How to Break in Alexander McQueen Sneakers Fast

Alexander McQueen oversized sneakers are some of the most popular designer shoes. Sadly, these sneakers can be very stiff and uncomfortable when brand new.

So, how to break in Alexander McQueen sneakers quickly?

The best way to break in Alexander McQueen sneakers is to insert shoe stretchers and leave them overnight to stretch and loosen. You can also wear them with thick socks around the house for short periods before taking them for long walks.

However, because these sneakers are costly, you should use proper care techniques to make them last. Let’s look at the best ways to make these sneakers more comfortable.

A pair of white Alexander McQueen sneakers seen from the side. The pair of shoes is worn on the feet of a man wearing tapered denim.

How long does it take to break in Alexander McQueen’s?

According to Alexander McQueen, their oversized sneakers are made of smooth calfskin and croc suede heel counters. This means the sneakers can be stiff when first worn.

So how long does it take to break in Alexander McQueen’s shoes?

It can take 1 to 2 weeks of regular wear to stretch your Alexander McQueen sneakers and make them comfortable. Contrary to popular belief, the calfskin uppers and oversized rubber soles of these sneakers are not as harsh on your feet.

That said, you need to first make sure that the Alexander McQueen sneakers you buy are the correct size. Shoes that are too tight or too loose will always be uncomfortable.

Since Alexander McQueen sneakers are true to size, choose a pair that matches your usual shoe size.

How to Break in Alexander McQueen Sneakers

Here are 3 ways to break in Alexander McQueen shoes and make them more comfortable:

1. Break into Alexander McQueen sneakers with shoe stretchers

There’s no better feeling than getting a new pair of sneakers, especially a pair from Alexander McQueen. It’s tempting to wear them right away, but to break them in properly, resist the urge.

To prepare your Alexander McQueen sneakers for all-day wear, let them stretch and loosen overnight. One easy way to do this is to use shoe stretchers.

Shoe stretchers are foot-shaped tools that you insert into shoes to make them more comfortable.

These shoe stretchers can stretch the length and width of shoes:

Fortunately, Alexander McQueen sneakers are easier to make comfortable than other stiff shoes. All you need to do is insert a pair of shoe stretchers and leave them in overnight.

After using the shoe stretchers, your brand-new Alexander McQueen sneakers should feel more comfortable and softer.

2. Wear the shoes with thick socks

In addition to using shoe stretchers, you can speed up the breaking-in period of your new Alexander McQueen sneakers by wearing them around the house with thick socks.

The key is to wear them frequently in short bursts to allow the shoes to stretch and mold to your feet.

It’s also important to wear thick socks, as the stiff and sharp tongues of Alexander McQueen sneakers can rub against and irritate your ankles.

Thick socks help protect your feet from rubbing and gently stretch the shoes’ upper material.

This method is smart because you can remove the shoes if they hurt, while walking helps to stretch them naturally.

After a week or two, your Alexander McQueen sneakers should be comfortable to wear.

3. Add pain relief orthotics inside the shoes

If shoe stretchers haven’t worked, consider placing pain relief orthotics inside your Alexander McQueen sneakers as a final option.

Although Alexander McQueen sneakers are usually comfortable, they may cause discomfort for people with flat feet after extended wear.

If you have flat feet, consider using plantar fasciitis orthotics.

Simply measure your shoes, trim the orthotics to fit, and place them inside.

These orthotics work wonders in making sneakers more comfortable (available for men or women):

Dr. Scholl’s orthotics differ from flat shoe inserts as they have a reinforced arch support and a cushion in the heel that absorbs shock. These features address pain directly at its source and help prevent its recurrence.

In most cases, plantar fasciitis orthotics can significantly increase the comfort of designer shoes, including Alexander McQueen sneakers.

Dr. Scholl’s orthotics are not only effective but also affordable. Try them, and you may find yourself walking comfortably in your Alexander McQueen sneakers all day long.

FAQ on breaking in Alexander McQueen sneakers

We aim to answer all your questions about Alexander McQueen sneakers, especially how to break them in, right here.

We regularly update this page with answers to new questions, so bookmark it if you’re interested in Alexander McQueen sneakers.

1. Do Alexander McQueen sneakers stretch?

Alexander McQueen sneakers don’t stretch, but the thick leather they’re made of will soften over time. This softening makes it feel as though the shoes have stretched, but it’s the leather becoming more pliable and mimicking the shape your feet.

The best method to make Alexander McQueen sneakers roomier is to use shoe stretchers. Shoe stretchers can expand both the length and the width of the shoes.

2. How do you make Alexander McQueen comfortable?

Alexander McQueen sneakers are usually comfortable. However, the stiff, sharp, and overly long tongues can rub against and cut into the ankle.

Wearing thick socks is the best way to cushion your ankles against the stiff tongues of Alexander McQueen sneakers.

You can also use orthotics designed for plantar fasciitis to enhance comfort in Alexander McQueen sneakers, as they add extra padding to the arch.

3. Do Alexander McQueen trainers hurt?

Although Alexander McQueen sneakers are comfortable, the leather material and stiff tongues can cause discomfort initially.

After a week or two, Alexander McQueen sneakers typically stop hurting and become comfortable.

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