Bohemian Aesthetic Male Outfits For Guys – Ultimate Visual Guide

So, what defines male bohemian aesthetic outfits? In this article, I’m going to break down this carefree fashion style and show you how to achieve the bohemian aesthetic for guys.

What is the bohemian aesthetic for men?

The bohemian aesthetic for men is a free-spirited and unconventional style that embraces loose, relaxed silhouettes, natural fabrics, and vibrant patterns.

Bohemian men’s fashion is laid-back, unconventional, and highly expressive. It is characterized by casual, comfortable, loose, and lived-in clothing pieces.

The origin of the bohemian style is strongly correlated with the bohemians, a counter culture that appeared in France after the French Revolution.

The style is often unconstructed, loose, and non-conforming. It often includes high-waisted trousers, loose jeans, rugged and distressed light or mid-blue jeans, and pleated chino pants.

The style is strongly related to hippie fashion, in which natural fabrics, retro patterns, neutrals, and warm shades merge with 70s style accents and a flair for statement accessories.

How to achieve the bohemian aesthetic for men

Remember, the key to bohemian style is to keep it relaxed, comfortable, and effortless. Here are some tips on how to style the bohemian aesthetic for men.

Flowy shirts made of natural fabrics

The key to achieving the male version of the bohemian aesthetic is to wear loose-fitting clothing items made from natural fabrics like cotton, linen, and wool.

Additionally, do yourself a favor by choosing earthy tones and vibrant, intricate patterns, and eye-catching prints like florals, paisley, geometric prints, or even animal prints.

Relaxed shorts and trousers

Bohemian style is about expressing yourself and feeling comfortable in what you wear, so choose a pair of high-waisted trousers, loose jeans, or straight-leg chinos.

It’s time to unleash your free-spirited lifestyle. With relaxed shorts and trousers, they will reflect your relaxed demeanor and would complement the boho outfit perfectly

Think of shorts and trousers you’d wear going to the beach in Hawaii hanging out with the laid-back Bob Marley while channeling your inner Jamaican vibes.

Relaxed footwear

Traditional bohemians would go barefoot, but I know it’s not always the most practical thing. So the next best thing is to sport a pair of casual flip-flops and/or sandals.

Ditch your trusty pair of Crocs and Nike slides for something more artsy like sandals with leather straps. Leather Birkenstocks are also a great option for boho men’s fashion.

For a smart casual bohemian fashion style, slip on a pair of leather loafers or espadrilles. Alternatively, suede loafers are the ideal footwear to complete a bohemian look.

Statement accessories

To complete the men’s bohemian aesthetic, you’ll need some statement accessories. Ditch the old minimalist approach and go all out with a maximalist approach.

Choose between a range of accessories, made from natural materials to achieve the look.

Embrace a relaxed lifestyle and don’t be afraid to experiment with hairstyles and headwear. If you have long hair, let the winds set it free, or you could wear a simple straw hat.

You could also copy Jason Momoa with a wide fedora hat for a true bohemian style. Opt for a floppy brim and a soft, textured weave that match perfectly with the ethnic, boho vibe.

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