Are Blundstones Good for Motorcycles? (Read This First)

Motorcycle and bike riding is fun, but do you really need a pair of motorcycle boots or is it okay to wear a pair of casual hiking boots like Blundstones?

Unlike motorcycle boots, Blundstones do not provide the best protection for your feet and ankles because they do not have armor panels at the front. Blundstone boots are also not made with abrasion and heat-resistant materials that protect you from accidents.

Moreover, there are three important aspects to consider in motorcycle boots: safety, function, and longevity. If you are still not convinced, let’s break down and answer the question: are Blundstones good for motorcycles?

Do Blundstones Make Good Motorcycle Riding Boots?

When it comes to safety gear for motorcycle riders, helmets, jackets, and spine protectors are more commonly talked about. However, not many talk about boots. As much as other body parts need protection during bike riding, your feet need to be protected appropriately.

A much higher rate of injuries happens to the lower body during accidents when the riders are not wearing purpose-built motorcycle boots, which are designed to protect the feet.

Because motorcycle boots can be expensive, many motorbike riders opt to go for casual leather boots, like Blundstones. However, they do not offer the best protection.

Some of you may not think that there is a difference between purpose-built motorcycle boots and regular leather walking boots, like Blundstones. Here are a few reasons why you should wear proper motorcycle shoes/boots while riding a motorcycle:

1. Safety Features

The first difference between Blundstones and motorcycle boots is the safety they provide. Unlike motorcycle boots, Blundstones do not have armor panels at the front, leaving your feet vulnerable to instances like vehicles rolling over or falling onto your feet.

Because of their soft and conforming leather material, Blundstones would be one of the worst boots to offer protection, just where you need protection most. Your ankles are the ones that would hit the road first should you slide off your motorcycle.

Additionally, motorcycle boots are made with abrasion- and heat-resistant materials, both of which are very important to protect you from friction should a crash happen.

The outsoles, or the bottom part of motorcycle boots, are also abrasion-resistant as well. 

But most importantly, purpose-built motorcycle boots have exoskeletal rigidity that you won’t find in a regular pair of leather Blundstone boots.

This makes sure that the motorcycle boots are not going to get crushed during an impact. They also protect your ankles from twisting and sudden object impact. Even in the event of a crash, these protective boots significantly reduce the chance of broken bones.

2. Functionality

Unlike casual Blundstone boots, purpose-built motorcycle boots are equipped with useful functions to help you ride your bike more effectively such as:

  • Toe shifter panel at the front – Motorcycle boots have toe shifter panels at the front. Paired with the rigidity of the boots, the toe shifter panels allow you to perform quick, tight shifting and braking.
  • Stiff and rigid outsoles – The harder outsoles are also going to communicate much more touch sensitivity than Blundstones, which are going to be great for controlling and connecting with your motorcycle.
  • Good grip and traction – Wearing motorcycle boots can offer adequate traction, thereby helping you grip the ground. It is very important to have control while sticking your feet out on rainy or wet roads to stabilize yourself properly.

More so than Blundstone boots, the stiff and rigid outsoles of motorcycle boots are going to provide you with a solid stance while you sit on the footpegs. This functional advantage is something that a pair of Blundstones cannot give you.

3. Longevity

Last but not least, longevity may be the most convincing argument on whether or not you should wear motorcycle boots instead of casual leather boots like Blundstones.

Regular hiking boots, like Blundstones, simply cannot withstand the heat and oils that will come off the engine, which over time, will degrade them sooner rather than later.

Unlike Blunnies, motorcycle boots are made to withstand heat and oil emitted by the engine.

Likewise, the stiff and rigid outsoles are made to withstand the footpegs hitting the same position over and over again, without wearing out quickly. While motorcycle boots are made for this specific function, the outsoles of Blundstones would easily get wrecked.

Important Recommendations

To be fair, Blundstones are more convenient than motorcycle boots. Without any velcro and zippers to secure them, you can get in and out of your Blunnies without using your hands.

Blundstones have elastic sides, which are designed to help you put them on easily without laces. Unfortunately, they will also come off in a heartbeat during a slide and offer little to no protection from motorcycle accidents. 

Not to mention, they can cause road rash on your ankles while you ride your bike.

Here’s a simple rule to follow with boots: If you can pull them off without undoing them, they will come off in a slide. If they come off, then they offer NO protection at all.

Hopefully, we’ve convinced you to buy purpose-built motorcycle boots to wear instead of your Blundstones. Save your Blunnies for walking and hiking, and get all the protection you need from the right pair of motorcycle boots.

Fortunately, there are affordable and beginner-friendly motorcycle boots like this one.

So, as popular as Blundstones are, it’s not ideal to wear them for motorcycle riding.

Bottom Line

Now you know whether Blundstones are good for motorcycles or not.

Motorcycle and bike riding is exhilarating, but it comes with plenty of risks. There are threats on the road, which include cars, trucks, and other road hazards.

Sure, you cannot prevent motorcycle accidents. What you can do instead is to give yourself the best chance of minimizing injuries, as much as possible. One way to do that is to wear proper motorcycle boots instead of casual hiking boots, like Blundstones.

Remember, nothing will protect you 100% from every situation, but it’s all about having the best protection you can and turning the odds in your favor.

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