How to Break in Crocs and Soften Them Quickly

Crocs are some of the most comfortable rubber slippers around, but they can feel stiff in the beginning. So, how to break in and soften Crocs quickly?

The best way to break in Crocs and soften them is to wear them around the house or around the block, with the straps pushed back, for short periods of time.

You can also wear thick socks if they feel too stiff. As soon as your feet start to feel uncomfortable, take your Crocs off and wear them again later.

Some people have had success with washing their new Crocs in hot water too. In this post, we will show you everything you need to know to break in Crocs.

How Long Does it Take to Break in Crocs?

Crocs do not need a lot of time to break into.

According to a Crocs company repit takes about 20 hours of wear for a pair of Crocs’ Classic Clogs to break in and mold to the shape of your feet.

In other words, you can wear them around the house for a couple of hours a day before going outside for a full day of walking while wearing your brand new Crocs.

That said, you need to first make sure that the Crocs are the correct size. Any efforts to break into a new pair of Crocs will be pointless if they are too tight or too loose.

Since Crocs are true to size, buy a pair according to your size. If you need want to really nail down the sizing, you can read our Crocs complete sizing guide right here.

How to Break in and Soften Crocs

People buy Crocs to wear at the beach or amusement parks. But before going walking around in Disney World or Universal Studios, it’s a good idea to break your Crocs in first.

Here are some tips to quickly break in and soften your brand new Crocs:

1. Push the straps to the back in the beginning

For those of you who are new to Crocs, it’s worth mentioning that their Classic Clogs have straps that can be pushed forward or backward.

When the straps are pushed back, they secure your feet inside, making the Crocs fit like shoes. On the other hand, you can also push the straps forward to turn Crocs into slippers.

In the beginning, the best thing you can do to break in Crocs is to push the straps to the back.

By wearing Crocs with the straps on the back, your feet will not slide forward or backward, forcing the Crocs to stretch and conform to the shape of your feet.

This simple tip alone will help you break in Crocs quickly. Wearing Crocs in “sports mode” can also help prevent blisters from forming when you wear them for long periods of time.

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Only when you feel like the Crocs have broken in and softened, can you push the straps forward and wear them casually as leisure rubber slippers.

2. Wear Crocs around the house several hours a day

As exciting as it is to go outside and wear your brand new pair of Crocs immediately, it’s a good idea to first allow your feet to get used to the rubber slippers, and vice versa.

Before wearing your new Crocs outside for a full day, try to wear them for short periods of time inside your house, with the straps pushed back, as often as you can.

This simple tip does two things.

First, you are giving the Crocs the chance to soften while molding to the unique shape of your feet. And second, you can take them off once the Crocs become uncomfortable.

If you feel like the Crocs are too stiff, you can wear thick socks to add some distance between the rubber and your feet, which will also help the Crocs expand and soften.

Aim to do this technique a few times a day, for as long as 1 or 2 weeks. Instead of wearing them for long hours immediately, it’s better to wear your Crocs for a few hours every day.

The good news is, it does not take long to break in your Crocs. Hopefully, after a week or two, your new Crocs should be soft and comfortable enough for you to wear them outside.

Just remember to push the straps all the way back.

3. Wash them in hot water

Wearing them in the house often should break in Crocs naturally. But, if you want to soften your Crocs even more, you can always wash them in hot water to loosen up the rubber.

All you have to do is wash them in running hot water for 2 minutes, then immediately wear them. Stroll around while wearing your Crocs for about 5 minutes while they chill.

The hot water will soften the rubber material and help break in the Crocs.

Don’t worry about burning your feet, since the skin of your feet should be able to withstand the temperature of hot water applied to your Crocs.

In most cases, doing this 2 times a day for the first week is enough, but you can choose to repeat this process a few times a day for the first few weeks of your Crocs’ life. 

However, remember to not use boiling water for this technique. Putting Crocs in boiling water for too long can expand and stretch them too much.

Unless you are looking to stretch Crocs that are too small, don’t use boiling water and stick to hot water if you are simply wanting to break in new Crocs and soften them faster.

Final Words

And there you go, a simple guide on how to break in Crocs and soften them quickly.

You can break in Crocs quickly by simply pushing the straps backward to allow them to conform to your feet. Wearing them for a few minutes a day can also break Crocs in quickly.

Additionally, washing them in hot water can soften the rubber material.

By learning how to break in Crocs, your new pair of rubber clogs should be ready for a full day at the amusement park or the beach.

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