How to Break in Blundstones Fast (and Stop Blisters)

As great as Blundstone boots are, they can be hard and tough in the beginning. So how to break in Blundstones fast and stop blisters?

Break into Blundstones by stretching them with shoe stretchers. After stretching them for a few days, the Blundstone boots should loosen and become comfortable enough for you to wear outdoors and not get blisters.

That said, there are more than a few tricks up our sleeves to break into Blundstone boots faster. In this post, let’s explore what you can do to soften your new boots.

How to Break in Blundstones and Stop Blisters

In order to help you break into your Blundstone boots effectively, we’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions surrounding the topic.

Are Blundstones supposed to hurt at first?

As great as Blundstones are, they can hurt your feet when they are brand new. This painful period is what is known as the break-in period, which can cause chafing and blisters.

Once you break them in, however, they are some of the most comfortable boots around.

Why do Blundstones give me blisters?

When a pair of Blundstones is new, they can cause painful blisters, particularly in the heel area. This is especially true when you wear them for long hours of walking.

So why do Blundstones give you blisters?

Blundstones can give you heel blisters because the leather is too stiff when brand new, causing heel slip because the material has not yet conformed to your feet. The constant friction with the leather causes damage to the upper layer of the skin.

Fortunately, they will get better and more comfortable with time.

Blundstones are supposed to hurt at first, particularly at the top of your feet and the back of the ankle area. Think of it as an initiation period for your feet.

How long does it take to break in Blundstones?

According to Blundstone, their boots are made from weatherproof leather. This leather is treated at the factory to be as water-repellant as it can be, without losing breathability.

However, this can also mean that the high-quality leather is tougher in the beginning. So, how long does it take to break in Blundstones?

It can take between 4 to 8 weeks of regular use to stretch your Blundstones and break into them. Because Blundstones do not have laces and rely on a snug fit, you may need up to two months to get used to them, especially if you are used to lacing sneakers.

Fortunately, there are simple hacks on how to break into your Blundstones quickly.

If you are planning to buy a new pair of Blundstones, however, make sure your sizing is actually correct first. Breaking into a new pair of Blundstone boots will be useless because leather boots that are too tight or too loose will never be comfortable.

As a general rule of thumb, Blundstones should be the same size that you wear with any other boots. Make sure they’re snug on the ankle with about an index finger of room.

You should have just enough room on both the sides and the front of the boots; not too much where your feet are moving around or too little where they can’t move at all.

How to break in Blundstone boots fast

Sure, it can take between a month or two before breaking into your Blundstones, but there are easy ways to soften them quickly. Here are 4 ways on how to break into Blundstones:

1. Use shoe stretchers to loosen Blundstones

The simplest, yet most effective way to break into new Blundstones faster is to use shoe stretchers. A shoe stretcher is a foot-shaped device that is inserted into shoes to stretch and loosen the material of the shoes, in this case, boots.

We’ve found the best results with this shoe stretcher:

A shoe stretcher, like the one above, is 4-way stretching, which means that it can stretch the length to make the boot larger and stretch the width to make the boot wider.

Unlike wood shoe stretchers that easily get cracked, mildew and rough, plastic shoe stretchers have a smooth surface and are rustproof, so they will not damage the leather.

Additionally, using a shoe stretcher is very easy. Turn the metal handle clockwise to stretch the boot’s width and turn the wheel knob clockwise to stretch the boot’s length.

The longer you place a shoe stretcher inside your Blundstones, the better the result. It is a good idea to insert the shoe stretchers for at least 24-48 hours.

2. Wear your Blundstones a little but often

As exciting as it is to wear your new Blundstones to go out and about, it’s a good idea to wear them inside your home for short periods but frequently.

Before going outside for long walks inside your Blunnies, try to wear them around your house and walk short distances. As soon as your feet hurt, take them off and rest.

A good tip to try is to wear them around your house before going outside. That way, you can easily take them off once your feet start to hurt or experience discomfort.

As simple as this tip might sound, wearing your Blundstones a little often goes a long way to break into your boots faster. It gives your feet the opportunity to ease into the boots without having to endure the pain for long hours.

It’s also an excuse to wear your shoes in the house.

You can also wear thick socks to protect your skin from the tough leather material. After a month or two, your Blundstones should become more comfortable.

3. Crush the Blundstones with your hands

This method is weird but is surprisingly effective.

Once you’ve stretched them with a shoe stretcher and worn them often, try mashing the heels by stepping on them or crushing your Blundstone with your hands.

Contrary to popular belief, crushing your Blundstones with your hands will not ruin them because they are super tough. You can also crush the forefoot part of the boots.

After crushing your Blundstones with your hands, the tough leather should soften and break in faster. Do this trick before a long walk outside inside your Blunnies.

4. Wear blister prevention tapes

Last but not least, you can wear blister prevention tapes as your last line of defense against the tough and durable leather of Blundstone boots.

These blister tapes are definitely the most convenient because they are precut:

If you are not sure whether you’ve broken into your Blundstones or not, you can apply blister prevention tapes before you go outside. They are ultra-light and thin enough to conform to your skin and minimize blister-causing friction.

The best part is, that these unique tapes are precut into 3.5” strips for convenient use in most common areas, like the heels, and near the pinkie, preventing chafing and blisters. 

So whether you are going for a hike outdoors, or walking casually in the city, you can expect blister prevention tapes to protect your skin against Blundstones.

Once you are sure that your Blundstones have softened, you don’t need the tapes anymore.

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Bottom Line

Now you know how to break in Blundstones fast and stop blisters. 

Stretch your Blundstones with shoe stretchers for a few days and they will be comfortable enough for you to wear them outdoors and not get blisters. Alternatively, you can crush them with your hands or wear blister prevention tapes just to be safe.