How to Break in Crocs and Soften Them Quickly

Crocs are some of the most comfortable rubber slippers around, but they can feel stiff in the beginning. So, how can you break in and soften Crocs quickly?

The best way to soften Crocs is to wear them at home. Push the straps back and wear them for short times. If the Crocs feel too stiff, wear thick socks. If your feet hurt, take off the Crocs and wear them later.

Some wash new Crocs in hot water with good results.

In this post, we will show you everything you need to know to break in Crocs.

A picture of a pair of white Crocs footwear worn on a man's feet seen from above.

How long does it take to break in Crocs?

Crocs don’t take long to break in.

A Crocs rep says Classic Clogs take 20 hours to fit your feet. Wear them at home for a few hours.

Then, you can use them outside all day.

First, check the Crocs’ size. It’s useless if they’re too tight or loose.

Crocs fit true to size. For exact sizing, read our guide.

How to break in and soften Crocs

People buy Crocs for the beach or parks. Before walking in Disney World or Universal Studios, break in your Crocs.

Here are some tips to quickly break in and soften your brand-new Crocs:

1. Push the straps to the back in the beginning

If you’re new to Crocs, know that Classic Clogs have adjustable straps.

Push the straps back, and Crocs fit like shoes. Push them forward, and they become slippers.

At first, push the straps back to break in Crocs. With straps at the back, Crocs stretch to fit your feet. This tip will help you break into Crocs fast. Crocs in “sports mode” stop blisters during long wears.

Two images showing the difference between Crocs "relaxed mode" with the strap pushed forward and Crocs "sports mode" with the strap pushed backward.
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Once the Crocs are soft and broken in, push the straps forward and wear them as casual slippers.

2. Wear Crocs around the house several hours a day

Even if you’re eager to wear your new Crocs outside, let your feet adjust to them first.

Before a full day outside, wear your new Crocs at home with straps back.

This simple tip does two things.

First, this lets Crocs soften and fit your feet.

Second, you can remove them if they hurt.

If Crocs feel stiff, wear thick socks. This helps them soften and expand. Try this method daily for 1-2 weeks. Wear your Crocs for short hours, not long ones.

The good news is that it doesn’t take long to break in your Crocs. In a week or two, they should be comfy for outside wear. Just remember to push the straps back.

3. Wash them in hot water

Wearing Crocs often at home should break them in. But, if you want them softer, wash them in hot water.

Wash them in hot water for 2 minutes, then wear them. Wear your Crocs and walk for 5 minutes as they cool. The hot water softens the rubber and helps break them in.

The hot water on Crocs won’t burn your feet. Your skin can handle it.

Usually, twice a day for a week works. But you can repeat it more in the Crocs’ early weeks. However, don’t use boiling water. Use boiling water only to stretch small Crocs.

For breaking in new ones, just use hot water.

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