How to Break in Nike Air Force Ones QUICKLY

The Nike Air Force Ones are one of the most iconic sneakers from Nike. Unfortunately, the sneakers can be very stiff and uncomfortable when they are brand new.

So, how to break into Nike Air Force Ones quickly?

The best way to break in Nike Air Force Ones is to insert shoe stretchers and leave them overnight to stretch and loosen. You can also wear them with thick socks as often as possible around the house for short periods of time before wearing them daily.

However, since the Nike Air Force 1 is susceptible to creases, you need to apply the right methods. Let’s explore how to break in Nike Air Force Ones quickly.

Do Air Forces Hurt to Break In?

Unlike tougher sneakers, the Nike Air Force 1 does not hurt to break in.

Sure, they can be stiff at first, but once you’ve given it some time to break in, they are very comfortable, although not as heavenly soft as recent models with newer cushioning technology.

Leather shoes tend to be stiff when they are brand new (out of the box).

Since Nike Air Force 1 is made of leather, the shoes need a break-in period for you to achieve the best comfort level. Once they are broken in, Air Force Ones soften and conform to your feet.

Unfortunately, the standard of comfort has dramatically changed over the past few years.

With newer technologies like knit uppers and soft cushioning midsoles, many people expect a heavenly, cloudlike experience the second they put their new shoes on.

It is understandable that people want more cushioning and comfort. However, you need to consider the fact that the Nike Air Force Ones are older style shoes, intended for casual wear. This means that they are stiffer and heavier than other types of athletic shoes.

How long does it take to break in Air Force 1?

According to Nike, the Air Force 1 has durable stitched overlays and clean finishes. However, the sneaker’s hefty and bulky build can be very stiff when they are brand new.

So how long does it take to break in Nike Air Force 1 shoes?

It can take between 1 to 2 weeks of regular use to stretch your Nike Air Force One and break into them. Contrary to popular belief, the leather and synthetic upper of Air Force Ones are not as harsh on your feet, unlike other tougher sneakers.

That said, you need to first make sure that the Nike Air Force 1 you buy is correct in size. Any efforts to break into a new pair of shoes will be useless if they are too tight or too loose.

Since Nike Air Force Ones are true to size, buy a pair according to your size.

How to Break in Nike Air Force 1 Shoes

Before we share the tips, we don’t recommend bending or “crushing” Nike Air Force Ones because they can develop creases very easily.

Here are two tips on how to break in Nike Air Force 1 quickly:

1. Insert Shoes Stretchers Before Wearing Them

We understand the feeling of getting a brand new pair of sneakers.

But, as exciting as it is to go outside and wear your new Nike Air Force Ones immediately, a wise thing to do is to first allow the shoes to stretch and loosen.

One simple method to stretch and loosen Nike Air Force 1 effortlessly is to insert shoe stretchers inside the shoes and leave them overnight, preferably for 48 hours.

We’ve had the best results with this shoe stretcher.

A shoe stretcher is a device that is shaped like a human foot, which is placed inside any shoe to stretch, loosen, and soften it. It can also stretch the length and width of the shoe.

Unlike tougher and stiffer Nike shoes like the Blazers, which need more effort to break intoAir Force Ones are fortunately softer and easier to break into.

All you need to do is grab a pair of shoe stretchers, place them inside your Air Force Ones, and leave them be for at least 48 hours. Once they’ve been stretched, they should be comfortable and soft enough for you to wear daily.

2. Wear Them Around the House Often

Alternatively, you can further speed up the breaking-in process by wearing your new Air Force Ones with thick socks around the house.

Do so in short periods of time, but as frequently as possible.

The idea is to give the shoes time to loosen and conform to the shape of your feet, while you wear them inside your house. That way, whenever your feet start to ache, you can immediately take the Air Force Ones off and take a break.

We advise wearing thick socks while doing this exercise to protect the skin of your feet from possible rubbing and chafing and to also stretch the upper material of the shoes gently.

While walking around in your house in your new Air Force Ones, there are two things to keep in mind. Number one is to tie your shoes normally — not too tight but not too loose. The goal is to loosen the sneakers without developing creases.

Number two, you need to walk normally — as you would while walking outside.

Avoid walking in a duck-like manner to give the Nike Air Force 1 the opportunity to expand via the full range of walking motion.

After a week or two, your Nike Air Force Ones should be as delightful as ever.

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Bottom Line

Breaking into Nike Air Force Ones is not rocket science, since the shoes are not as harsh as tougher shoes out there. However, you can effectively break into Nike Air Force 1 by installing shoe stretchers and leaving them to loosen for at least 48 hours.

You can also wear them with thick socks often around the house. By applying our tips on how to break into Air Force Ones, they should be as comfortable as they will ever be.