daily beaters once the upper material has softened.

3 Simple Tricks on How to Break in Nike Blazers

Because Nike Blazers have leather and synthetic uppers, the shoes can be tough when they are new, to the point where they can scrape and bruise the back of the ankles.

Unlike tougher shoes like Vans, however, we don’t recommend bending or “crushing” Nike Blazers because they can develop creases.

Here are three tips on how to break in Nike Blazers quickly:

1. Wear Them With Thick Socks Frequently

As exciting as it is to go outside and wear your new Nike Blazers immediately, it’s a good idea to first allow your feet to get used to the shoes, and vice versa.

Before wearing your new Nike Blazers outside for a full day, it’s wise to wear them for short periods of time inside your house, as often as you can.

Doing so does two things.

One, you give the chance for the shoes to loosen while conforming to the unique shape of your feet. And two, you can immediately take the shoes off once your feet start to ache.

Additionally, you can wear thick socks to stretch the shoes further while protecting the skin of your feet. Since the thick socks add some distance between the shoe material and your skin, the Nike Blazers will slightly expand and become more comfortable.

Aim to do this effort a few times a day, for as long as 1 or 2 weeks. Hopefully, after a week or two, the new Nike Blazers should be soft enough for you to wear them outside.

2. Loosen Nike Blazers With Shoe Stretchers

Alternatively, you can also insert shoe stretchers when not wearing your Nike Blazers.

For those who don’t know, a shoe stretcher is a foot-shaped device put inside shoes to gently “stretch” the upper material, in this case, the leather and synthetic upper.

Obviously, you won’t be wearing your sneakers while you sleep at night, so a smart way to speed up the breaking-in process is to install shoe stretchers when storing them.

We have found the best results with this shoe stretcher:

The shoe stretcher above is unique because it can stretch both the length and stretch the width of the sneakers. In other words, the shoe stretcher is four-way stretching.

We recommend getting plastic shoe stretchers because they do not crack easily like wood shoe stretchers. Plastic ones also do not damage leather because they are rust-proof.

The best part is, using a shoe stretcher is very easy. Simply turn the metal handle clockwise to stretch the shoe’s width and turn the wheel knob clockwise to stretch the shoe’s length.

In most cases, you should see results after 48 hours, but you can always insert the shoe stretchers inside your Nike Blazers when storing them. Once they are loose and broken in, you can always reduce the tension of the shoe stretcher.

3. Unlace the Shoes When Putting Them On

As stylish as Nike Blazers are, they are notorious for being difficult to put on. Despite choosing the correct size, many wearers complain because of the shoe’s small opening.

In fact, some people mentioned that it took them a good 2 minutes just to put Nike Blazers on their feet because the entryway is too tight.

Instead of forcing your foot into the shoe, loosen the laces from the top 3 pairs of the eyelets and pull the tongue forward to create more room for your foot to go in.

Not only does this step make it easier for both of your feet to get inside the Nike Blazers, but it can also stretch and loosen the upper material, speeding up the breaking-in process.

So with that in mind, the Nike Blazers aren’t for you if you are always in a rush. Maybe you should choose Converse Chuck 70 instead of Nike Blazers.

Final Words

And there you go, a simple guide on how to break in Nike Blazers quickly.

Yes, Nike Blazers are excellent basketball-inspired sneakers that not only add height but are vintage and timeless as well. They do, however, need some time to break into. But by wearing them for short periods frequently, you should be able to break them in much faster.

If you hate the break-in period, there are softer shoes that look like Nike Blazers.